Monday, April 23, 2007

Nepal's Last Option


Blogdai is tired of trying to get you stirred-up, angry or whatever. Mulling around and debating obscure points means nothing in a debate-starved country like Nepal.

So, from the high-handed arrogance from Koirala that serves only to spur Prachanda onward, to the Maoist's recent call for a single communist party to run Nepal's "republic," time is expiring on Nepal's sovereignty. We are just about on the edge of losing it all, people.

We have NO effective form of government. We have murderous Maoists on the verge of ascending to the highest seats of power; we have big brother India sitting back and supporting it all with their deliberate inaction; and we have a clueless world community that couldn't care less about understanding the complexities of Nepal's situation--choosing instead to rely on an inattentive Western media for the one sound-bite that will command a sea of short attention spans long enough for them to draw over-simplified conclusions.


We are incapable of making decisions beyong those that affect out day-to-day needs. Politics is shunned in Nepal and people are apathetic and unmotivated towards National issues. In essence, Nepal is unfit to govern itself and unfit for the rigors of maintaining a democracy.
We need to be told what to do and when to do it.

The only question is: do we want to be told what to do by India as one of its satellite states, or do we have enought spine to self-determine our future? Do we care? If not, let's start calling ourselves "Nepal Pradesh" right now and forget the whole thing, shall we?

But, if there is a glimmer, a hope, of retaining Nepal's independence we must start NOW with building the foundations that lead to self-determination and independence. These are painful steps, but in the right hands-- newer hands than those we currently possess-- we can establish a new legacy of Nepali courage and democracy that will be worth maintaining and preserving.


There is no dialogue now. Was there ever? Nepal must be torn down to square one in order to rebuild it in an image that all can be proud of. Dialogue is a luxury reserved for those countries that have established the ability to honor dissent and respect the rules and balances established for the preservation of fairness and equanimity. Dialogue and debate improve the political process in such countries by leading politicians down the very democratic road towards compromise. Our politicians have never so much as given a hint as to their understanding of this concept.


Groups are all clamouring to be heard. The ivory autocratic tower that Koirala has constructed around his arrogance and self-interest has led the average citizen to believe that only through agitation, violence, and today from the Terai, incessant interruption and badgering of a Parliamentary session, will their needs be met and voices heard. Time to clean house.

1. Immediately begin military operations in the Terai to restore order and establish a government presence.

2. Immediately ban Maoism and use the army to enforce such a ban.

3. Ban protests, bandhs, and demonstrations until further notice.

4. Suspend all foreign aid until order is restored.

5. Invite world powers to send military advisors to assist with the process. (Not India!)

When will we learn that Nepal is not suffering the"growing pains" of a restored democracy; rather, the very splintering of it's national identity by self-interested factions and intolerant ideologues.


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Nepalis are Stupid

Got your attention? Good.

Once again, Prachanda steps up to a podium and proves that each and every Nepali is a Moron.

In his latest statement, the Unbowed One reiterates the fact that the Maoist movement will go on without compromise and without hesitation. Only the "form and front" of the "struggle" has changed as a result of the Maoists joining the government. He further says that his party was following the dictum of Mao Zedong that struggle does not end even if the party joins government.

Oh, and isn't it nice that we finally have a "unified" government that will allow us all to work together? Not according to Prachanda who slaps Girija in the face by ridiculing his remarks. Gathering steam, Prachanda says of Girija: "He said that he has mainstreamed terrorists but it is clear that the coming days will show who has (mainstreamed) whom," Prachanda said. He also termed seven parties as spineless, according to Funny how he doesn't discount Girija's labeling of the Maoists as "terrorists," only that they refuse to be classified as mainstream.

Stupid Nepalis.

During every step of this process, Prachanda has been unbowed, uncompromising and unwavering in his Maoist ideology. What ridiculous sliver of unfounded hope leads us to believe that he would ever change his ways? When given to speechmaking, he's never once failed to mention that should the peace process not fall into his vision of the Maoist master plan, he'd take his guns back into the hills. At least he's honest about it. Plus, the government, world community and especially Ian Martin have given in to his every demand, so what better outcome could possibly emerge for him should he change his ways at this point?

Lazy Nepalis.

We keep hoping. It is a lazy fool's hope. It is based on no past record of cooperative behaviour from Prachanda and no level of intelligent research or theorizing. It is just hope. Hope is for lazy people who don't care to do the real thinking necessary to find a real solution.
Nepalis are even too lazy to read. All the warning signs are and have been plain to see. Anyone with a pen and half a brain has published an article outlining Nepal's potential for disaster with this unholy alliance with Maoism. Blogdai has been writing for years about Prachanda's inflexibility. All I get in response is that the Maoists "must be brought into the mainstream." Idiots. Can we finally see that the Maoists chaffe at being brought into ANY mainstream? They want to BE the mainstream. Blogdai defies any of you to prove the contrary.

Nepalis are stupid. Be offended and be angry.... nothing else seems to get you to think.