Saturday, January 05, 2013

blogdai "Calls on.."

The most worthless phrase in international diplomacy and blogdai is sick of it.

The UN "calls on" China to .......whatever.

And today Reporters Without Borders "called for.."

So why is everyone seemingly "calling on" or "calling for" something?  blogdai has the answer. To use the words "call on" immediately places the "calling" party in a position of simulated authority. "Calling" means that  whatever group is doing the calling doesn't have the ability to enforce or otherwise impact an issue so they'll just make a grand and worthless public proclamation and "call for " something. It is nothing but a public resume' stuffer, if you will. It accomplishes zero but allows the "caller" a moment of false equivalency as participant in the particular issue of their "calling."

The U.S. State Department is good at this; the EU has it mastered and the DC-based Tibet lobby hides behind it.  Lets' "call on" someone in the world to do something knowing full well it will never get beyond our "call." What drivel and self-indulgent crap, says blogdai.

blogdai hereby "calls on" the Gods of  common sense to smite these false idols who interject themselves into areas they cannot possibly impact.  blogdai is not a Hindu by birth so help is needed. Who's in charge of this, Manjushree? Shiva? Kali? How about Vajra?

Help is appreciated here, let me know so we can invoke the proper deities properly.