Sunday, February 24, 2008

Madesis: A Larger Issue

Madhesi woman looking towards India for instructions on what to do next.

When the April elections do not occur, Girija will blame the Madhesi conflict. Consider Sher Bahadur Deuba in the past. He blames Maoists, students, royalists and just about everyone but SPA everytime the government bungles an election attempt. Take his utterances as a barometer of parliamentary philosophy: you can always point the finger at some other group to cover for your incompetence.

One Madhes? What does it mean really? Do the Madhesis think they can go it alone as an autonomous region? There is NO group in Nepal that would take such a stand simply because a government is not funtioning--Nepalis just generally don't care enough about government to jeopardize their daily lives by proclaiming independence and issuing demands.

What can it mean then? blogdai thinks the Madhesis have some powerful friends as motivators. Never one to dismiss a conspiracy, blogdai has noticed an upswing in Madhesi agitation and demands since Constituency Elections started to be taken (relatively) seriously by the government.

Hmmm. blogdai smells a rat. Let's digress, shall we? Constituent Assembly elections, if they are successful, are a sure path towards greater national unity and independent government thought. Hmmm again. Who, as we've mentioned many times in the past, would cringe at the thought of an independent-thinking Nepal? Who would much rather see an unstable Nepal and who has the ability to instigate instability through indirect support of the Madhesi movement?

That's right, children, India!

The bottom line is: the Madhesi movement has probably received some big promises from big brother in New Delhi. No tribal or ethnic group in Nepal would be this bold otherwise.

India's former tool of the trade: The Maoists are now untouchables on the world stage and Prachanda has shot his babbling mouth off one too many times against the Indian government; so now, blogdai believes, Delhi is chipping away at our southern border through the agitating Madhesis. Their demands are impossible and one can only see a desire for confusion and chaos in their dealings with the government. If you are seeking a representative voice, why ask for postponement of an election process that would give you that voice?


It is learnt that though the government and the UDMF were close to striking a deal today morning following discussions that started from yesterday at 9 pm and went till the wee hours of the morning, it couldn’t happen because the latter started shifting the goalpost from greater autonomy by declaring entire Madhesh as “one state” to further amendments in the interim constitution and postponing the election in a way that they would be able to take part in it.

If the Madhesis were serious about National unity and fixing not only their own problems, but those of Nepal as a whole, they wouldn't be striking out in their own Quixotic direction. If they don't want to be a part of Nepal, what do they want to be a part of?

Think it over


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Big Column

Lots of backed-up stuff here at blogdai. Our security system check -n- purge is complete. Now, back to the fun stuff. Trouble is, we've got so much of it, we don't know where to begin. So, after much debate among our writing staff, we'll just sum up the ideas. -=bd

Boyz in the Hood

Home boys clock-wise from left: Baby "Notice -Me-Makune"; Jess stoopid Dr. P Maoibadi; Baby Babbling Mao; Stale Prince "Do Nuffin" Girija; Massa "G" Hisself; CE (cancel elections) Deuba G.
Tired of all of them. blogdai is sick of these thugs running their mouths off in the wrong direction. Deuba doubts everything and quits at the first sign of anxiety; Makune spills the beans on every plan with his impecably bad political timing; The bozo Mao-brothers throw wrenches into every positive development; even King G. can't seem to run his own coup.

Sweep em' away. Any Nepali, repeat ANY Nepali could do a better job governing the country.

Girija Shows His Hand

Yes, Jana Andolan was designed to "restore democracy" to Nepal. What a laughable farce. A few years down the road and what does the old man want to do before he keels over dead? Discretely pass the Prime Ministership over, without an election or public input, to party gal and daughter Sujata. (We predicted it here 2 years ago!) Anyway, long live the spirit of Jana Andolan: where the people's voices are heard by not listening to them at all!

Watch the old man finally give up his long career in crooked politics shortly. He's done. Nona Koirala, the only brain and advisor in the family, is dead and ol' babu just doesn't give a shit anymore. Let's hope he gets out quickly, before he can do any more damage.

Sujata Days

Fashion memo to Sujata: Never allow yourself to be photographed with a hangover.

Her time has come all right. blogdai hated to be right with this prediction but it looks like Sujata Koirala will inherit the Prime Ministership.

blogdai knew it was in the works a few months ago when Suji went on her comical "book promotion" tour of India. She was apparently hawking a Girija biography, but blogdai knows she was making the political rounds in Delhi and shoring up her support and connections.

Pathetic. Apparently there was no real interest in a Girija biography in India. blogdai can only surmise at the possible titles for such a tome:

-Girija Koirala: "A life in the Cookie Jar."

-Koirala: "I am not my brother's (legacy) keeper."

-Girija Koirala: "I made millions in politics and so can you!"

-"Making Autocracy look Democratic:" The Girija Koirala story.

and so on...

Super Maoist and Babu Boy

Little Babu continues to rant. Calling Sujata's rise a prelude to a "democratic coup," whatever that means. No matter, Babu Ram just loves to hear himself talk, it makes him feel smart. Forget the fact that he makes absolutely NO sense. Sense or sanity has never been a prerequisite for Maoist leadership.

And Dear Leader Prachanda. Now he's threatening (again) to re-start his full scale revolution if CA elections are "manipulated." We've seen this pattern before. If he can't coerce the results because the RNA is guarding the polls, he'll claim manipulation. So what. let him go.

If the Maoists had any kind of large scale ability they would have made their move on government by now. Their voice is becoming more marginalzed by the day and Nepali's are sick and tired of the YCL. Stick a fork in him, he's done.