Thursday, October 04, 2007

Mr. Flip Flop

An new level of hubris and detachment, says blogdai.

Ol' Babu is at it again. If you'll all remember (will you please?), back when the "alliance" was young, it would have been a nice gesture for Girija to play along politically with a Maoist request and at least entertain the idea of forming a Republic. But no. The old man vehemently said that under no circumstances would Nepal go for a Republican form of government (See Blogdai: Sabotage!).

The old goat kept this staunch posturing up until a week ago. Now, like the limp pancake that he is, he's found some political traction in espousing the idea of a Republic. He makes comments like he's been in favor of it all along.

Without an inclination either towards his legacy or his political credibility, Girija does a 180 degree flip-flop and looks around and says, "What? What did I do wrong?" Fool.

Now it looks as though he's doing another flip; the de-facto type. This brand new long-time lover of Republicanism has now said that he will not go along with Proportional Representation under any circumstance.

Now wait a minute. Isn't the very definition of Repulican government proportional representation? So, Babu, you'd love to have a Republic just as long as it contains no Republican concepts? It's ok to have a Republic as long as the Mahdesi's don't get a voice?

Look for the old man to change his mind on Proportional Representation as soon as someone tells him what it means. In fact, someone should tell the entire parliament what it means to live in a Republic.

It damn sure means having elections more than once a decade.



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