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New Years News and Nothings

A new flag to go with our new Constitution

We do this from time to time. Blogdai likes to mop up stray thoughts that don't seem to fit into a proper column anywhere. Lots of debate fuel, nonetheless. -=BD

----150 days and counting until the Constituent Assembly Elections officially do not occur.

----Thanks Girija for covering your ass at our expense. Giving a weak, token objection to the new constitution's provision for absolute PM power and then passing the damn thing through anyway tells us a lot. It tells us you know its wrong but you'd rather have the power.

----Gotta love Bangladesh president Iajuddin Ahmed. In a very Nepal-like gesture, he suspends elections indefinitely yet decided to stay in power. Now he has finally been removed, but, nonetheless, there seems to be an uncanny aversion to democratic elections in all of India's satellite states (oops!) these days. No wonder, free elections lead to independent thought and governance--can't have that now, can we India?

----Anyone wonder just what power this alleged Constituent Assembly will have now? It has never been mentioned, in light of this new interim constitution, just exactly how much power the CA can wield. Will they provide an actual check and balance mechanism? Since they are not party members, they will have no lawmaking authority whatsoever according to Girija's new constitution. Hmmm....

----Home minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula seems idealy positioned to take over after Girija croaks. He's nasty. He hasn't a clue about democratic ideals, and he blends well with Maoist absolutisms. So, Sujata will make a brief run, but blogdai thinks Sitaula will be the new man-- provided the Maoists don't just cancel the whole process and install their own government.

----It's been eerily quiet here at blogdai on the screaming-little-boy-idealist front. Haven't heard a peep from them in months. It must be tough waking up from your little Jana Andolan bender only to get yourselves arrested by protesting in front of Girija's house.

----Come to think of it, where are those loud-mouthed "restore press freedom" canaries now that the Maoists have threatened to silence the press if they go against the party line? I guess it's ok for the Maoists to beat the crap out of you when you try to enter their meeting; at least it's not mean old King G., right? No surprise, since Kantipur is loyal to Girija, that the press is silent on such issues.

----Oh thank the heavens for girija's wisdom. He says that the only way to solve the Mahdesi problem is through dialogue. Funny, all the Mahdesi are doing is following Girija's brand of jana andolan "dialogue" by taking to the streets. You create the culture of riots, babu, be prepared to govern with them as well.



At 9:32 AM, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogdai, may I suggest that before you sit down to write your blog you take a quick glace at google news so as to minimize the risk of sounding like a fool? Ijjadudin Ahmed has resigned a while back and now the interm leader is Fakkuradin Ahmed. He is a former World Bank official, governer of the central bank and fairly acceptable to both the Awmni league and the BNP with little interest of staying in power. Although the origianal date for the elctions has been postponed from Jan 21st (quiet rightly since even EU monitors agreed there were many issues) it does seem that an election will take place in the near future. I believe the time is now 3 months.

If we are going to have a new flag it will probably be recgtangular like the rest of the world.

With the Madeshi situation I think the Maoist will find that they are losing relevance. If Madeshi get fair representation they will out number other ethnic groups and for the most part Madeshis aren't pro Maoists. That's why Prachanda has been trying to down play the issue by branding the protestors are criminals and saying they represent a small minority.

I think the culture of riots was actually the creation of the Maoists. Girija just got in on the action.

Just a few notes.

Bhudai Pundit

At 10:32 AM, January 31, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

blogdai stands corrected; will remove Ahmed reference. (It was written back in december.)


At 12:51 PM, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Saral Nepal said...

I must agree with Bhudai Pundit in his assertion/observation of Prachanda's reason to downplay the madhise (madhesi? - nah..) issue. I tend to sympathize (not that it matters) with the madhise's demands for the most part - representation proportionate to population, localized governance and involvement sans discrimination in all aspects of nation building are nothing out of ordinary. How to achieve that objective is another ball game altogether. With so much finger-pointing going around in desperate attempt to find a scapegoat, it was quite amusing/ludicrous to see Kamal Thapa being blamed for the riots in the terai in the recent days. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who is responsible for the riots. Remember Hritik Roshan kanda anyone? To me that says it all. Frustration and deprivation is all it takes. No matter where the incidents like that occur, the perpetrators are always the same - poor,idle,young and motivated - what better elixir for trouble can you ask for? Who tried to infiltrate whom; who sponsored what; were the members of madhise forum behind all the riots; or who supplied money and gundda; --- those questions will probably never be answered. Even the inquiry committee will find nothing - and if it does, the findings will be supressed. As always: "Jis ki laathi, uski bhais" (okay, curse me until you watch another hindi movie).

As long as cpn-m is not in any form a part of the ruling body, any type of REPUBLIC government is fine by me. I don't know about others, but whenever I think of maoist, I always think about more than 70 million people Mao killed. Doesn't anyone know that? How can one know that and be comfortable with the same ideal ruling them? Talk about twisted logic - even Hitler or Stalin didn't kill that many people. Comparing with that track record, we would be better off being ruled by Hitler, wouldn't we? But cpn-m is different, they have learned from history, they have changed - one might argue. That is a shit load of crap - just look at the numbers. Spare yourself the trouble of research - just go through the newpapers AFTER the peace accord. If the so called brains of the cpn-m had an iota of living tissue inside their heads, they would have named the party differently. Why did/do people follow these maniacs? Ignorance - that's it. To elaborate this is to go in circles, so I won't.

Most in the SPA leadership, if not all, are jackasses, ignorant+fools, sycophants, opportunists and corrupt. But they don't walk around preaching from a red-bible with the monstor of Mao as their Christ. And, with time and sheer luck we may get a chance to kick their butts in elections. When the so-called second generation drops out of scene, or die of over-eating, or even stupidity, there is a probability of a better third-genereation -- at least I hope there is. Until then,
I will live here !!

At 2:47 PM, January 31, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the problem here is Nepali Congress especially Girija and Maoists hijacking the achievements of People's movement to fulfill their own self interest. Looking at the agreements and constitution, it almost seems like they had a very narrow interest to throw out the King. Whereas, my and many other people's expectation from April movement were broad i.e. for political parties to undo the wrongs of the past and give more rights to the oppressed and marinalized. People were frustrated, janajatis, dalits, and madhise wanted more rights and access to power and so they came out in masses.

However, after successfully throwing out the King, Girija and Prachanda decided to go just half way, cut corners, to suit their interest and keep the status quo. Maoists kept to their old ways of harrassing and killing people.

Although there were feelings of discrimination in Terai and it was building up, it was the Maoist killing which ignited the fire. Overnight, Maoists probably lost most of their support in Terai. They found them fighting against the same people they claimed to be representing. Even after the mistake was done, instead of apologizing, they kept on blaming the royalists. You can blame and get away with your mistakes sometime but not all the time. This should bring Maoists to reality.

Girija and seven parties should have worked in good faith to genuinely give the rights to oppressed in Nepal. Even if they are able to appease Madhise for now, the problem will again crop up if the miseries of dalits, janajatis, poor, who were marginalized in the past are not taken into consideration. I hope that they will understand this. I think people in Nepal probably believe that they need violence to achieve anything.

Having said all this, I think it was still a good thing that Gyane and cronies are sidelined. Gyane, his family, and his cronies have a big hand in oppressing certain segments of the Nepali society and building a culture of corruption in Nepal.


At 12:19 AM, February 01, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still am amused that there are some dumb idiots remaining on the planet that keep calling that shameful Mob and Goon movement which unleashed death and destruction and violence in Nepal is considered as People's movement. It was a heinous movement led by terrorists and subjecting ordinary people to the most distraught and disdainful ordeals. This pathetic and shameful movement is enough to take the SPAM terrorists to THE HAGUE. The case of the rest of the 17,000 lives taken can be put to both ICC and ICJ.

How long can Christian fundamentalists like Baburam and Prachandna can run away from justice? How long?

At 6:35 AM, February 02, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kantipur is loyal to Girija? Wow that's new, I thought it was taken over by krishnasenonline

At 10:27 AM, February 03, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratualations Blogdai, you were quoted in the Nepali times.

Bhudai Pundit

At 12:29 PM, February 03, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to live a normal life. i do not want to be interrupted every 5 minutes by a man waving a gun or a man waving a placard demanding "this or that".

If you ask 93% of the population you will find the same answer.

My biggest concern is that we are now closer to becoming a failed state than we have ever been before.

Violence in the Terai only serves to remind me that our political state can not engage its citizens beyond Kathmandu Valley.

New Nepal is just like Old Nepal only we have a thousand revolutions springing up each day.

At least we still have a spring in our step from the 'people's' revolution. Right?

Who is resonspible for governing our country now?

I suppose you could point a finger and hope.

At 10:48 PM, February 03, 2007, Anonymous B said...

The main job of the government is to manage the country. If the leaders do not have good managerial skill then the country goes down the drain (instentions come later). Just imagine a great manager, would he/she be perpetually pointing his/her fingers at others for all the mistakes and wrong doings that hurt his organization as the spammers are doing with the terai unrest?

Management is about collecting information. Effective management is about utilizing the collected information to the best interest of the organization you are working for. If you ask me, that is where the government failed. Instead of gathering information they were too busy fighting among themselves about the ambassadorial positions. If there were/are infiltrations in the terai unrest, it just proves that the infiltrators read the situation or had gathered enough information to exploit it. But i think it is the responsibility of the government to avoid such incidents taking place. How many people were saying that there will be unrest in the Terai Region? I think many did and i have also did read a few comments on this blogsite about the possibility as well.

This country is now unmanageable. No one (leaders) seem to have a vision or a way forward. They do not have a plan, competitiveness, effciency or intentions to take this country out of the chasm that she is in now.

At 7:41 AM, February 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is what it is. The culture of violence has been accepted as the ONLY legitimate means to be heard. We have seen how criminals like Maoists, without any repercussions to their actions have been accepted as the true political force. It is no surprise that JTMM and MRF is using the exact same model to get their piece of pie.

Further, Gajurel warns that if the CA polls are delayed then there will be 'city-based' revolts. I say, let there be one. This was due in 2005. We are simply delaying the inevitable. Mobilize the Nepal Army. Introduce vigilantes to fight the Maoists wherever, whenever, in whatever form. Slaughter the Maoists and their sympathizers in worst conditions that such becomes an example to the world what REAL human rights is all about. Bring back the king. Let people from ALL ethnicity , religion and region put forth their grievances caused by last fifteen years or corrputed rule and ignored communities.

All we talk about is problem. Listen, I just provided you bozos a solution.

At 10:21 AM, February 04, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

You can't have a government when every member of parliament is practicing their owm method based on their own selfish interests.

Agreed that a bad manager must be fired. Under a democracy, that's done through elections, period.

All the Madhesi are doing is copying the only method proving to work in order to get yourself noticed on a national scale. Thank Girija's obstinance once again for defining government as being the domain of the elite few. Would it have hurt, babu, to just listen?

The way blogdai sees it, and I've said variations of this before, is that Nepal has two immediate and necessary duties to perform if it is to remain a soveriegn nation:

1. Kill the Maoists. Don't talk, don't reason, just overwhelm them by any means necessary.

2. Remove Girija and all the corrupt old-guard politicians from office once and for all; by force if necessary.


At 10:22 AM, February 04, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The situation has a silver lining in a sense that the Maoists are getting taste of their own medication. Hahaha. I just want to see the look on that faggot Prachanda's face with all that's happening. Because if there is one force that can pose a major threat to Maoist domination are the Madeshis.

Bhudai Pundit

At 12:53 PM, February 04, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

yes, but I think it's more a case of what the Madhesi represent: The scary scenario of any grass-roots movement challenging--and perhaps exposing the weakness of-- Maoists in a house-to-house, village-to-village conflict.

We've heard many times how villagers, when fed up enough, rally together and kick the shit out of Maoists cadres. To see the potential of this on a large scale in the form of the Madhesi movement must scare the hell out of Prachanda.

As long as Prachanda can keep his movement on a "macro" level; basically, over-inflating his strengths, support base and pivotally, his control over troops in the field, he can continue to fool the world and manipulate the media and gullible human rights organizations. No one knows for sure his actual troop strength, and that's just fine with Prachanda. Ian Martin and all the Western media bufoons will do the rest of the work needed to puff up and aggrandize what is proving to be no more than a series of out of control mobs terrorizing villagers in the name of Mao.

This farcical arms lock-up and registration has given the Maoists an appearance of strength and unity that are, more than likely, not a field reality.

It is equally embarrasing to Prachanda to see his farce being called out so vividly by the Madhesi. Where is the great voice of the "People" and the much-touted "nationwide support" for the Maoists when Prachanda's cadres can't even bring themselves to make an authoritative showing in the Terai?

I agree with a previous poster. So far, it seems that the Madhesi only want to be heard--they want justice. They are starting their movement in a decidedly Maoist area and seem to have no fear of Maoist retalliation. Blogdai says, bring 'em on. Perhaps some leaders will emerge from this movement. At the very least, they should take quite a bit of steam out of the Maoists.


At 11:12 AM, February 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed. The Madeshi movement has indded shown just how pathetic of a support base the Maoists actaully have. And to top it all off Prachanda really dropped the ball when he didn't support the movement from the begining. To divert attention the Maoists are now saying that if CA polls are delayed they will start another round of agitations. He is just making himself look more and more like a fool.

Bhudai Pundit

At 7:32 PM, February 05, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTF, what is the NA doing in all this? This is their opportunity. It is not going to get any better. Go grab the ball. Declare martial law, throw out the lousy apologist UN inspectors - their job is better needed in the middleast, strip the parliament of old corrupt politicians, kill the maoists like there is no tomorrow. People are sick and tired of killers and looters fleecing and sucking the country dry. No one will hit the street demanding thuocracy anymore as they have seen it is not worth it - at least when they know it is the SAME killers and looters who will get back to power if they do.

G is quiet. Let him be. Let the NA take control. Perhaps a Nepali Musharaff with iron balls will emerge who can face the bloated Maoists and apologetic international community. Show them the fingers. What else can these paleass 'donors' do besides threaten to pull their funding. Let them pull their funding. We have been living off of it too long anyway; it's time to get your brownass working. People, get moving!

-A big swinging dick!

At 10:37 PM, February 05, 2007, Anonymous sarki ko choro said...

Wagle's and other blogs by those employed by the Kantipur group of companies, misleads people by publishing the half truth.

Distortion of Dilip Rana's recent 'speech' is the case in point.

It is pathetic to see journalists blinded by their master's hidden agenda that they cannot distinguish right form wrong.

At 12:06 AM, February 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Terai movement must have been a great blow to Prachanda. If they end up having constituencies proportional to population, it will be very difficult for Maoists to win any seats in eastern and central Terai. There will be relatively less constituencies in hills and they will have to compete with political parties.

Now, Maoists have many of their arms locked down and many of their army in the camps. Also, they have signed the peace treaty. So it will be very hard for them to threaten and harrass with arms like before. I know they will still do it but to a far lesser extent than before.

Also, I think hill people will be less intimidated by Maoists since they have seen what happened in Terai. Also, Maoists do not want to start a war with people in hills like they did in Terai. So I think Maoists are finally cornered now.

They can contest the CA election but they have lost a lot influence with Terai fiasco. They cannot pick up arms with no reason. If they do pick up arms, they will alienate even more people.

At 12:49 AM, February 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last straw before Maoist work on their final campign (takeover) is on the basis which might be quite ironic but this is it- Nepal is being destroyed by 7 party's mismanagement. In order to save Nepal from further downward spiral, they must take over (logical, no?), like hell.

This nightmare will not end soon- Prachande has been tutored by India to bring Nepal down to a situation where semblence of a nation is no more- then the Indians come marching in with tanks and guns -devil in disguise of a saint.

SPAM supporters- the day of reckoning is near. lofty ideals and mother of all democrats tendecies have gotten you this far but no more. Oh! how I hate their duplicity.


At 9:23 AM, February 06, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who do you think this guy works for?

At 5:47 PM, February 07, 2007, Blogger QuantumG said...

1. Kill the Maoists. Don't talk, don't reason, just overwhelm them by any means necessary.

2. Remove Girija and all the corrupt old-guard politicians from office once and for all; by force if necessary.

wow that's like listening to tennis commentary: if he wants to win this game he has to hit more winners, stop his unforced errors and stay out of injuring himself. Blog Dai, although you at times show some glimmer of reasoning in your writing. this time my freind, you have utterly failed.

At 6:08 PM, February 07, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you manage to pretend rational and do gooder for greater good, most of the time, then utterly fail to keep your pretention at times, such as this...

rage is good to purge your soul of pretention...

long live military industrial, you know what i mean...

At 4:00 AM, February 08, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Attention seekers-

They try to make it personal when they should keep their views personal.

At 6:51 AM, February 08, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

gotta love the drive-by critics. Stand back and offer no solution other than a bad tennis analogy.

You seem to like the term "utterly fail" yet you conveniently pave-over the biggest utter failure of them all: SPAM.

What will it take before some of you realize that girija is an old dog who will never change. His little April revolution did nothing more than restore him to his do-nothing prime ministership.

And yes, let's keep hoping Prachanda will come around and play nice. More atrocities, a sham gun control agreement, violence and factionalization; sounds like "The Fierce One" never broke stride once.

Yes, let's keep trying to talk to Terrorists who haven't once shown an inclination towards peace or compromise. And yes, let's sit back, be lazy and let Girija and his minions rip off Nepal just like before.

Go ahead and criticize and sit back and watch the nation that once was Nepal....utterly fail.


At 8:16 AM, February 08, 2007, Blogger blogdai said...

Oops! Now the Tharu's want and autonomous Tharu region and are taking to the streets.

Get the feeling that many of these groups are beginning to understand that there is no government to stop them?

See what your little Jana Andolan started Girija?


At 3:33 PM, February 08, 2007, Anonymous सार्कीको छोरो said...

नेपाल: हजारौको हत्या गर्दा सान्सद हुनपाउने, साचोकुरा गर्दा जागिर जाने ठाउ

At 8:35 PM, February 08, 2007, Anonymous B said...

Only the non wrong doers are punished in Nepal. Rhino poachers are set free. Corrupt are made ministers and prime ministers. Biggest loan defaulters are given more loan. Maoists activists are taken as human rights activists. Murderers are made MPs. If some one is punished in Nepal then he or she must be innocent.

At 4:06 AM, February 09, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well said B. That explains why we saw the likes of Jagat Gauchan in the royal cabinet last year and people like Devendra Raj Pandey in jail.

At 5:41 AM, February 09, 2007, Anonymous sarki ko choro said...

Devendra Raj Pande is a Maoist stooge (no proof required), that way he is also directly responsible (facilitator) for thousands of lives lost due to Maoist murderous campaign. Pity that Maoist did not offer him a seat in the interim circus ring.


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