Monday, May 14, 2007

Taking Back Our Voice

Madhesi's show what they've learned about government in Nepal
It's beginning to get a little chaotic, isn't it? Today Prachanda mustered thousands of Maoist thugs for a run on Nepal's parliament. They are demanding the formation of a Republic immediately. One has to wonder just what kind of "Republic" Prachanda has in mind
when he fails to use actual republican channels and representation to plead his case. No matter, it's obvious to all that he's on a one-way bender towards total communist domination of Nepal. Has he ever given a hint of doing anything else?

And, once again, the Madhesi's held up a session of parliament. One can't be bothered with normal protocols when the only model of successful governmental action one knows is the street protest and mob violence, now, can one?

It's Girija's fault. His blind obsession with removing an inert King is turning Nepal into a failed state. Also, Koirala taught everyone in the country--the Madhesi's are a prime example-- that the only way to get your voice heard is to cause a big disruption. Plus, Babu, you've allowed a lot of Maoist hot-heads into the government who are not going to be satisfied with your policy of constant delay and postponement. You've got a day of reckoning coming, old man. Blogdai hopes you live to see it.

What does this all boil down to? There is now no rule of law or respect for any governmental procedure or practice in Nepal.


So, here we go. Thousands of readers feel something must be done and done quickly. We in the blogosphere do not normally carry guns and such, but we do carry the weight of public opinion, world scrutiny and the potential for raising mass consciousness through a coordinated media effort. Our very public opinions have influenced thinking and policy in the past, so here we go again, with one big whopper of a program, designed to raise the bar and change Nepal's fate.


By now, many of you have heard of our letter campaign. Rumors of its existence and content have made the rounds on the Nepal blogs and perhaps gotten ol' blogdai banned in Nepal. (Who said this stuff doesn't work?)

We are attempting to get as many signatures of support for our letter as possible. blogdai has already compiled an extensive list of media houses and governmental entities in and out of Nepal for distribution. Now, we only need your support. Below, in blue, lies the Letter. If you agree with the basic presumptions contained therein, post an e-mail address here in the comments section. If you do not want your address published in such a way, e-mail me directly at


Aside from giving your e-mail address as a sign of support, send a copy of the letter to all those on your e-mail contacts list. Have them reply with a "yes" for agreement and have them send the letter out to everyone on their contact list and so on. Compile all the names from this personal "network" and send them to or have your contacts do this themselves.

There is power in volume. Innundate the Nepal media houses and governmental websites with your support for the Letter. blogdai will finish compiling their e-mail addresses and post them in the comments section for your use.

Send the letter to someone in Nepal, just in case we are banned. Tell whomever is compelled there to reproduce the letter in Nepali, print out as many as possible, and distribute or post wherever they can. Send me an e-mail and a photo of the process. If our independent spotters can verify the letter's posting,
we'll pay for the printing and your efforts! Remember, blocked or not, blogdai can always get a message in or out of Nepal.

We seek to make the contents of this Letter unavoidable to those in a position of power and influence in Nepal. It is a mass effort that will require a little time and attention from each of you. We will distribute the letter immediately. We will follow up with a re-distribution and supporters list as the numbers grow.

Jaya Nepal




To the Seven-Party Alliance and Maoist leadership:

We, the concerned citizens and supporters of Nepal placed our trust in the Seven Party Alliance just over a year ago. It was our hope that the leadership entrusted with bringing Nepal into a new era of democracy and freedom through the Jana Andolan movement would continue in the spirit of last year’s demonstrations and re-introduce effective and competent governance to Nepal. Since that time we have been saddened to observe a return to the same style of ineptitude, corruption and political bickering that marked the previous 15 years under this same leadership. Under your tenure of the past year, Nepal has begun to spiral downwards towards anarchy and the complete disregard for the rule of law; threatening not only Nepal’s sovereignty, but the very safety of its citizens. It is because of this current untenable situation that we now must withdraw our support for your leadership and express our opinion of “no confidence” towards this Prime Minister and Parliament.

We also hereby refuse to cooperate or give legitimacy to any force that uses brutality and coercion as a mean of furthering their agenda under the guise of restructuring Nepal, be it Maoism or any other movement. We strongly object to welcoming such groups into government with their violent adherence to their own sense of ideological supremacy undeterred and unchanged by our constitutionally established rules of governance.

Your failed leadership has contributed greatly to the present dire security situation in Nepal. It is to this fact that we must demand that the Prime Minister and Parliament suspend its operation and immediately refrain from further deliberations or acts of governance.

We demand that the National Army (NA), or any legitimate security force requested, begin operations that will directly lead to the restoration of law and order and peace in Nepal. These operations include establishing the active presence of NA forces wherever possible, a committment to fair adjudication of disputes and the active suppression and confiscation of all firearms displayed publicly by those not directly employed in Nepal's army or police or authorized security services.

Concerned Citizens and Supporters of Nepal