Thursday, September 17, 2009

You Had Your Chance

Nepalis flee renegade APF moto-cross riders attempting to fleece gas money from rally attendees.

Enough already. blogdai sees the pictures of Maoist affilliated students protesting and throwing rocks at PM Makune and I look through my files: Just like 2000, just like 2001, just like 2003 and just like Jana Andolan. Do we ever get tired of this?

Sure the new government is incompetent and the only reason Nepal is not classified as a failed state is that there is no compelling reason for the world to label it as such. Makune will fare no better than the many administrations of Girija, Deuba, or any one else from the old guard, but until Nepalis unite and speak with one singular voice of reason, the whole exercise of angered student protest is moot.

What irritates blogdai is that these same little boy protesters don't realize that the Maoists had their chance and blew it. Prachanda tried to put the oppressive "Mao style" hammer on Nepali politics and got burned. I guess that's one thing the old guard got right: kicking out the Maoist bums before they turned the whole country into an oppressive Communist collective.

Hey little boys! You trying to be as obnoxious as all those Yank politicians and protestors? How very pathetic and how very unoriginal.

All of you students represent Nepal's future. Your education is a priveledge and a gift. Stop throwing rocks like a bunch of goddam Manangis and start solving the problems that you will inherit someday. That is why you are in a university. Not to get your cheap degree and go to Dubai as someone's servant, but to save your country. Now, knock it off and get to the real work!