Friday, September 23, 2005

Time Closes In

G.P Koirala counts on one hand the number of times he's actually accomplished something for the people of Nepal.

Has the old man had enough? Unprecedented in his career, Girija asks for someone to take over for him as NC president during his upcoming three month vacation. This comes from a man who has done virtually everything imaginable to increase his own wealth and power.

Assuming that all Nepali's have no memory, Koirala tries his best to be sneaky by saying that he's going "outside the country" for a health check up and a little relaxation. Gee, do you think he means Belize?

Old Girija took a nasty fall during one of his recent demonstrations against "regression." The old boy got banged-up pretty good. When you're 82 years old, falling down in the street might be just enough to take the fire out of you. Blogdai thinks Girija is going to India to retire and fade away.

Seems like a lot of the Koiralas are taking this route. Number 2, Sushil turned down a high post in the NC this week for no apparent reason other than boredom. If that pattern holds, maybe we'll see Sujata opening up a hair salon in Delhi in the near future.


Monday, September 12, 2005

A Tangible Shift

Blogdai feels the winds changing in our little political stalemate. This week brought about some significant and telling events in our current drama.

Prachanda Pouts.....

The "Farce One" is crying to the UN now because the king is ignoring his unilateral ceasefire.
He says if the King doesn't reciprocate, he might be tempted to start attacking again. Seems our fearless terrorist leader is a bit steamed that ol' King G. won't take the bait this time. I guess the Maoists will have to find another tactic to help them re-group and re-arm themselves. Blogdai wonders what all the fuss is about; G is just honoring the spirit of a unilateral ceasefire.

India Flouts....

Showing the world they think Nepal is their private fiefdom, India refuses to allow the UN to intervene and help out the situation,
causing everyone in the diplomatic community to scratch their heads.

After meeting External Affairs Minister Singh, (UN rep) Brahimi seemed a “little puzzled” to know that India does not want UN’s involvement in the resolution of Nepal’s tri-polar conflict, the source who also discussed the situation in Nepal with Brahimi said. It was not immediately clear what kind of third party mediation, if at all, Delhi favoured for resolution of the bloody conflict, something it says has started to spill over into its territory...

Is this because India thinks it is doing such a damn fine job of containing the Maoists that they don't need any help?

China Shouts....

No lack of decision making skill from Nepal's northern Neighbor, however. China just inked a deal selling RS 1.6 billion worth of weapons to Nepal. No wonder Prachanda is worried. This dragon is shouting loud and clear to the world: India missed a beat and we're stepping into the vaccuum. To the bungling bureaucrats in Delhi: Say bye-bye to your little satellite now.

So, what do all of these things mean when taken together? Blogdai thinks that the Maoists are now in a panic and will form a last-gasp alliance with the 7 parties. Also, watch India get more and more anti-monarch as the days go on. Blogdai sees India throwing support behind the 7-party alliance and yes, the Maoists. It's an open secret anyway, but look for more Indian arms to find their way into party hands in the future. India has always used the Maoists to keep Nepal unstable and dependent (why do you think India doesn't want UN mediation?). The biggest problem is that now G. has let the rough and culturally incompatable Chinese right through his front door. Getting rid of them will be almost impossible.


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Blogdai's Top Ten

David Letterman reacting to blogdai's top-ten list

Top 10 Things That Will Save Nepal

1. Jail Girija Koirala

2. Kill the Maoists; don't talk, kill.

3. Eliminate the current 7-party alliance.

4. Open up markets and world investment in Nepal. Detach the Nepalese Rupee
from the Indian Rupee.

5. Throw both ambassadors James Moriarty and Keith Bloomfield out of Nepal.

6. Re-establish a parliament under UN control.

7. Increase the size and training of the RNA.

8. Tighten the border with India; close it for a while, if you have to.

9. Re-establish elections and a true, Nepali-style democracy.

10. Ban all street protests for one year.


Saturday, September 03, 2005

Watch This Space

Looks like "The Fierce One" has called for a ceasefire.

Judging from all other ceasefires and peacetalks, look for violations, attacks and extortion to occur almost immediately.

So, WATCH THIS SPACE. We will document as many Maoist ceasefire violations as we can here in the days to come.

Will we ever learn?


Update, September 6: A new record! In the most public display of public disdain, the Maoists make India, Kofi Anonymous, and the rest of the peace Polyannas look like fools once again. Barely 3 days after calling the ceasefire, our blood-soaked boys violate the truce. Listen, blogdai told you so. Wake up! All of you who got teary-eyed at the thought of peace were just too lazy to pay any real attention to what's happening in Nepal. At the very BEST, Prachanda may have wanted this ceasefire; but as has been proven time and time again, "The fierce one" has little or no control over his cadres. -=blogdai

Update, September 10: Get ready. Poor Prachanda is now appealing to the world to monitor his little ceasefire claiming that the government's lack of response is "compelling us towards retaliatory attacks." Wait a minute there, Farce One, wasn't your ceasefire unilateral? Wasn't it designed to show everyone that maoists can play by the rules? Unilateral means you shouldn't care if the government plays along or not, right? Your dissapointment is palpable. You can't gain a military or tactical advantage with a ceasefire anymore because the King isn't buying your little deception. -=blogdai

Sept. 23 Update: Business as usual. Maoists abduct over 1000 teachers in Baitadi. I guess Prachanda's "unilateral" ceasefire does not apply to his unilateral war against innocent civilians. "The impact of the ceasefire in the villages is zero," states one Darchula resident And yet, lazy pundits will still refuse to believe that the Maoists are bluffing. -=blogdai