Thursday, July 28, 2011

Epic China Fail

Jai Nepal!  blogdai is happy these days.  Some of the darkest and most agenda-driven interests in Nepal have been thwarted and sent packing!

Lumbini, birthplace of Lord Buddha, is still safe in the hands of Nepalis.

China was pushing hard to force one of its typical hyper-development rapes on the most sacred site in Buddhism. A big plan was hatched where an international airport, hotels, tourist traps and a huge Chinese contingent of cynical profiteers was to be dumped on Lumbini in the name of China's version of "development."  China even brought the "Pee Pee" twins (Prachanda and Paras) into the deal in hopes of tapping into that huge vein of  corruption in Parliament.
Proposed site of China's new "Happy Panda" massage parlor and mini-mall

Fortunately, the only force equal to ineptitude in Nepal politics is Xenophobia, so the plan was rejected outright on the grounds that there was too much foreign control.

China's plan is clear to anyone who follows China's simple patterns: control the birthplace of the Buddha and you can eventually re-make Buddhism into a nice Chinese Communist Party-approved amusement. China sought to control the message from where the message began.  They've begun to realize that simply picking their own Lama re-incarnations isn't suppressing Tibetan anger so they were trying to go after the source and perhaps re-write or mis-represent Buddhist history in their favor.

They failed miserably.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Art of "Blowing It"

Nepali officials never met an opportunity they couldn't destroy.  Usually it's in politics, but in a recent move by Nepal's ANFA hierarchy-- that sporting body with high scores in  football bungling--Nepal shows that it can foul up the one things that Nepalis feel a sense of pride and happiness towards:  Our football team.

It seems British skipper  Graham Roberts has given our Nepal side the best chance it's ever seen on the world stage, with the boys headed to Jordan for another exciting match.  Nepal moves into elite territory in the Asian region if it crosses over Jordan (sorry) and gets toward World-Cup territory.  Exciting stuff!


ANFA has consistently underfunded the Side and many smell corruption.  Coach Roberts has rightly complained about the incompetent staff and fields unworthy of practice.  ANFA should be ashamed.

The single greatest tool a Nation has in its possession for establishing pride and a sense of national unity is its sports teams.

We are all Nepalis when one of our own does well on the world stage; be it our Judo champions, swimmers, or our U-19 Cricket teams.  WE need competence in the organizations that support our athletes so our athletes can do their best!

It is absolutely inconceivable that the ANFA has now accused Coach Roberts of blaming them for the sole purpose of covering an inevitable loss to Jordan.   What a pathetic, defeatist statement from a bunch of low-class bakshish-beggars who see their country as constantly weak.
Nepal coach Graham Roberts attempts to describe the amount of excrement he had to wade through during his last visit to ANFA headquarters. 

Fire every member of ANFA and replace them with volunteers from Nepal Unites, says blogdai


Monday, July 11, 2011

China Keeps Pushing

Vice President Jha? Are you serious?  China tips its hand by showing everyone how far it is willing to go by having Ambassador Yang Houlan meet with Jha. Basically, the spearhead of Chinese visions of influence in Nepal met with the single most worthless and irrelevant politician in Nepal (and that's saying something).

What's the point?  Well, politically and practically, there IS no point. Houlan is simply following orders and playing the Chinese "saturation" game of engaging any and every person in the country in an attempt to garner  support.

China can see it has an opening now that India and the RAW have blown their chance.  blogdai marvels at Delhi's laziness in this regard.  Are they ready to cede Nepal to China?

It's well known that India is backing a resurgence of the Monarchy in Nepal, but China is moving for position at a much faster pace.  China smells blood in the water and won't be denied their rare opportunity to gain position over India via Nepal.

Chinese Ambassador Houlan arguing with vice president Jha that the flower arrangements are "anti-Chinese" and must be replaced.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

An Old King Probing for Weakness

King G. is in the news again.  He's quite outspoken about our inept politicians.  With most Nepalis agreeing that the Monarchy should have at least SOME role in Nepal's affairs, his comments were well timed.

"The aspirations of all self-respecting Nepalese have been totally ignored,"

Not the kind of thing a fellow would say if he was planning to fade away into history, is it?  

blogdai has always believed that a responsible Constitutional Monarchy could act as a viable balancing (if not motivating) voice to Parliament's chaos.  
Former King Gyanendra catches the drool of an admirer who was unable to contain himself.

Unfortunately, his drunken bum of a son Paras, has blown any chance of honorable succession. There also remains the prickly question of: When did King G. ever give a flying fart about the "aspirations of all self-respecting Nepalese..?"  


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Nepal: The "Inconclusive" State

Who said our politicians are worthless?

Like death and taxes, our fearless fumbling fat-cats have regularly done their duty and provided the people of Nepal with one predictable, regular and guaranteed result:   deadlock.

Every time one of those redundant and  proceedurally confusing parliamentary meeting  of the "minds" is called, we can always guarantee it will end inconclusively.

blogdai suggests that the first step towards rebuilding governmental efficiency and saving the cost and expense of such meetings is to nominate one member of government to rise to his/her feet during session and shout out:  "I move that all meetings scheduled for today be resolved inconclusively."

There, I've just fixed the government