Thursday, July 31, 2014

America's new BFA (Best Friend Asia)

He was blubbering like a puppy.

John Kerry couldn't contain his joy at being in India and talking to actual Indians and touting an India/America partnership and how great India was and my gosh, how he really respects India get the idea.  Have a look:

Leave it to someone from Modi's entourage to remind Kerry that the new Indian prime minister was denied a visa last time he tried to get into the U.S. Those damn Indians, always wrecking a love story with flawless logic.

Well, said Kerry, that was a different, uh, government.  India has a different government, uh, wow, isn't India just the greatest place for a Secretary of State like me to visit? Can we move on?

Kerry, notable for the paucity of loquaciousness, seemed to be gushing like a school girl on his recent Delhi visit. What gives?   By the sound of his voice and its uncharacteristic and forced earnestness, it looks like Secretary John was called into the Oval office for a meeting and that meeting involved making nice to India.

This is a big deal.  The touted U.S. "Asia Shift" is now taking shape, and that shape is one that seem now ready to isolate China rather than continue the futility that marked past efforts at economic engagement.

It's clear to blogdai that America's new prostrations towards India are designed  to accomplish two things:

1.  Piss off China
2.  Find another  world economy to salivate over other than China's

Hell hath no fury like a business community scorned, sayeth blogdai.  Chinese products and exports have been toxic, dangerous, lethal, cheap, crappy, dog killing, and unfairly equalized in the marketplace--take your pick; and American businesses have been cheated, kicked out, robbed of trade secrets, and hacked while trying to do business with the Chinese.  The Yanks have had enough.

So, hello India! America's new BFA.

Here's hoping the Americans can learn the definition of "baksheesh."