Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Testing: One, Two, Three

After a long hiatus, your old blogdai is back and in the running.

I've not been entirely idle during my absence.  By no means a Luddite, I've worked the social media diaspora for its relevance and soul, and can only tell you that I've weighed the experience in the balance and have found it wanting.   Never before has blogdai seen, and been a party to, such a lack of tolerance, civil dialogue and humanity.

I stand before you a chastened blogdai, repentant, and ready to get back to long-form, civil discourse.

Now, let's get back to work:

Seems now that Prachanda is back in power, a new group of Maoist imps is imposing their will in rural areas by shutting down schools over fee hikes, nation-wide.  I can't stand most of these violent little thugs but I've made no decision as to whether their cause is noteworthy or not on this issue.

I can only hope that their Maoist masters haven't instructed this new crop of screamers on the almost-lost art of issuing death threats to blogdai--as was so common a practice during Jana Andolan II.

Nepal is falling apart  with a depth and breadth that we've never experienced before.  There will be lots for me to cover, but for now I'm tired---happy and tired.

It's good to be back.