Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All Offers Considered

Nice to see that our gang of confused children in the Nepali parliament are considering selling Nepal's embassy in England.  Just great. They've already agreed to turn Lumbini into a Chinese amusement park so this step should come as no surprise.

This is nothing more than a cash grab. Don't buy for a second Naryan Kaji Shrestha's arguments that "we can build five embassies elsewhere" with the money earned from the London sale.  More likely, they can buy five Pajeros for the Foreign Ministry, send five of their children to the best schools in the world, take five Chinese diplomats for a tour of their new military base sites in Nepal, and buy five minutes of respect with the Indian government in Delhi.

We must all start to worry when fat, and rich politicians begin to sell off Nepal's assets to finance their whims while maintaining their perpetual political stalemates. It means they have lost confidence and pride in the idea of Nepal as a nation and are more concerned with where their next bundle of cash is coming from.  It also means that as long as they can collect cash from any source, there is no compelling reason for them to make any political progress on anything.

What next?  Turn Pashupatinath into a Korean bath house?


Friday, December 14, 2012


Here we are, waiting.

Just the briefest bit of downtime.

The US, EU and Canada have all now "called on" China to allow for freedom of expression from Tibetans.
This is the closest we've come to a unified international front in support of Tibet.

It will have no effect and it won't last long.

The problem is, China is waiting too. In fact they can hardly wait to loudly and publicly smack-down this tepid attempt at a unified Tibet statement.

At which point we release our "Free Tibet is Dead" series of blogs.

Too bad.


12/17/12.  And....  just like clockwork, China slams the international community.  


blogdai has had enough. Time to clean house in the Western-based Free Tibet movement.  stay tuned. 

12/19/12.    And... After waiting patiently for the foot-dragging UK to issue its "us too" statement of support , the Chinese lay into them with both barrels.  As predicted.  http://zeenews.india.com/news/world/war-of-words-between-china-britain-over-tibet-issue_817675.html   

A weak effort by a weak Western coalition that clearly doesn't have its heart in the issue.  

Stop Reading! A Guide

Life in the internet community is busy.

We don't have time to waste on opinions, viewpoints and rambling pulp that goes nowhere or furthers a biased or improbable point of view. We have too many pages to view and too many clicks to execute. Time is precious and our attention spans are short. There are no minutes to spare for those who seek to monopolize our time telling us what we already know or what we know can never happen--it's a lot of data clutter and we don't need it.

Blogdai reader just prior to receiving our guide


In an effort to bring efficiency to your day, and as a complete public service, blogdai offers herewith, a guide to help you filter out the wheat from the chaff. We here at the blogdai complex have compiled a list of indicator phrases that, if encountered during your reading, have been shown to lead directly into paragraphs of time-wasting, intelligence-insulting and perhaps convulsion-inducing droning centered around moot, redundant or improbable observations. When you see these phrases in print, condition yourself to say "I don't care what comes next" and move on to your next click. With a little practice it will eventually happen automatically.



"UN Director Robert Piper touted Nepal's progress in...."
"......Student's Union called for a bandh...."
"Today, a Texas Republican said........"
"Nepali Leaders failed to reach an agreement today on..."
"A UNDP report on Nepal said...."
"If the UN wants to be more effective in Nepal it must..."
"We in the European Union call on China to address..."
"For the good of the people, Nepali politicians must...."
"The Prime Minister flew to India today and met with..."
"We in Nepal need to form a political consensus on..."
"In a speech today, Gagan Thapa said...."
"Today, members of Nepal's Parliament met to discuss modalities..."
"Baidya today said he would take to the streets if...."
"Nepali politicians today again failed to..."
"Nepali politicians today..."
"Nepali politicians...."
"Sujata Koirala...."

Kind of reads like a Haiku of disfunction, doesn't it?