Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Where Is He?

Possible picture of blogdai after eating a plate of "performance enhancing" dhal bhat.

Ok, I know where he is. He's recovering nicely in a local Kathmandu hospital from a recent cardiac "episode."

Prince Paras, that's who, and he's been ducking me for too long now.

Sorry old man about the heart problems, but blogdai's dear departed friend Prince Dipendra had the same issues. Dipendra was a kind-hearted soul and yes, he did love firearms. But diplomat and gentleman--to the end--he was.

What about you, pulchritudinously portly plethora of pathetic pathos prince P?

It's time you and blogdai had it out, once and for all.

In the spirit of Andy Kaufmann, blogdai offers you this wager: I will meet you anywhere, anytime for a wrestling match. Rules are up to you although I prefer no firearms. Either way, here's a proposal to think over while you are recovering.

-Wrestle, no holds barred, till submission or unconsciousness.

-If you win, I will cease all negative press coverage of you and your escapades on this blog--=not an insignificant proposal.

-If I win, I get Princess Himani. She needs a little respect in her life and I think it's only fair.

-King G. gets his grandson, if I win. After all, he's the future King of Nepal. Don't be jealous of this, but once you've killed an artist and shot up a disco, all your credibility is fairly well spent.

So, big P, are you up to it? Respond here and I'll pay for the airfare, anywhere in the world you'd like, for the match. C'mon, it'll be a hoot!

A little heart attack shouldn't stop you. Are you man enough?


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Blogdai's Favorite Quote

"The current Koirala parliament will never hold an election for anything."

--blogdai July 2006

Friday, October 05, 2007

Our Government at Work: Inconclusively

Blogdai waxed nostalgic today. I just finished reading how yet another high level government meeting “ended inconclusively” and began to reminisce about how many times this has happened during the last decade under this government’s watch.

The more I think of it EVERYTHING that brings these corrupt idiots to the negotiating table ends inconclusively. In fact, blogdai is hard pressed to come up with anything over the past 5 years that this congress has been able to agree and act upon.

Haven’t we gotten the message yet? These guys are so incompetent, they can’t even agree on what day it is. All of us have known about this supreme "enactile dysfunction" for a while; yet, even when the world is watching-- basically giving them a clean slate so they can prove their worth-- these buffoons can’t seem get past their same old bickering ineptness. Bad timing seems to be the one hallmark that defines this gaggle of clueless idiots.

The Yanks, Euros and even the Indians are beginning to express their frustration publicly.
Even journalists are starting to realize there’s something rotten in Singha Durbar. Read M. R. Josse’s good article at
http://newsblaze.com/story/20061020062844nnnn.nb/topstory.html for a better sense of how long this has been going on and the mounting frustration among journalists and commentators.

Anyway, back to my nostalgia. Just for kicks, I Googled “Nepal Inconclusive” and returned a whopping 33,800 hits. My, our boys have been busy.

Blogdai can’t list them all here, but here are a few just from the month of September and just from the Google news segment.

Nepalnews.com, Sept. 27: “ A meeting of the top leaders of the seven parties held Thursday afternoon to find a way out of the current political stalemate ended inconclusively. According to C.P Mailani, general secretary of the CPN (Marxist Leninist), the meeting held at Baluwatar lasted just ten minutes and didn't discuss any of the issues raised by the Maoists”

Washingon Times, Sept 19: “ An emergency meeting of the eight-party alliance was inconclusive, with the rebels sticking to their demands.”

Rising Nepal, Sept.16: “Referring to the meeting between the Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala and Maoist Chairman Prachanda in the morning, he said that the meeting was inconclusive. The Prime Minister kept mum on declaring republic and adopting proportional electoral system.”

Rising Nepal Sept. 12: “The Parliamentary Hearing Special Committee…..remained inconclusive on the names of eight ambassadors at its meeting held Wednesday.”

By blogdai’s calculation, Girija’s new congress holds an inconclusive meeting an average of four times a month!

So, dear readers, I now issue a challenge to you all: Find just ONE thing that this new congress has accomplished for the good of Nepal and you’ll get special recognition and a free column to air your opinions here at blogdai. Just ONE! All they seem to be able to act upon are petty measures to punish the King, like yesterday’s removal of his guards. But punishing the King doesn’t count here. They could kill him and it wouldn’t improve a thing in Nepal. No, find me an edict, national directive, law, decree or anything that shows these corrupt fools are paying attention to the needs of citizens and you win!

Simple, right? Let's see. Give it a try.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mr. Flip Flop

An new level of hubris and detachment, says blogdai.

Ol' Babu is at it again. If you'll all remember (will you please?), back when the "alliance" was young, it would have been a nice gesture for Girija to play along politically with a Maoist request and at least entertain the idea of forming a Republic. But no. The old man vehemently said that under no circumstances would Nepal go for a Republican form of government (See Blogdai: Sabotage!).

The old goat kept this staunch posturing up until a week ago. Now, like the limp pancake that he is, he's found some political traction in espousing the idea of a Republic. He makes comments like he's been in favor of it all along.

Without an inclination either towards his legacy or his political credibility, Girija does a 180 degree flip-flop and looks around and says, "What? What did I do wrong?" Fool.

Now it looks as though he's doing another flip; the de-facto type. This brand new long-time lover of Republicanism has now said that he will not go along with Proportional Representation under any circumstance.

Now wait a minute. Isn't the very definition of Repulican government proportional representation? So, Babu, you'd love to have a Republic just as long as it contains no Republican concepts? It's ok to have a Republic as long as the Mahdesi's don't get a voice?

Look for the old man to change his mind on Proportional Representation as soon as someone tells him what it means. In fact, someone should tell the entire parliament what it means to live in a Republic.

It damn sure means having elections more than once a decade.