Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All Offers Considered

Nice to see that our gang of confused children in the Nepali parliament are considering selling Nepal's embassy in England.  Just great. They've already agreed to turn Lumbini into a Chinese amusement park so this step should come as no surprise.

This is nothing more than a cash grab. Don't buy for a second Naryan Kaji Shrestha's arguments that "we can build five embassies elsewhere" with the money earned from the London sale.  More likely, they can buy five Pajeros for the Foreign Ministry, send five of their children to the best schools in the world, take five Chinese diplomats for a tour of their new military base sites in Nepal, and buy five minutes of respect with the Indian government in Delhi.

We must all start to worry when fat, and rich politicians begin to sell off Nepal's assets to finance their whims while maintaining their perpetual political stalemates. It means they have lost confidence and pride in the idea of Nepal as a nation and are more concerned with where their next bundle of cash is coming from.  It also means that as long as they can collect cash from any source, there is no compelling reason for them to make any political progress on anything.

What next?  Turn Pashupatinath into a Korean bath house?



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