Sunday, July 15, 2007

Party at Blogdai's: Everyone's Invited!

Welcome. Come one in, have a beer.

What's the occasion, you say? Why the festivities?

Praise be to Lord Pashupati. He's done. Gone. Never again to leave his cowardly, inept, poorly conceived and universally inflamatory opinions on Nepal again.
But enough of the past. Ol' Saint James the Timid never could bring himself to publicly commenting on the facts until he was on his way out. Dear God, all one has to do is Google Moriarty's public interviews over the last month to see that he's finally telling the truth: The Maoists are thugs and can't be trusted. Jesus, James, you wimp pansy, you KNEW this from day one. Hell, we ALL did. Were you so worried about getting a bomb threat from Prachanda that you conveniently tucked away your Maoist criticism these past years?

Save your own skin. Done like a true "China hand" as you proudly call yourself.

You pathetic idiot. Any, repeat: ANY level of preparation or remedial reading done on Nepal prior to your tenure would have told you that the Maoists have NEVER lived up to any commitment and have NEVER waivered from their desire for absolute power. NEVER! How wonderful that you finally realized this in your last two weeks of service.

So, the big result? You've dumped a heap of controversy on your new replacement, Nancy Powell. She, no stranger to controversy herself from her Pakistan years, will have to deal with the political fallout from your parting shots. Coward!

Lives could have been saved; international attention could have been more focused and stability could have been realized if you had only spoken up earlier. No, you had to bide you time, save your skin, and hope for a better future for yourself.

And, so sorry about your sour grapes over King G's snubbing. he played you like the cheap, inexperience fiddle that you are. This ain't the States, rookie; playing golf with the Prince does not guarantee Royal confidence. G. heard your reckless comments and wrote you off as the paper-pusher that you are. Is it any wonder that your counterproductive pro-party stance during the April disruptions angered G? So now, in another parting coward's shot, you pity the ol' King for not having any intention of forming a democracy? Excuse me? What do we have now, you fool? Greedy inept old retarded men blindly running into walls, that's what.

It was always an open secret that you had no love for Nepal. You pouted about your posting here so vehemently during your first years as ambassador that many of us thought you'd defect back to China, where you could win yet more awards for filing useless paperwork on time. (Google Moriarty's resume for facts on this)

So, good riddance you counterproductive fool and ineffectual career bureaucrat. Nepal can breathe a sigh of relief now that you are gone. You have obviously bided your time at the expense of the Nepali people hoping for a better posting- perhaps back in the China you love-and have saved all of your concrete, real diplomatic statements until they were safe from Maoist retribution.

BUT, OOPS! Blogdai's State Department contacts tell me that your career path is at its end. No more cushy postings and do-nothing ambassadorships for you, little Jimmy. You've screwed up one country and now it looks like even the Bush administration won't give you a chance to screw up anything more significant than Banghladesh. Nothing left for you but the cocktail party circuit. See you at the Haznar's?

The big tragedy is that you may be an envoy again. I'm sure the minute you land in Dhaka, you'll start with your sarcastic pouty remarks designed to, once again, piss everyone off. The bigger tragedy is that the Bush administration is so pathetic that they think you are the best man for any job in a south-Asian country. blogdai weeps at such a lapse in perception.

Anyway, thanks again, Jimmy, for your tenure. As the representative of the United States of America, your utterances gave hope to a Maoist ramble. Just any old public acknowledgement from you told Prachanda that he was for real. You've almost single-handedly elevated the stature of the Maoists in the world community.

Now get out of Nepal and stay out. blogdai's only lament is that you can't take that moron Ian Martin with you



At 1:27 PM, July 25, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

Moriarty was pro consolidation until his last few months. Maoist behavtion AS I'VE SAID MANY TIMES HERE has never once waivered from day one. Where was this vehement opposition? Any level of preparation would have told Moriarty this.

sorry bhudai, in your rush to be the first poster, you've once again not bothered to check the history of this blog. all your ansers are ther.

I am not going to publish your back-tracking counter productive arguments. They're just plain lazy. DO THE WORK, dammit and come up with something innovative.
Stop wasting our time by making me repeat myself over and over.


At 12:06 AM, July 26, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moriarty was pansy, what he did was half hearted and by doing so elevated the evil alliance and the evil.

Better judgment should have prevailed but I guess he lost it due to his conern for his next posting. I fail to understand people not accepting historical precendents into account in dealing with SPAM or talking about them.

We cannot afford to analyze grey area to death. What we need to do is speak and act what is right, right or wrong, wrong. Lets do it rather than aimlessly spout counter comments or comments what is just a waste.

At 8:16 AM, July 26, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

At a time when Maoists were bickering among themselves and a very public split between Prachanda and Babu Ram Bhattari became evident, it was Moriarty who began uttering phrases about Maoists power and potential.

(paraphrasing) "...I wouldn't be surprised to see Maoists marching down to Singha Durbar soon.."

This carried enourmous weight. Suddenly, a disintegrating Maoist rabble was seen as a credible force by the world's lone superpower. We noticed an increase in Maoist activity after this statement as well.

How about adding fuel to the flame by saying (p) "I'd hate to see the King being flown out on the wings of a helicopter.." Such imagery is taken very seriously in Nepal.

Remember back in 2000 when some boob named Steven Baker or Conn Hallinan or whoever, blithely predicted an eventual Maoist state. Almost the next day, Nepali papers wer trumpeting headlines that the West feels a Maoist takeover is imminent.

Back to ol' Jimmy: Scroll through our blog for more quotes and public inflammations. It's real easy, just look for Jimmy's picture.

Here's an even easier way: download google's toolbar to your desktop. select the "site search" key while browsing blogdai and type in anything you want like "Moriarty maoist" or "Singh durbar" and see what kind of wonderful background information you get. It's easy! It's fun! It doesn't require blogdai to maintain a constant drum-beat of repeating established information!

Background knowledge can be a wonderful thing. It almost always leads to more informed and helpful postings. Readers are often discouraged by so much chaff. Blogdai will continue to edit out such chaff so that we might get to the wheat of the issue.



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