Sunday, July 26, 2009

Clinton in India

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton smiles bravely while trying to take down junior Forestry Minister Jairam Ramesh in a hand shake death match.

Amazingly stupid move on India's part this week. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton paid a visit to Nepal's big brother this week and the overtones should have been obvious. Just by the tone and temperature of Clinton's appearance, it was clear that the U.S. was testing Indian waters for the future. Clinton kept fawning over how much she loved India, ate WAY too much of the wonderful cuisine there and giggled like a school girl while chumming around with the girls at the SEWA foundation. Oh, she also opened up new nuclear agreements as well as trade and energy technology sharing contracts.

So, now any one of us who pays attention to such things should not view such things lightly. Sec. Clinton came to India ready to listen and trade--a real U.S. priority shift.

BUT NO.... Intellectually as well as politically junior minister Jairam Ramesh had to lecture the Secretary on India's carbon footprint. Ramesh must have felt this was his shot at the Big Time as he scolded Clinton on India's emmissions and said there was “no case” for the West to push India to reduce carbon dioxide emissions when it already had among the lowest levels of emissions on a per-capita basis. He later went on to threaten tariffs of some sort against the U.S.

Bravo junior minister idiot! Way to spin world pollution standards in India's favor. India always comes out ahead when they measure on a per capita basis since Indians can't seem to stop having dozens of children at a time and their "per capita" output of the same has now eclipsed China.

Typical Indian political arrogance. Puff yourselves up by pretending to lecture the most important people you can find on the merits of Indian policy. Well, you guys might have blown it. Clinton was in Delhi for a very specific reason. The U.S. wants a new partner in the region. A little preparation on your behalf, minister moron, and you would have known that environmental issues are a hot button with the new U.S. administration. A little diplomacy would have gone a long way but India turned the issue into cheap Delhi street brawl.

The Yanks don't like to be lectured so don't be surprised if Clinton takes her wicket and balls to some other nation. Did you see how she cozied up to Thailand after her India visit? Who can blame Clinton if she wants to take U.S. business elsewhere. Unconfirmed rumors have spotted Clinton measuring floor space in one of those fancy new Bangkok skyscrapers; just enough space to fill all the call center and customer service jobs she plans to take out of Bangalore--so the rumor goes.

The Larger Implications

The U.S. is fed up with China. They've spoken in hushed tones over the last decade or so; afraid to upset some nebulous concept of this great Chinese market that will soon be tapped into by American goods and services. They've patiently watched tainted products, Chinese government interference in transactions, a falsley supported Chinese Yuan distorting the true market, and gross, barbaric and childish human rights violations against just about any group that does not toe the Party line in Beijing. Now, the Chinese brand is tainted. They don't "get it" with regard to world market credibility and the U.S. is going somewhere else. THAT is what the Clinton visit to India was about and THAT, New Delhi, is why you'd better learn to control your renegade low-level politicians.