Sunday, November 21, 2010

Plenum of Confusion

We've all known it for some time but this ridiculous Maoist "plenum" (is that even the correct term?) now confirms it:  The Maoists are in total disarray and completely confused. 

Blogdai likes these plenums and hopes the Maoists hold one every year just to make everyone else in Nepali politics feel more competent. 

So let's see:  the Maoists totally fail as leaders of government, they refuse to negotiate with the actual parties in power; they hold a discussion session or "plenum" and waste the time trying to form take-over power struggles among themselves.  Baidya can't get allong with Battari so Dahal tries to get Baidya on his side. Meanwhile the Maoist PLA are strictly forbidden to attend the cat fight but show up anyway and threaten to disrupt everything.  They also bring about 500 YCL child-thugs along for insurance. 

Who cares anymore?  Prachanda has lost credibility and Babu Ram has yet to form a complete, coherent public statement on anything.  Why they are all clamoring for this Baidya guy's attention is anyone's guess. 

So keep it up you fools, and keep it up in public so we can all watch and laugh. 


Thursday, November 11, 2010

UNDP Report Shows Fake Progress in Nepal

UN offices in Nepal are closing at a rapid pace.   Nepalis are tired of the phony progress claimed by the UN while they ride around in expensive Land Cruisers and get nothing done. 

Blogdai's extensive contact with UN officials and staff in Nepal has left a split impression of their personnel:  They are either too young and inexperienced to make a difference and are just using Nepal as a "classroom;" or they are older, burned out officials on the downside of their careers.  Either way, they are bad for Nepal.

So, rather than fix the problem, the UNDP decides to "fix" the results of their most recent Human Development report:

Pathetically, the UNDP has now decided that real "progress" in Nepal can now be miraculously measured simply by changing measurement indexes:

The report -- 20th anniversary edition -- has used new data and methodologies. For instance, it uses gross national income (GNI) per capita, replacing gross domestic product (GDP) per capita to include income from remittances and international development assistance.

So congratulations Nepal!  This new report says that every one of us is getting rich from aid money thrown at us.  Of course, we can't help ourselves in this regard, but no matter,  the UN comes out smelling like a rose.