Friday, January 21, 2005

Stupid Maoist Tricks

Well, let's see what our brave representatives of "The People" of Nepal, the CPN-UML Maoist party are up to today. In an ongoing effort to continue to win the hearts and minds of rural Nepali citizens, the Kathmandu Post reports today that Maoists have crushed the hands of a breast-feeding mother. What a grand gesture of compassion and solidarity with the masses!

This all follows on the heels of last week's Maoist move of disrupting and beating volunteers who were administering polio drops to rural children. Add that to a November incident where our Maoist heroes used power drills to torture local women in Dailekh and you can see why Maoists are adored and revered by "The People".

Blogdai is saddened, and cannot understand the death threats he receives from The Grand People's Hero's of the Maoist Party. Blogdai will try to discard large parts of his brain in order to understand and fit-in better with our Maoist Hero Brethren: Long Live "The People".

Friday, January 07, 2005

Koirala says election will bolster ‘regression’

So let's see. Koirala begs king to oust prime minister in October of 2002, invoking article 127 of the Nepali constitution. King does this.

Koirala then goes on a tirade about the king ousting the prime minister and invoking article 127 of the Nepali constitution, saying King is being "unconstitutional".

King re-instates prime minister. Koirala protests against King revoking the invoking of article 127 of the Nepali constitution. Koirala and the Nepali Congress Party pay for big demonstrations against this "regression" by the king, saying that revoking his unconstitutional invoking of article 127 of the Nepali Constitution is now unconstitutional and against the "people's rights". More protests against the now revoked and moot "regression".

King and prime minister agree to hold government elections, thereby insuring "the people's" rights". Koirala publicly states that elections will bolster "regression" by giving people back their constitutional rights.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A lucky guess

Well, it looks like India's paper "The Statesman" actually got something right. In their January 5 edition they claim that " Since the Nepali Congress is solely responsible for throwing the country into chaos through its chronic infighting, it must make amends by setting its house in order. " Lucky guess. India usually take a tone of aloof condescension when dealing with all things Nepali, so this dead-on commentary is surprisingly insightful.

It is clear to most in Nepal that Girija Koirala and the Nepali Congress party have not only lost direction, but use democracy as some sort of a shield by which all types of corruption are allowed. The king needs to take over for a while and throw these bums out.