Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stupid Political Quote of the Day

Blogdai gets tired of giving Maoists attention. They don't deserve it. But I get equally tired from hearing blabbering Maoist leaders say things that make no sense. Prachanda has been spouting this quote for a while and it's time we called him out on it:

"Holding constituent assembly elections is impossible without announcing republic first."

So, if we follow all definitions of "Republic," Prachanda is saying that we cannot establish an elected representative government until we agree to call ourselves an elected representative government.

Who cares what it is called. Suppose Prachanda demanded we call ourselves a banana sandwich and said elections are impossible until we do so. Same damn thing.

Look, the terms Republic, Democracy, Feudal Fiefdom, Indentured Servitude, whatever, are terms used to describe political and social systems. They describe. You do not need to label your intended political system choice ahead of time as some sort of permission to hold elections.

If he's trying to imply that a Republic is a form of proportional representation and that some groups in Nepal are not proportionally represented, then, for God's sake, have a constiuent assembly election and let each of these groups stand or fall on their own merit to the electorate.

Let's do whatever the momentum of the populace tells us to do. Right now that momentum says to hold elections. If, through these elections we decide that we want to label what we've done a Republic, then good. Don't hold up these precious elections because some confused moron terrorist doesn't realize he's put the cart before the horse.

In any event, Nepal must evolve into whatever form of government an active citizenry decides. The key is participation. Elections are the single greatest means of getting people interested in changing their government. Perhaps a Republic will emerge from this process.... perhaps a banana sandwich.



At 4:45 PM, November 14, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After the jana andolan 2, maoist had a golden opportunity to set an example to all the politicians in this country,they had the opportunity to hold elections and possibly even win from the hills and the plains and start a new era in Nepali politics. But they screwed it up and this idiot who quoted this stupid quote is responsible. You know what he did, he bought a house in Koteshwor in Kathmandu and this action single handadly lowered the status of his party in this country, people along with congress and uml realised that prachande is nothing but just another power and money hungry but inexperienced and hot headed fool. So they played him in terai and played him in different parts of pahad . Now his vote bank is lost and he is clueless, he does not know what to do next? This idiot just like all other idiots in Nepali politics could not realise that if you base your party on just "YCL" then you are bound to get kicked in the balls, politics is all about providing mobility to your support base, and prachande just like any other idiot sidelined the same people he was supposed to represent-"the poor people." And now the only way out for this idiotic party is to unite with another little less idiotic party, Madav Nepal can use maoists and their coercive nature to get rid of terai armed groups in his contituency but the uml representative in the hills will not fancy tying knot with the maoist. Now this prachande is left with two choices:-
1) Unite with UML and go for the election and give up the dream of being the first president of republic Nepal,
2) Or, Kidnap Gyanendra and Girija at the same time and take control of Nepal.

At 10:59 PM, November 17, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If ever syndicate parties go for election, they will hardly get 40% votes at this moment. How long they rule without public conscent is the question of today. After cancellation of CA election two times, it clearly proved that they are illegal ruler of this nation. The moron Girija why he is still not understanding the truth that his co-partner, i.e. maoist, doesn't want election. The present scenario potraying that Girija is very much greedy for power. Neither he is successful to lead the nation with democracy nor with the peace. He is one of the worst leader of this nation.

All blame goes to Girija.....

At 9:51 AM, November 18, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This quote doesn't suprise me at all. The Maoists DON'T want elections to begin with. They have lost whatever credibility and support they had. They have squandered a major constituency in Terai and people of the valley are fed up with the YCL. If they contested in free and fair elections the Maoists would be badly humiliated. Why do you all think they keep coming up with all this drama and all sorts of excuses? In the coming weeks and months the Maoists are going to do all they can to divert attention and stall elections.

Bhudai Pundit

At 9:49 PM, November 18, 2007, Anonymous B said...

Maoists never wanted CA elections and it was only their political strategy to get to where they are today. This of course does not mean the the rest of the six parties wanted CA election. Did any of us see any parties making any preperations at any time, except for some half hearted attempts by UML? Yes, a free and fair election might expose the maoists but why would there be an election? Do any of you think that as the maoists are losing their popularity, NC or UML is gaining any? Maoists are still the strongest party with arms and will to go to any lengths to get what they want?

But of course, we knew this in 2005when India glued these bastards together. Let us see what GP will do, when the rest of the parties ask for his ouster. If he has any old GP left in him, he could do any thing with this country rather than step down as a primeminister. Specially if he now considers himslef as an interim king as well.

At 6:56 AM, March 21, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog has become irrelevant


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