Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blogdai the (Temporary) Maoist

Seen enough yet? blogdai has.

Girija has hung on stubbornly to his Prime Ministership against the will of the Maoists and against the will of the (coerced) voters.

Now he threatens us with the horror of saying his Nepali Congress Party will not participate in the new government, sniff, sniff. blogdai thinks that's just like Charles Sobraj threatening to not babysit for your child.

Apparently, the cloyingly single-minded badgering of Maoists politicos has begun to work its magic. Old Girija may have just had enough and may, just may step down shortly.

Prachanda will have succeded in doing what no other entity (violent or otherwise) has been able to do: pry the immobile Koirala barnacle away from the hull of the Nepali ship of State.

Why stop there? How about sending in a few hundred YCL morons with lathis to smack down all the other politicians who, since the elections, have done nothing but squabble and grind government to a halt.

These old parties with their immobility are like a rat that keeps having babies and just won't stay out of your kitchen. Hard to catch and even harder to get rid of.

So, blogdai says: let's all join the Maoists for a while. Let them do all the necessary dirty work of eliminating the entire diasporic community of crooked and inept politicians.

blogdai is willing to look the other way and ignore Maoist murders and atrocities for a time. Let's let Prachanda's poisoned rats infect our political system and clean out the whole thing.

When it is all done, we'll bring the Maoists to justice for their crimes; but why stop this wonderful political momentum of theirs if it wipes the governmental tables clear of the old guard?