Saturday, September 03, 2005

Watch This Space

Looks like "The Fierce One" has called for a ceasefire.

Judging from all other ceasefires and peacetalks, look for violations, attacks and extortion to occur almost immediately.

So, WATCH THIS SPACE. We will document as many Maoist ceasefire violations as we can here in the days to come.

Will we ever learn?


Update, September 6: A new record! In the most public display of public disdain, the Maoists make India, Kofi Anonymous, and the rest of the peace Polyannas look like fools once again. Barely 3 days after calling the ceasefire, our blood-soaked boys violate the truce. Listen, blogdai told you so. Wake up! All of you who got teary-eyed at the thought of peace were just too lazy to pay any real attention to what's happening in Nepal. At the very BEST, Prachanda may have wanted this ceasefire; but as has been proven time and time again, "The fierce one" has little or no control over his cadres. -=blogdai

Update, September 10: Get ready. Poor Prachanda is now appealing to the world to monitor his little ceasefire claiming that the government's lack of response is "compelling us towards retaliatory attacks." Wait a minute there, Farce One, wasn't your ceasefire unilateral? Wasn't it designed to show everyone that maoists can play by the rules? Unilateral means you shouldn't care if the government plays along or not, right? Your dissapointment is palpable. You can't gain a military or tactical advantage with a ceasefire anymore because the King isn't buying your little deception. -=blogdai

Sept. 23 Update: Business as usual. Maoists abduct over 1000 teachers in Baitadi. I guess Prachanda's "unilateral" ceasefire does not apply to his unilateral war against innocent civilians. "The impact of the ceasefire in the villages is zero," states one Darchula resident And yet, lazy pundits will still refuse to believe that the Maoists are bluffing. -=blogdai


At 8:52 PM, September 03, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree with you 100%.

Prachanda may think that he has control over his army, but the past has shown it to be otherwise.

They have breached the ceasefire time and again and there is no reason to believe this time it will be differen

At 3:02 PM, September 04, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Just as before, Maoists will use this tactic to try and establish some advantage over the process.

It is a carrot and stick approach designed to lull the opportunist parties and the pro-democracy Pollyannas into thinking the Maoists are capable of compromise.

They aren't: This carrot is rotten.


At 12:41 AM, September 06, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Indian newspaper "Pioneer" seems to have spilt the beans. It is reported that the ceasefire declared by Prachanda was in fact a result of his parleys with the officials of the Government of India.

It may be good to get the relavant news report of "Pioneer" on this site

At 5:05 AM, September 06, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

We often see the Indian media swing both ways, often in the same issue. Someone needs to tell me if there is at least one good objective outlet in the Indian Media. They all read like comic book tabloids to me.

THe only accurate news we get from India regarding Nepal takes the form of being so far behind the curve as to be pathetic. India saying that the new ceasefire will be a real chance for peace is one such example. Where have they been? Arrogant and out of touch.

Blogdai would still love to have a copy of that Pioneer report as it says what we've been saying since day one here at blogdai: The Maoists are tacitly approved by, and can't make a major move without Indian consent.

At 9:09 PM, September 06, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Anyone find the link to the Pioneer Report? Post it here. Blogdai would be most grateful.


At 12:43 AM, September 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems, India, maoist and political parties are in one side to make this country republic. But reason behind it is very vague. We should have to look at the Sikkim. It seems that the same strategy they are adopting to Nepal.

At 7:21 AM, November 24, 2005, Anonymous Tom said...

Thank you, very interesting!

At 5:01 AM, September 21, 2006, Blogger Sirensongs: Indologist At Large said...

Oh, well there is a cease *fire*...they are not firing any guns. Just extorting, kidnapping, and tortuning. But no guns! Technicality!


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