Monday, December 06, 2010

Wikileaks and Nepal Part I

  India has always wanted a somewhat unstable Nepal. It helps to reinforce and maintain Nepal's dependence on its big brother to the south.       --blogdai, "The Big Difference"  December 2006

...blogdai sees India throwing support behind the 7-party alliance and yes, the Maoists. It's an open secret anyway, but look for more Indian arms to find their way into party hands in the future. India has always used the Maoists to keep Nepal unstable and dependent ......--blogdai "" A Tangible Shift"   September 2005 

This leads one to the conclusion that India, through Girija, is now allied with the Maoists. This is a typically sneaky and autocratic way for India to deal with an uppity King so no surprises here from the "worlds largest democracy."  ---blogdai "I Don't Even Want to Think About It."  June 2005

Hate to say "I told you so" but we've been calling this all along.  Now we hear that the proposed Wikileaks chapters dealing with Nepal are about to be revealed, and lo and behold, according to The Nepal Telegraph, the Indians  confessed:

At a meeting held between the Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao and a high ranking US official, Richard Holbrooke January 18, 2010, the Indian foreign secretary during a two hour long working breakfast had accepted that Indian establishment had funded the Maoists' rebellion in Nepal and that eventually became counterproductive to India.

No Kidding?  Well guess what kiddies, ol' blogdai has a wikileak to tell and doesn't need a blabber mouthed State Department peon to leak it.    Remember your beloved Jana Andolan? In a nutshell,  Girija allied with the Maoist and smacked down the King.  The secret was, India was flaming mad at King G. for daring to try things on his own and they were looking to get even.  Girija met with India (remember all those trips?), India met with the Maoists, and an unholy alliance was born.  Delhi wanted the King out and knew it would take the political underhandedness of Girija and the brutal coercive practices of the Maoists to make it all work.   It did.  

India orchestrated and paid for the overthrow of King Gyenendra.