Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Pay Attention and Open Your Eyes

It's happening, people. The handwriting is on the wall.

The peacetalks will fail if the Maoists don't get exactly what they want. Plus, "The Farce One" himself is virtually tipping us all off to the fact that he is PLANNING for the talks to fail when he warned today that: "a violent storm" of protests will sweep the valley should talks fail (read: not go the Maoist's way). blogdai says Prachanda will make sure they fail. This guy is in the capital to take power, plain and simple.

He's everywhere from the tens of thousands of posters plastered all over Kathmandu (shown) to the cover of every magazine. Unrepentant and undeterred.

We in Nepal must immediately stop living in this ridiculous revolutionary stupor and face the facts:

1. Violence is rampant and increasing. The new government has shown no ability to address, much less deal with this problem. Same old story. In what is probably the most ironic of all utterances, Home minister Sitaula said today: "Peace and security shouldbe maintained at all cost." Plan on forming a committee on this anytime soon, minister? I guess peace and security should only be maintained after you've all gotten what you want through street protests, right?

2. Maoists are unbent, unbroken, and moving freely through the streets of Kathmandu. Thank you world community for facilitating this phenomenon.

3. The best idea SPA can come up with is a return to Girija's same old dogma. Guess what? The old fart is dying. He's leaving for Thailand today for a check-up. No one goes to Thailand for a check-up. He's in big medical do-do and they are going to treat his bronchitis invasively, I'm guessing. If he survives that, he's off to his beloved India; presumably so he can recover or die on his "home soil," whichever. The point is, SPA gambled its future on a broken horse. Heard anything remotely leader-like coming out of any other SPA stooge? Who you going to get to run this thing when the old man dies? Sujata? blogdai laughs and cries at this because the Koirala definition of democracy entails rigid family control of power: she may just get it.

4. Splits and dissention are everywhere. You can't rush into power and alienate your opposition the way SPAM did. So far, the only effective governmental measures taken center around punishing, jailing and condemning their opponents. Democracy is inclusive unless you want everyone plotting behind your back. And, lo and behold, SPAM itself is crumbling. Our buddy home minister Sitaula is already floating the idea of mobilizing the RNA against the Maoists. Deja vu anyone?

Enough is enough already. Running the country is a job for sane adults. Get rid of these old reprobate politicians and sweep aside your romanticizing, stone-throwing children, Nepal, and let's get busy with saving the country before these fools plunge us into civil war.



At 10:08 PM, May 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I raised this quiet a long time ago- in order to protect our way of life and liberty, we MUST fight back by any means possible. I stand by it. The only thing that botheres me immensily is the nonchalant attitude of people like us, time is running out so I urge all to make a plan to setup our own platform and I urge people like you to make a rallying point to save this nation of ours from ruin.

Just name me a place and point I will be there in an instant. Please anyone, do rise up before it is too late.

At 11:30 PM, May 30, 2006, Anonymous Nepal said...

Dear Blog dai,
I some how found this website and let me tell you that, you are doing an incredible job. This is what we need at this moment. This is true democracy and not what were have at the moment in Nepal. Everyone is scared about how the Maoist have been moving into the picture. When the SPA first aligned with the Maoist in Delhi, I knew then that, SPA to eradicate then the present obstacle (king) have vowed to the devils (Maoist). I don’t believe how insane they cold have gone and not see what there were inviting.

Today May, 31 2006 I saw taxi cabs covered with Prachanda’s posters announcing they agenda and plans for 19 ghate. I have also got hold of a yellow pamphlet on the street, issued by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) Central Committee. I swear the pamphlet is filled with Mao crap. They now have strong demands, which I think the SPA don’t even have the authority to give. But they will. They will give everything to the Maoist. And before we know anything, one fine regular morning, we will wake up and find Mr. Prachanda ruling the country. Shree 5 ko Sarka became Nepal Sarkar, and then it will be Nepal Jana Sarkar. Mr. Prachanda { Chairman of the Maoist, who have equal contribution in a decade long conflict, were 100…..’s of nepali lost their lives, they home, they freedom (forget freedom of speech and information in this 21st century Nepal – People here don’t have freedom to eat what they cultivate, freedom to live under a roof. Freedom to rebel against a handful of students, demanding politics free education), These Maoist are the same people who looted banks, extorted money off people. Butchered teaches who don’t agree to they point of view, the list is endless}
Then blog dai, it will be too late for people to realize and turn back. Then we will realize what democracy was and how did we loose it.

I feel I am helpless, but yes, I also think we should get busy saving our country. Thanks a lot blog dai, your message was heard loud and clear.! - Nepali

At 3:26 AM, May 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I will tell you what. Let SPA be controlled by M. And then we will control M. You see, reverse psychology. M played divide and rule...now we play that too.

Let's just hope RNA will plot and do a coup soon.

At 2:19 PM, May 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He wants be king after he chases the old one out.

At 5:27 PM, May 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blog dai,

Enough of your propaganda. Nepal has been in a civil war for 10 years now. What we have now is a cease fire. We have had more peace in the last 1 month than 4 years of King's rule. Why don't you get it?

We have seen an upsurge of violence and looting in Kathmandu? Am I surprised? NO. These are the remnants of King's men, Nikshaya Rana and Kamal Thapa's stooges trying to destabliae Nepal. Everyone knows this except you. Nepal police and army, being other remnants of the loser King's rule, have not been proactive in stopping violence. SPA should immediately kick the leadership of both army and police out. Why don't you say anything when army and police are involved in the looting?

Prachanda is coming out. That is a good thing. If he wants to come to the mainstream, that is the best thing. It will be easier to pressure Maoist to lay down the arms.

At 8:30 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

You live in a swamp of propaganda and yet you only see mine? The parties have done their influence-peddling well, I guess. Try hard to get past the idea that any opinions that make you feel uncofortably challenged are "propaganda." Perhaps blogdai just wants you to attempt actual thinking.

What, in your wildest dreams, gives you the indication that Prachanda's "coming out" can in any way be tied to the maoists, softening or joining the mainstream? Are you nuts? This simpleton's view that somehow Prachanda can be "pressured" to lay down arms must stop now!

Is it not clear to you that absolutely no event over the last few months has even remotely suggested that the Maoists will change tactics, give up arms or slow down their quest for power? Please, please, tell blogdai where you come by your ideals so that I might partake of your child-like faith with you! Do you have anything other than wishful thinking to back up your theories?

More bank robberies, more killings, more extortion. Let the simpletons cry again that it must be "royalist" disruptors causing all the trouble. The real trouble is, it doesn't matter who is behind the violence. An overall climate of lawlessness in the Capital virtually gives permission for any group to try a crime or two. In fact, the last robbery in Boudha was accomplished by the novel team of an ex paramilitary cop and an ex maoist--

When people think the government is out of control, or when things are perceived to be on the brink of getting worse, people feel freer to commit crimes. Malcolm Gladwell's "Tipping Point"gives great illustrations of this.

Plus,when you alientate your opposition--punishing them relentlessly when you come to power--and you virtually declare that Hinduism is no longer essential for government operation; you are going to piss off more than a few people, don't you think?

Reconcilliation and unification: two terms that will never cross the thoughts of this new parliament.


At 8:34 PM, May 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

And another thing anon, are you even in Kathmandu now? I weep with disgust when I hear you ignorance. More peace in the last month? Do you actually feel safer now?

Go back to your comfortable internet cafe that it obviously not in Nepal and let the rest of us deal with this problem.


At 11:17 PM, May 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is quite astounding to hear this blame game. The person must be pigeon holed or through and through sympathizer to assume that there is more PEACE in 1 month than in 1 and half years of king's rule. Man, if you have axe to grind, grind it on yourself but not at the expense of a nation and people living here.

There is an effort a foot with a sole aim to erase Nepal and Nepali way of life from this world. Last I heard, people like Malla K. Sundar ( human rights campaigner) are actively pursuing to end the Bickram Sambat Calender and lobbying hard. The psychosis of these activists are quite alarming.

I tell you, day is not far where in order to protect our way of life and liberty we will be forced to raise arm. Indeed, it is sad to state this but I see no other option with lethargic response of people who have habit of accepting things but crying against it later. We need to wake up from this stupor in defiance and protest.

History is filled with misadventures in the name of radical change ( communist) and social change (activists)- The way I see it, SPAM and so-called- activist are hell bent on changing the face of this nation in a way that will not be recognizable in near future. In the name of rights and radical political change they are pushing this nation towards abyss from where no can control it or guide it or even rule. So the next course of action will be to invite third party to adminster and rule by proxy. I see this clearly and it is happening as well.

Time now is to fight back, if a rag tag army with brain washed comrades can dictate to the government then we also posses more refined and articulate action to save this nation. We should be prepared to do whatever is necessary.

At 12:29 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

quandry for prachanda...how to capture power and keep the world opinon [ india /us] ...solution..a) make a fool of spam b) make a split in spa c) awaken the complete UML from their 5th column role d) appoint madhav kumar nepal as the # 2 in the new "reformed" political mainstream maoist party. e) india will keep its backing as sonia needs the CPI to keep her coalition afloat. f) goodbye koirala and deuba and all other non entities g) prachanda in parliment h) the "people" jubilant i) its show time folks ...who u'r gonna call ?

At 1:15 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Nepal said...

Blog dai,
This is not a big surprise. The Majority of Nepalis are all Bheda (sheeps). They will go where ever you lead them. The minority (non-bheda, educated lot) are enjoying a safer life out of Nepal and they think they can (they have the privileges) comment on where Nepal is heading.

Mr. Anonymous this is the calm before the storm. If you think 4 or 3 years of King’s rule brought in more killings and violence, you will also have to think where did this killings came from? Do you know what happened in Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge marched into Phnom Pehn- capital? Although this is 21st century and nothing like the killing fields might happen here in Nepal, but let me warn all of you guys, that we are heading something close to the Khmer Rouge rule in Cambodia. (Communist party forms close alliance with the Maoist and suppresses other democratic party. They seize all political power, Peace talks being the reason they move freely in the capital and infiltrate arms and trained guerrillas. Organize a huge assemblies – Show of force. The aim being to create fear in the hearts and mind of the people, politicians and the army. This will also be to brainwash and motivate the Nepali people (Bhedas). Now, since peace is in high demand in Nepal, the Maoist will march right into the capital like in Phnom Pehn, the army (wanting an end to the war) will give up their arms, the country will suddenly be a mono-polar nation - the arms being only with the Maoist. Mr. Anonymous all you have to do now is an evaluation test of moral, social and human value of a maoist cadets from Rolpa, Rukum, or Gorkha, who have never had proper schooling, has been brainwashed by the Mao re-education – Jan education. And for whom cutting of his fellow cadets head is not a big deal, to hide his identification.

I know I must have sounding too radical or too pessimistic up there. But like future is inevitable, it is at times frightening as well.

Click Here for a Khmer Rouge info page

At 3:05 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well at least Prachanda has been able to see his father for the first time in seven years.

Prachanda meets dad after seven years

“When the organisers saw me, they took me to the podium. As he (Prachanda) finished his speech after half-an-hour, I talked with him,” Muktiram said, adding: “We talked about our health conditions. He was thin before, but he has become fat nowadays.”

At 4:32 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I call upon all to join in defiance of SPAM- are we ready to lose our nation to people who believe in "through the barrel of a gun" and to people who distort "people's movement" to their benefit. Are we that incapacitated to forgo our rights, religion and way life under a threat. Why are we so mum whereas we speak a common good in site like this but fail miserably to translate our spirit and action in real term.

Nepal has always been a place of for all but how can we let anyone, group or parties, force their will upon us by threat, fear and intimidation. I ask you all- are we still going to continue to be a silent majority even when our very existence in under threat of losing its very character and way of life.

Why are people so lethargic? this is not the time to sit idle and go with the flow. Our children will not forgive us, if we do that. I know people feel safe by ignoring the fact or dreaming of migrating to other land but that is a total defeat, morally and mentally.

When a nation, a birthplace, is being uprooted in name of few vested interest, it falls upon people like us who believes in rule of law, inclusive democracy for all, and Bill of rights to each and every individuals. The burden upon us is to prove that "we as a people" have the right mind, good intention and best interest of the nation to act, protect and serve.

The need of the hour is to organize, allocate resources and effort, and to strategize in the best interest of the nation. Therefore, lets not wait and be a mere spectator as nation burns along with our way of life, liberty and freedom.

At 7:38 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prachanda, Baburam not to Address Tomorrow’s Mass Meet

The mass meeting of the CPN-Maoist scheduled for tomorrow will not see Maoist supremo Prachanda and another top leader Babu Ram Bhattarai addressing the gathering in Kathmandu.

Speaking at the Reporters’ Club here, Agni Sapkota, central leader of the CPN-Maoist, said that the members of the talks team and other senior Maoist leaders will address the gathering.

He said that foreign interference has increased lately and is trying to create a void in the relation between the seven-party alliance and the Maoists.

A special meeting of Maoist leaders has approved a 10-point work plan, which includes dissolution of the House of Representatives and annulment of the 1990 Constitution, he said.

The existing HoR does not represent the aspirations of all sectors and will not be effective in raising the issues related to Dalits, professionals and media to name a few, he said adding that an interim government should be formed without any delay. He spoke against the revival of local bodies.

At 10:58 AM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Nepali said...

Blog dai, Khai mero comment has not been posted yet!. I think this is one way to filter the crap comments and filter people with no brains. but I think you should be more prompt with posting comments. I have asked all of my friends to view this website and now. You should have more good and bad comments. Let have an open debate. Unlike blog.com.np. this site is all about people with brains. Let have more people drop in comments......Please reply. Thanks Nepal

At 11:34 PM, June 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say enough of Talk- lets get into ACTION. Like I said before otherwise our children will spit on our face.


At 2:22 AM, June 02, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nepali please don't be so naive. If you think this site is for open debate you are so wrong. I know from first hand experience that this site is being used to propogate blogdai's personal opinions on Nepal. Opposing views are ridiculed, stifled or banned if deemed too challenging.

At 6:00 AM, June 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sansar writes:

I say enough of Talk- lets get
into ACTION.

Like what? How about another arson or bank robbery?!

Isn't that what you desperate monarchists have come down to?

At 10:17 PM, June 03, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Yes, you anon idiot, this is a blog. It will have opinions and reflect blogdai's point of view from time to time.

I think if you had even one grain of intellect you could see that we publish "challenging" commentary regularly; it is what helps keep us alive and vital here. Perhaps your "first hand" knowledge doesn't allow you to see that it does no one any good if I continue to publish the hundreds of "blogdai is a royalist" and "Gyane this.." and "Gyane and blogdai that..." comments.

Well, blogdai's "first hand" knowledge tells me that none of you idiots will be happy until your viewpoint is fully espoused on this site. I say, fine! Stop the stupid little boy repetition and drum beat of accusations and prove your point for once! You want your views up in print here? Back them up with something more than wishful thinking.

Oh, and don't you think it's time to stop blaming this nebulous group of "royalists" for the current problems in Kathjmandu? I suppose that the total lack of rule of law and the climate of protest established by SPAM is just going to lead to a peaceful complacency in your eyes, right? Perhaps the 650,000 Maoists that marched on Ratna park yesterday were royalsists in disguise. Or perhaps the utterances of your own Ram Chandra Poudel who says rightly that Nepal will never be sovereign until maoists disarm is just some trick of the King?

STop your simple-minded single-issue viewpoint. Drop the royal bashing and concentrate on your real problems: ineffective government and the maoist juggernaut.

Or is that just another example of blogdai propaganda?



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