Thursday, June 30, 2011

China's New Envoy

Nope, it's not ambassador Yang Houlan. He'll do what he's told from Beijing.  No, China's most visible representative in Nepal is none other than our Maoist Home Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara.

HM Mahara proudly displays the direction his nose travels when it is in the proximity of China's hind quarters.

Mahara knows his time is limited in his new post, and he's determined to not waste any of it.   Aside from pardoning his Maoist buddies, Mahara, blogdai has just learned, is negotiating the wholesale transfer or border security duties to Chinese stewardship and supervision.  High level meetings with Chinese security representative have been confirmed and Mahara has rolled-over 100 percent to Chinese demands.  

This means China can and will move aside Nepali security forces and foray deep into Nepal on its own to look for whomever they please.  This generally means Tibetans, but they can now move forces of any size into Nepal for basically any reason.  

HM Mahara is a danger to the very sovereignty of Nepal.  He's giving away our country and he must be stopped.  


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Next Step

Blogdai is excited like a saano chowra.  Having lived through a few revolutions from start to finish, it is a joy to watch the Nepal Unites movement gain steam and momentum.  It is a wise, social-media focused effort that has learned from the youth uprisings in the middle east that complete decentralization of effort--no real leadership structure to criticize or attack--is the key to success.  Smart people are running Nepal Unites; we should all watch and learn.  
(Love the logo guys, but does it have to look so damn much like FOX News's?)

The best thing is to let the youth of Nepal run it as they see fit, but IMHO, the next step for Nepal Unites is to identify the things that unite Nepal and make them your own.  Miss Nepal was a wise choice for endorsement.  Now, how about a Nepal Unites logo for the boys U-19 cricket team?   How about our Judo heroes wearing a patch on their belts when they compete?  A Nepal Unites column in the paper?  And ok, I hate to do it but it works: give a Nepal Unites endorsement to those political candidates who demonstrate complete devotion to Nepal and conduct their affairs with honesty and transparency. (Admittedly, this will be a rare endorsement)

Miss Nepal would make anyone want to Unite

It all sound a bit over-the-top, sure, but this stuff WORKS!

Let' help out Nepal Unites by figuring out more ideas for them.  They are already asking for slogan suggestions so throw those in here also and I'll pass them along.

jai Nepal


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Time Has Come

 ...until Nepalis unite and speak with one singular voice of reason, the whole exercise of angered student protest is moot.         
                                -=blogdai, September 2009

Why are we back?  It has a lot to do with why we left in the first place.  blogdai's sole purpose was to get the average Nepali Citizen involved in the political process and stimulate meaningful dialogue. That didn't happen. Discussions often strayed or missed the point entirely.  We were discouraged.

Now, perhaps we're all starting to get it right again.  This Nepal Unites thing might just be the kick-start we've all been looking for.  At the very least, it will teach the youth of Nepal the vital lesson that politicians will never be held accountable for anything without significant back-pressure from concerned and engaged citizens.

Let's get started!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I feel it again. New blood is surging.   I feel like Kellen Skarsgard in King Arthur when, in his weakened state, he  confronts his adversary and grabs a piece of bread for the first time and utters: "finally, someone worth killing."

What can do this to an old blog warrior like blogdai?  

Amazing.  Stay tuned as we direct comments and money to this group...

Hami Sabai