Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Autocrat or Democrat?

Even though King G. may be a bit clueless about what to do next, he at least appears to be trying. His tour of Western Nepal goes above and beyond the call of duty for your average "despot."

Blogdai says, why bother to do all the visiting if you're just headed back towards the Panchayat days as everyone says? To top it off, ol' G seems to be the only one in Nepal who understands democracy. No, really. In his speech in Kalikot he mentions perhaps one of the biggest reasons for democracy's failure in Nepal: apathy.
"Development works with the people's participation are always fruitful," the King said, adding, "the February 1 move is for ending terrorism and increasing people's participation."
Right on the nose, G. Democracy needs the active participation of all its citizens in order to work. An active citizenry would have shut down Koirala years ago.

He further states that a "mature" democracy should take the place of the past fiasco and democratic charade of a governmental mess. Sound like an Autocrat to you?

Let's look at the other end of things. Today ol' Girija said he refuses to do a very democratic thing and give up some power through simple party elections saying through his aids that "..collective leadership would be counter-productive for the party. "It leads to formation of different power centers and ultimately promotes groupism in the party," said Laxman Ghimire, a NC Central Working Committee member and confidante of Koirala.

Now wait a minute, are not "collective leadership," "different power centers," and "groupism" hallmarks of a functioning representative democracy that is full of checks and balances? No, old Girija just does not want to give up an ounce of power. He is saying that the NC chairman's word is law and everyone should follow obediently. Sound like a democrat to you?

Blogdai says this: Girija, you can't hide under the cloak of democracy any more. Step down, get out, retire to the India you love, and fade away. You are harming the people of Nepal and acting very much like the autocratic King you so often criticize. You and your clan should be banished from politics and Nepal forever. Leave us alone.

To the King: Get someone smart on your staff before you blow the whole thing. Show a little action to go with your knowledge of democratic principles and the world will let you be.

To you lazy pundits: Blogdai is tired of your constant democracy drumbeat. It only hides your lack of research. You would restore a government that is as autocratic and power hungry as Girija has demonstrated ;and that is now rabidly chasing an alliance with terrorists all so you can feel that your limited grasp of "democracy" is served? Wake up, do your research, and stay out of Nepal with your blind simplicity.



At 9:22 PM, August 28, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wander why noone made any comment about this article.

N Oze

At 6:04 PM, August 29, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Beats me,

A complete reversal in political roles such as this must have caught everyone off guard.

N Oze, you and I will chat on this then... any other ideas?


At 1:14 AM, August 30, 2005, Anonymous Brit said...

I reckon no-one has any argument with or anything to add to it!


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