Saturday, August 12, 2006

Utter Foolishness

Well, pat yourselves on the back, UN. Another job well botched.

I'm sure you feel just peachy about your accomplishments in Nepal. Through your influence and diplomatic skill you've managed to:

1. Give the Maoists exactly what they want.

2. Insure that any constituent assembly election will be neither fair nor reflect the will of the people of Nepal.

The little 5 point agreement submitted by SPAM to the UN is full of the usual boilerplate politician-speak--fully designed to be neither taken seriously nor acted upon by anyone. That is, until we come to point #3 which deals with the decommissioning of Maoist arms:

On the basis of the agreement to seek UN assistance in the “management of arms and armed personnel of both the sides”, qualified civilian personnel will be deployed to monitor and verify the confinement of CPN-M combatants and their weapons within the designated cantonment areas. Later, the modalities for all arrangements, including of arms and munitions, will be worked out among the parties and the UN.

And the UN bought it. If history tells us anything, when Nepali politicians or Maoists use the word "later" in a proclamation, it means "never." The only thing significant about this statement is that Steffan de Mistura and his UN delegation to Nepal were the ones who suggested this language and thus, gave world legitimacy to the Maoist's armed struggle.

Prachanda must be very pleased indeed. His army is now legitimized by the world community!

How pathetically naive and tragically sad. Unless the UN is prepared to maintain a permanent monitoring presence in every Nepali village, this is a recipe for disaster.

Having Maoists wait somewhere on the sidelines with guns still in hand ruins any chance of a fair constituent assembly election. Villagers have lived with Maoist threats and intimidation long enough to know that if they don't elect a Maoist representative to the constituent assembly, somewhere down the line, there will be Maoist retalliation. Maoist have already said they are not necessarily bound by any election results so any anti-Maoist election statement by any district is an invitation for Maoist violence.

This UN conceived, endorsed and implemented monitoring idea is going to get a lot of people killed.

Maoists must be fully disarmed before any election can be counted as fair. Their intimidation factor is too high. Witness the municipal elections of last year: candidates were threatened, abused and even killed by Maoists and their SPA minions.

Try telling any of that to the UN. They love to give away the house to appease any group, call it a compromise and claim a mediation victory.

This move will come back to haunt them.



At 10:07 PM, August 12, 2006, Anonymous Author said...

I agree. Maoist with guns is definitely the recipe for disaster. Forget United Nationals, it is the most corrupt organization in the entire universe. They don’t care about Nepal, or what happens to its people. UN will not and cannot help us.

Its us, we will have to help ourselves out of the situation rather then waiting for some UN bullshit, remedy.

Lets try and keep our eyes and ears open, Lets try and collect facts, and report the truth to our blogs. At precise, strike, when the iron is hot!



At 10:48 PM, August 12, 2006, Anonymous MD said...

Its only a matter of time before the maoists turn on the fools in the SPA and there will be a bloodbath!!

At 7:41 AM, August 13, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Sad that we've come to this realization so late. We here at blogdai called this over a year ago. Scroll down the blog and see for yourselves.

I guess it's inherent in humanity that we never learn anything unless we learn it the hard way.


At 4:38 AM, August 15, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What really scare me is the fact people here act so nonchalant even when Mahara with his big mouth rebutts very next day of the (UN)agreement by saying that the Arms will be disposed ONLY after consitution assembly. Cannot be that stupid, are we?

One basic thing is Maoist will never compromise. For them the end and only goal is total take over. Now, is there a chance that they might join coalition with SPA? Hell, no. The Point is their WHOLE WARFARE (killing of more than 15000 with displacement many more) is based on complete take -over (Lenin style). If Pranchanda cannot deliver this then he is walking dead among his own. So lets not gloss nor question this fact.

SPA are on afterglow after supposed foreigner's pat on the back. But the compulsion is to maintain that glow they need to please the devil and they are doing it although they claim to the contrary. Not in my view.

SPA and Maoist marriage was made in India and any Nepali can tell what India does will never be in the interest of Nepal. Lets act now before its too late.


At 5:11 AM, August 15, 2006, Anonymous B said...

Well, do the maoists have the strength to take over without the support of India? I don't think so. I think countries like india and the US will do its best to not let Maoist even come to the government regardless of what they do with their weapons. US and India will not hesitate to turn this country into cambodia. The fact is even if the maoists renounce violence and enter the government they can still assist the maoists in India (maybe financially or morally)and she is slowly begining to understand the direness of the situation (maybe a bit too late)which she created herself. Hence, the PM's stance on ceremonial king and stuff.

May be they (international community and SPA) did not expect the april movement to be so intense and when it was they were all scared and advised the king to step down to ensure the existance of the nation and avoid a total take over by the maoists.

At 11:20 AM, August 16, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A man with a spastic colon once said that "the present ceasefire is is just like a constipated man trying to empty his irritable bowels -A rather breathless attempt to solve a problem by sitting on your ass"

At 1:49 AM, August 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maoist are pawn of India- cannot be denied but the issue for India is Containment of Maoist in Nepal whereby they are better position to hobble Maoist in India and manipulate & monitor Maoist in Nepal which they are already doing it.

Baburam and Prachanda are typical Bahun- who can preach and repeat Red book by heart but if you really look deep, they do not posses the skill and savvy in this 21st century. I am pretty sure that they also know that COMMUNISM is dead so unless they continue with reign of terror, they stand no chance. Time is the key, it has already killed the "utopia" they preach. I see them as desperate without time on their side and rhetoric that is empty to the core. This awareness must be the driving force and killing them at the same time. And being desperate they will do anything - for me they are nothing but demagogue of dead ideology. When you got nothing to lose and desperate, you do desperate things, even if its against humanity and human values.

interestingly, just crossed my mind that we are acting much like in Puja- Pundit (SPA & Maoist) asks to water this and that, tika on this and that and we do it without really understanding or questioning the significance of it. Maoist & SPA henchmen are trying to do the same here but this time around if we just follow similar to pujari instructions then we are doomed. Awakening is a must.

I appeal to all to make an effort to organize in order to protect our rights and interests- its a call that demands urgency for our own good. Lets start with of point of contact where we can connect with each other- even one email ID is good enough to being with as meeting point for us. Organizing does not mean going on a war path but safe guarding our belief, system of governance and way of life.


At 7:36 AM, August 17, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

I like your spirit, Sansar. We can help you coordinate here.

Type up a good plan and either post it here or send to me directly at and we will post it as a lead article on our main page.

Let me know and good luck.


At 11:19 PM, August 17, 2006, Anonymous Author said...

Ya, Sansar very true. Let get things done. Include me in your list as well. Mail me your plans. Or I will mail you mine.

At 12:33 AM, August 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Ever since I came across this site I have been urging you to take the command. I believe you are fully qualified to do so.

I'm willing to place my trust and effort at your command. Just holler.


At 3:57 AM, August 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should all support the NDP (Nepal Democratic Party)

Look out for the All of our members are young, well educated people with a background in civil society.

At 6:00 AM, August 18, 2006, Anonymous B said...

I agree with sansar as well. Let us contribute.

At 7:45 AM, August 18, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

I agree with you and am encouraged by the stirrings of an organization here.

Ok, Sansar dai, let's hear your plan and I will see what we can do on the ground.

I'm heading over to that dnp site now. Sounds hopeful. Perhaps we may find a meeting of the minds there.


At 8:27 AM, August 18, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

No luck finding a new and improved Nepal Democratic Party. Need more info.

At 1:31 AM, August 19, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I detest the word DEMOCRACY. Wipe it away from the face of the earth. There is NO DEMOCRACY ANYWHERE. Bullshits. All losers.

At 9:23 AM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Dev Prasad said...

Why is it necessary to wipe democracy from the face of the earth if there is no such thing as democracy in the first place?

Why do you detest something that does not exist?

At 9:32 AM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Dev Prasad said...

So what became of 2.34 and

It appears he got bored or perhaps he just got himself a job.

At 11:33 AM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dev Prasad,

You are in the mood of arguing. Let's see. The word Democracy exists. But a democratic society, country, culture, etc. doesn't exist. And that is why I want the word 'Democracy' to be wiped off this planet.

At 12:26 PM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Dev Prasad said...

Like you, I am also confident that the word democracy exists.

I am not how you arrived at the rest of your argument though. Please do explain to me your logic?

At 12:27 PM, August 20, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Am a bit torn on this argument.

Every two-bit regime now hops on the "democracy" bandwagon in order to give their deeds a sense of world legitimacy. Democracy as a word and concept has been severely devalued.

The problem is, the West has allowed it all to happen in the name of maintaining a neat and tight description of events
that they are too fat and lazy to authenticate; and in places deemed too obscure to generate mass interest or necessitate validation and source-checking.

I really sypathize with your desire to just wipe the slate clean and call a "whore" a "whore." Even Hezbollah has insisted that their military actions in Lebanon are an attempt to restore democracy. Will it never end?

But we must restrain ourselves. Democratic principles, no matter what we call them, must not be allowed to fade into obscurity. Rule of law, equal representation under the law, fair and elected governments, a committment to the peaceful resolution of disputes, respecting and accommodating minority opinions and all the rest of those concepts we call pillars of democracy must be preserved if we are ever to rise above tribalism and anarchy in this world.


At 11:49 PM, August 20, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snippets on what should be our guiding principle. Please feel free to add on, amend or completely change:

We, the soveriegn people of Nepal under god and king, shall pursue freedom & liberty for all

We, the people, shall defend and protect our belief, way of life, and social values without infringing upon others rights and freedoms.

We, the people, shall adhere to principle of equality and opportunity for all.

We, the people, shall defend our rights and freedoms from internal and international attacks by whichever means.

We, the people, shall not discriminate in all aspect,social or economical or any other based upon race, caste or color.

We, the people, shall promote social justice, rule of law and legal justice that is equal for all.

We, the people, shall protect individual rights, freedom of expression and speech.

We,the people, shall stand committed in protecting our nationality and nation from any threats that is from within and outside by any means possible.

We, the people, shall act as one in securing and protecting this nation under god and the king with clear intent and good faith to safe guard its well-being to prosperity.

*Just a jotting down points, do add or amend or change at your will. Small effort to on my part to facilitate a "meeting point."

At 7:14 AM, August 21, 2006, Blogger buddha said...

I agree with you. There is absolutely no way that the elections can be conducted fairly as long as the Maoists do not give up the weapons. The way I look at it, the Moaists know that the people will be intimidated if they cling on to their weapons.

If the people are not intimidated and vote they way they really want to, and the Maoists lose the elections, then they can conveniently pull out of the peace talks and the peace process and start a rebellion. They just want to keep their options open.

At least Girija is standing his ground now. Thank god we do not have Madhav Nepal as the PM.

At 7:45 AM, August 21, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Anon 11:49, I absolutely agree with your "meeting points."

It is precisely what Nepal needs: an open discussion on what constitutes a nation. 11:49 you have deftly touched on what blogdai believes to be the single most important building block for Nepal: Establishing a sense of National unity. Your points teach us all to think of issues on a unified, national level rather than with Girija-greedy self interest. I applaud your posting.

Welcome back, Buddha. Me thinks the "Little Elf" will make his move once Girija dies or abdicates. He'll be the point man for the big, impending Maoist sweep. Stay tuned..


At 10:48 PM, August 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do hope that "meeting point" will start the ball rolling- so do make an effort to add and refine it as much you want. Hopefully, we make a charter that stands on its own feet.

Little comment on Maoist back tracking:

Suddenly Maoist are changing the tune from joining the government to "not joining the government" now, I say what gives?

My logic is this: They want to maintain a outside status (not within the government) to escape the UN scrutiny and build up on their strength through forced donation and arms build up. SPA for its part assumes that by forming an uneasy alliance with the so-called-democratic fold can thwart Maoist but I see it being as a non starter.

So at the end, say by mid Oct or in around Dashain, Maoist final assault will take place. Its anybody guess what can happen or what will be then.

I hear big corporate house are already warned about the impending Maoist rule and the consequences. The one of the biggest threat that will break the nation's back will be financial chaos but no one is worried about it now. Just wait till the shit hits the fan.

Like I said "meeting point" must be shored up at once- before we face do or die case scenario.


At 4:51 PM, August 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am in a wait and watch mode. I would want the situaion to detoriate and then attack and finish it all off for once and all.


At 4:54 PM, August 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dev Prasad,

Continuing with our discussion...give an (just one would suffice) example of a democratic country, a democractic society and a democratic culture. When you are successful in doing that I will take the discussion further. Mark my words: Democratic!

At 4:29 AM, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Dev Prasad said...

I do not want to continue the discussion any further Anon: 4:54 because it is not a discussion and -no offence intended- I do have a life to pursue.

I can only see you make statements without substance. I am not sure why Blogdai gave you his time. You have not provided any reason why:

"I detest the word DEMOCRACY. Wipe it away from the face of the earth. There is NO DEMOCRACY ANYWHERE. Bullshits. All losers."

So thank your for the invitation to continue the discussion but i would rather not do so.

At 6:22 AM, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dev Prasad,

Chickening out is easy. Hard talks are taugh.

I just like asking realistic questions. It was your call for a discsussion and it is your call to end it. The only fact that came out is that you couldn't prove your point and I did. There is no such thing in the world called Democracy...there is just the word Democracy!

At 7:48 AM, August 23, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Let's try to clear the air a bit. Thank you both for your comments. You feel the frustration we all feel.

There IS no pure democracy, anywhere and that is precisely the point. Democratic principles are the ideal; the goal if you will. If we live in a free society we strive for these democratic ideals because they represent the apex in political and social and perhaps human understanding: man is at his best when he goes beyond his self interests and seeks to benefit others. That in itself is a sub-definition of democracy.

No, there is no pure democracy. Just as there is no such thing as a purely "free market." Plato, in his "Republic" said (help me out here, Greek lit. mavens)that a pure democracy is equivalent to anarchy.

Democracy, I'm coming to believe, requires a dose of hypocracy in order to thrive. It must be watched, regulated, torn down from time to time, and be submissive to some very undemocratic practices in order to keep it away from self-interest, tribalism an anarchy.

Democracy wages constant war against our survivalist human nature.


At 8:51 AM, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

we need another blog... this one is getting kinda old.

At 9:44 AM, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Dev Prasad said...

I agree with Bhudai Pundit.

If it were me, I would take the Blog forward by hosting it with your own domain name. You do not need to be a web designer to do so. Just look at -it was created using a template from Wordpress.

The whole thing wouldn't be a great expense and it would take your blog to another level. -any body?

At 4:27 PM, August 23, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said... has frankly become a piece of crap. They tried to be too fancy and complicated. Now you have to sgin up for an account and it's such a hassle to post a comment I can see that not many people have. It's really died out. And Ms. Sarahana put all these unrealated art stuff that people don't really care about.

From that prespective UWB is much better - although it's articles are outright appalling.
I think Dev Prasad might have point. I like the articles here maybe Blogdai should consider an upgrade of the format.

At 12:09 AM, August 24, 2006, Anonymous Steak and Eggs + Beer said...

I always enjoy the comments most of you make on this blog. You all obviously care about Nepal. I'm an outsider living in the US that has only a limited understanding of Nepal. I've only been there once so I try to just "shut up and listen". Until now.

I think all of you have more brains than to discuss the idealistic definition of democracy. Nothing is perfect or pure in this world. It's a seething mass of life trying to sort itself out and always will be. Is this a blog about Nepal or a college class wherin we take everything so far apart that it can't be put back together again?

Blogdai opened up the forum at the request of many posters...I think slightly veering off the subject of Nepal may be one of the results. The blog isn't getting boring, you guys just went off on a tangent and that's OK.

You were on a roll there for a while before the dissection of the word democracy.

Nepal just needs to make a step toward that direction. It will never be perfect. It's not perfect in the US and we've been working at it for 200 years. At least I have a chance to "vote the bastards out" as someone once put it. That's more than Nepal has right now so if it's an imperfect democracy that Nepal is able to forge, then I say "Great!" At least it's a start.

Anon 11:49 spelled out the basics as well as anybody. People just don't want to live and raise families in fear. It's a basic instinct that even the caveman had. Of course he/we have to fight your nieghboring tribes sometimes...that's the imperfect but realistic part.

I'm saying too much here. You guys keep up the good work.

At 7:48 AM, August 24, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

I too have thought from time to time that this site could use a little more "bling." But as Dev has pointed out, flashy graphics and such hasn't saved or increased SAmudaya's readership.

A lot of eye candy on a site often masks the fact that one has very little to say.

No, we are a content-driven site. We've tried to hammer this home over time that it is the strength of ideas that makes a blog, not the color of its skin. It's why we encourage anonymous postings and it's perhaps why our total new "hits" on this site has doubled over the past 6 months.

Steak and eggs (perhaps pass the poi as well?) well said, but I would add that these occasional tangenital discussions are the essence of blog thought. In fact, the democracy discussion here, thanks to our readers, has given me an idea for a new article. STay tuned.


At 9:15 AM, August 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, let us see if anonymity gets preserved in ‘old white man’s’ blog, after all blogdai, accept it, a damn old white ass goes through a completely different thought process than an ordinary brown ass who’s is trying to get his country back from mental and psychological shatters – the aftereffect of colonial subjugation by the Brits as well as Ranas and Shahs, and oh yeah, not to forget their loyal domestic and foreign poodles.

Over many months, you and the likes of Preeti Koirala, MR Jossee and Sanjay Upadhaya have been shouting at the top of your lungs for the preservation of status quo which the larger population has evidently rejected. For many months, you and your posse find themselves with nothing to contribute to the larger process rather than revisit the misgivings of April revolution and continue to lick your wounds by putting out sensless and redundant posts.

Keep up the readership blogdai for that’s all YOU can do. We definitely see how intimately your identity is attached to your flavorless blog which is all that you are left to work with now. Leave the rest – functional and practical aspect of running the country and shaping its destiny to people and groups who have been fighting – in real terms, and not getting away by cloaking and promoting themselves as blog warriors instead. Get a life old fart, what a pity sight!

At 12:21 PM, August 24, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

Anonymous - I have to say that you are somewhat of a moron.
A blog is meant to promote discussions and act as a forum where ideas can be shared. Hence, I don't understand your insult(?) of "keep the readership because that's all you can do."
Sharing of ideas and discussions leads to a better understanding and insight of issues. No one knows who the bloggers are. Maybe tomorrow I might be in a position to influence the "functional and practical aspect" of running a country.
I am going to stop right there because you are obviously a disgruntled and frustrated moron and I can see that engaging in a debate with you is going to be futile.

At 11:15 PM, August 24, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ANON 9:16,

You aren't a mornon only. You are a chimp too.

Listen dude, everything what people like MRJosse, Blogdai, Preeti Koirala and others are saying are hard talk facts. The point is the condition of Nepal has gone from bad to irrepairable in the last 4 months. What you are going to have now is only deaths and for which your SPA goons and Maoist brothers are going to be responsible. Chimpomaniac. How do you even support the people who have killed thousands? Chimpomaniac.

At 2:01 AM, August 25, 2006, Anonymous B said...

I agree with bhudai pundit. You can not argue with stupids because they will bring you down to their level and beat you on the basis of their experience. This country is falling apart and that is simply because we as people do not even feel the presence of any sort of government in Nepal at the moment. The government is weak which is encouraging anarchy. To anonymous' "Leave the rest – functional and practical aspect of running the country and shaping its destiny to people", i don't think it should be the people out on the streets making decisions whe we have representatives of people in the parliament. And political decisions should not be made to please the people but instead in the interest of the nation. Government should act like parents, although children may not always like thier decisions, they have to do what is best for them.

At 8:26 AM, August 25, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

B, you've hit on another key issue: We would love to have our representatives make decisions on our behalf, but therin lies the rub: There is no representative governmental system in Nepal.

When the Nepali Times puts out a survey showing that over 60% of Nepalis can not explain or do not know how a constituent assembly is either elected or operates, how can we claim this government has any popular mandate or that "the people have spoken?

Representation starts with elections. If those elections are free, uncoerced and fair, the people will speak.

I currently hold no hope for any of this, since the last "election" in Nepal is but a distant memory now.


At 4:58 PM, August 25, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

My my take it easy bro. What a come back... Chimpomaniac... wow! Good one...
Buy hey before you wet your pants in excitment could you explain what your position is excatly?

At 4:13 AM, August 26, 2006, Anonymous Paras said...

The King legalised prostitution in 1990 not multi-party democracy as some people seem to believe.

I think my uncle made a mistake though because our country is now overrun with prostitutes who have completely fucked Nepal up.

I think my father got an STD from a male prostitute in Thamel. He thought he was a she but she was a he. The lesson learnt is never trust the world at face value. Your eyes could need glasses.

Either way we are all f**ked in this land of prostitutes, parasites, and neo imperial aid.

I am not trying to be cynical of course but i do despair when i look around me and see my country like this.

We deserve everything that has happened to us.

We needed politicians and we got prostitutes and parasites.

We needed aid from the outside world to make our country strong but all we did was make ourselves children again.

A better Nepal is possible but we have to choose it.

At 4:27 AM, August 26, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous - I have to say that you are somewhat of a moron.
A blog is meant to promote discussions and act as a forum where ideas can be shared.

Not that I agree with Anonymous 9:15, but is shooting down a dissenting voice with words like "moron" and "chimp" the idea of promoting discussions and sharing ideas?

Where are all the IDEAS when you need them to counter a real opposing viewpoint?

At 7:10 PM, August 26, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

Oh please don't cry anonymous. During a discussion some name calling is bound to happen. So long as the core content is filled with substance there is no harm in a little name calling. Besides we weren't engaged in a major serious discussion. I was mearly tell anonymous to cut our his cynical attitude.

At 2:42 AM, August 27, 2006, Anonymous B said...

Well blog dai, i agree with you on the fact that we do not actually have any representation in the parliament. But when the entire world calls a white wall black, then i am sorry, it is black. The exact reality killed the last regime. It was like the whole world did not see or hear anything. The entire world was against the government and that was the only truth. King was no dictator but when the media and the IC kept saying it over and over again, it actually felt like he was.

At 2:11 PM, August 27, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, Mr. Bhoode Pundit, some name calling is fine, eh?

Well, how much is "some"? Any idiot can tell you that it is a slippery slope. Got my point, dumb ass??

At 6:51 PM, August 27, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

I said if the core content is filled with substance then a name here and there doesn't matter.
Now stop pissing your pants and get over it and stop wasting my time! Let's start a real discussion...

PS. By the way it's Bhudai not Bhoode

At 11:29 PM, August 27, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 2:17,

You sound like the same chimpomaniac as Anon 9:15/9:16 of 24th.

Name calling comes from SPAM books. Not a few months back you were calling names against HM King on the streets. I will tell you "what" in simple word. SPAM is full of Bastards and Bitches and I will bring it down!
How about this name calling and a threat to you and your terrorist masters?

At 2:44 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Bhoode Pundit, you don't get it, do you? (I know it's Bhudai but I prefer Bhoode, a little name calling doesn't hurt, does it?) ;)

So you want to stop pissing in your pants and start shitting in them! Is that how you want to start a "real" discussion? You crack me up!

At 3:23 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets quit acting as Bevis and Butthead.

Now the question that I want to putforth is this- What will regenerate nationalism in us and what is that binds us as a nation. Let's hear it people.

At 3:32 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Ian said...

"Nepal now stands at the crossroads amidst a morass of crises: economic crisis, political crisis, governance crisis, security crisis and, above all, poverty crisis."

(Poverty in South Asia, 2003; SAAPE)

How correct they were!

It is a familiar tactic amongst politicians, Maoists and royal courtiers in Nepal -blame someone to avoid having to do deal with the real issues. I have seen it with every successive government since 1990 and it seems to have become worse with the Maoist insurgency.

If your house is burning down in the middle of the night; would you start an argument with your next door neighbour and blame them for the fire? At least the King should be commended for trying to put out the fire but he was clearly not the man for the job.

If ever there was a sign that the self appointed leaders of Nepal are clueless as to what to do with the situation -it is in their tedious games of blame someone.

I don't think any one has fully grasped the severity or the scale of the damage to Nepal in the last 16 years.

We can speculate but people prefer to talk and talk is cheap.

Yet there appears to be no choice but to listen to powerful men procrastinate on their morals and self appointed mandate for governance.

Here is another quote:

"it is evident that they are on the right track towards the elimination of poverty. This achievement is independently confirmed by the commitment of development partners to gradute the country from LDC status -only the second country to do so since the conceptualisation of the scheme."

(Poverty in South Asia, 2003; SAAPE)

This is an assessment of the Maldives in 2003. There is no reason not to believe that this can be Nepal in the future because every crisis passes and for every crisis there is hope.

The question is when.

At 4:49 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, passing a buck is an art form in Nepal. Tripathy blamed dealers for the Oil price hike ( rumor has it there was 10 crorer wheeling dealing involved) and I guess Maoist are in the same track for blaming Monarchy for destruction of Nepal as a viable state.

Now the issue is not poverty but of survival. Will the nation survive with emerging fractiousness among communities, political group and impending economic collapse? From the look of it- nada, ziltch.

Maoist may think they have the answer and SPA may think they will ride with the punches but deadend is dead ahead. It is inevitable but is taken so casually- its quite scary.

People speak of Federalism without understanding the incident that befell Sikkim and people incite sectarism without understanding the devastating effect. Blame game may be the easy way out but day is not far when leaders will have no one to blame but themselves when nation as we know it cease to exist.

Yes, talk is cheap so I call upon all to awaken from slumber of indifference and act to make a difference that at least protects nationhood from the rot that has set in.


At 5:48 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous prism said...

Sansar wrote:

Yes, talk is cheap so I call upon all to awaken from slumber of indifference and act to make a difference that at least protects nationhood from the rot that has set in.

Agreed. Here's my analysis. The first rot is the royalty and their excesses. The House is somewhat addressing it, so it never raises its ugly head again in the future, hopefully. A constructive monarchy is a quiet monarchy, where it remains just a symbol, nothing more a la Japan and Britain.

The second rot is the Maoists People's Subjugating Army. When Nepalis are crying out for peace and disarmament, Maoists are stuck in their rut of anti-royalty. Did the April movement mean nothing to them? Unfortunately, I think this remains the most intractable issue to resolve currently.

The third rot is the corruption in the parties (SPA). Campaign finance reform is in a dire need. The media is addressing this a bit but not adequately. However, this is a problem that a stable democracy can fix most effectively, and therefore the least rotted of the rots.

We have made some progess in the first rot, it's time to face the second rot. This forum could be instrumental. I think it's important to separate the M from the SPA-M, putting them together only benefits the Maoists.

At 7:51 AM, August 28, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Sansar reminds me of a favorite quote: "All that it takes for the evil forces of the world to prevail is for a few good men to do nothing." --Sir Edmond Burke

Paraphrased but you get the idea.

B, I agree with you and may I add this observation: It's not so much that the world and media fell for the whole thing and "did not see or hear anything" so much as a grandstanding world body and a bored media manufactured a position that stuck and played to wider audiences.( See my "Nepal for Dummies" article down a ways in the blog)

Ian! We missed you here. Will you be firing up your blog again? Readers, Ian: The King of presenting Nepal's ironies has returned with a whopper: ASia Poverty or whomever trumpeting any kind of progress against poverty is laughable back-patting at best. Did they bother to measure any indexes? No. Why? Because the last time anyone bothered to measure such things as national health, infant mortality, and poverty was back in 2000 when the very credible and useful Nepal Multiple Indicator Survey last came out.

What did it show? Most tellingly was that over the hundreds of millions of dollars (that's right) that have poured into Nepal as foreign aid since 1954, there has not been ONE instance or index showing an improement in the lifestyles of the average NEpali. Some victory over poverty, eh?


At 8:44 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

5/48 Prismahole,

Fucktard, excesses of Monarchy. Idiot piece of dumbheaded crap. Monarchy is the reason why you are alive and why the girls in your family have not been raped by your terrorist brothers. But it's not too late and you should probably and you must get this shot. Try singing a few words of praise on your Maoist lords in front of Maoist victims and you gonna get it right this way.

By the way, where in the world these dumb headed illeterate fucks get to the logic of "excesses by monarchy". to add to that they have not a single proof of it. oh yeah the proof is that Monarchy tried to kill the terrorists and with it the corruption of SPA. fucktards, couldn't see their death coming (which eventually is coming soon now). these little donkey kong cadres of SPA and maoists trying to keep their pockets and crotches warm. haven't we heard that before. idiots. it's blogdai who tolerates your little pieces of black shit, get here and you will get it bad, bad and ugly.

At 8:50 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Coming back to Ian Martin,

1) We need to get togther, write a 10,000 signature (signed by literates) and 20,000 signatures (signed by illeterates) and forward it to UN. We won't accept Ian Martin!

2) Start a gathering of 500 people in front of UN office in Nepal protesting Ian's appointment...make a video of it where police beat up some people...forward it to all the media houses of the world and make sure they show it.

3) make your own demonstrations anywhere and everywhere of as many people as you can protesting Ian's appointment. become your own media and spread news about these demonstrations.

Time starts now!

- Anon a Anon

At 11:33 AM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all- I heard that Maoist are in verge of calling truce off- cannot verify it but its heard all around.

Anything to do with Gora (Ian) gotta oppose it, failure in Timor and fail he will in Nepal. This ain't whitemen's burden- keep off.


At 6:07 PM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Blogdai
You seem like a well read, witty at times, articulate, retortful, resourceful person however I have failed to understand your almost fanatic desire to see the royal gene pool running the country. I also don't understand why certain portion of this group think since last april the situation has gone from being bad to irrRepairable. I don't understand the allusion that everything was hunky dory before 1990. we are all making mistakes; we are all evolving. something's gotta work. perhaps letting the maoist run the show for couple of years is not a bad idea after all(: let the prols conquer the world!! let them bereft us off all the evils of life:())

At 6:09 PM, August 28, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

for we are all tired and losing faiths.

At 9:06 PM, August 28, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Ian Martin thinks a parking ticket is a violation of human rights. He's a rhetoric-bound overkill specialist who blurs the line between law enforcement in the name of public safety and human rights abuses and cruelty. He's a grandstander, a fool, and must be removed--preferably on the same plane as Moriarty.

Blogdai can almost guarantee you that the Maoists will find some way to break off talks. I wrote about it a few weeks ago.

Next, blogdai is a realist, not a royalist. G. sought to stop the downward spiral into maoism that Girija and his bunglers enabled prior to the takeover. You still have a revolution hangover if you believe that this catastrophic mess of incompetent governance is in some way related to any majority voice of the people or any form of democracy. I can't imagine a majority tide of Nepali citizens emotionally ushering in a group of greedy old men who can't agree on a pot to piss in.

Girija picked up right where he left off: fleecing the Nepali people. Gas hike anyone?


9:04 PM, August

At 1:32 AM, August 29, 2006, Anonymous B said...

to Anonymous,

Yes we do need to regenerate national pride among our general Nepalis. The thing that we lack are idols. If you go to a school or a college, you would see a picture of einstein or gandhi but no nepali figure. We need people that we can look up to, we need heroes. Some one who can make us believe that even nepalis are capable of achievements. Once this starts happening, gradually our national pride will be installed in us. The first achievements or hero should come from the politicians though.

At 7:37 AM, August 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cut the crap blogdai, only your loyal poodles that smell the gas coming out of your ass would truly believe that oil prices are actually set by the state as monopoly. Perhaps you need an elementary lesson on ‘free market economics’, or an intense session at the NY Merc with CNBC blowing on the background - before we let you take a serious jab at Girijababu for the alleged gas hike.

I clearly see the degeneration of yous like minded bloggers running out of ideas, otherwise so cohesively held together by your apathy towards anything potentially positive coming out of Nepal. This is so symptomatic of despondent expats refusing to come to terms with reality IN Nepal. And the sorry story of traditionalists like you – blogdai, has always been to overlook their own shortcomings, and when shit hits the fan, to turn around and advocate on – of all things: peace and stability. Stability my ass!

Now that your feudalistic Shah doesn’t get a motorcade every time he drives around the city or state protection every time he flies around the country, fucking stability has all of a sudden become prime. What the fuck was the Shah doing when poor people were being sacrificed in the name of proletariat revolution. How come peace and stability for his subjects did not enter his conscience then?

Give me one mediocre leader besides Girija who can hold the country together right now. Girija is not an individual anymore; he is THE institution that is replacing CEO G and his homicidal son, but in ways more in tune with the demands of 21st century Nepalis.

Blogdai, to call you a hyper-reactionist is actually undermining the rhetoric itself. Just as Ian Martin is a rights ‘fetisher’; you are a pathetic apologist for a dilapidated system, an advocate for the regeneration of Machiavellian rule in 21st century. Dream on!

- Anon 9:15

At 9:32 AM, August 29, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

I guess this is just bald faced anger in the face of research and substance, right?

Where do you get off thinking that the "free market," any market is free. Keep talking in tough guy, angry industrialist terms though. If you're convinced that some "market" will save us all by the doings on the MERC or CNBC then you've had a poor life and probably spent a lot of time watching bad television. Shall I send you my Director's cut of "Wall Street" to soothe your pain?

Idiot. How perfuctory of you to think you can apply lessons of Western economics to the happenings of Nepal. We all know and it is a simple matter of research (ooh, that dirty word) that every drop of petroleum sold in Nepal is controlled by India and managed by those officials in power so as to maximize profits. In fact, you can't do ANY major business transactions in Nepal without the government sticking their fingers in the pie. And yes, this means royal appointed crooks as well, happy?

A "free market" requires a massive set of decidedly un-free regulations and controls in order for it to function and not bleed consumers dry. These controls can only be enacted via a thorough and efficient government with a keen eye for spotting economic abuse.

Any evidence of that in Nepal Mr. Horowitz?

Your angry absolutist tone belies your American right-wing conditioning. Plus you are pathetically late to the party when you bring in such ideas and accuse blogdai of being some kind of royal stooge. Read this blog thouroughly, understand it, and then try to keep up; but don't waste my time stating points I've refuted and argued hundred of times here.


At 9:41 PM, August 29, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chimpomaniac 9:15 is back. And he oh he didn't want to indulge in name calling. Chimp, in what way are you related to Girija? If you look above your ass, there are 2 people in who hate Girija because he said Monarchy is needed (about 10%), another who hate Girija because he is one of the culprits of this entire problems of SPAM (terrorism+corruption)(about 90%).

Chimp get back to reality. Even if you don't reality will get you. Your words of SPAM aren't gonna strike a chord, here, there or anywhere.

At 12:38 AM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking News- Maoist opt for October Revolution in around Dashain. It's coming. Give it thought, people.

At 5:04 AM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it breaking news or made-up news? Where's the reference??

The Maoists would be stupid if they restarted the war. Do they want to go back to starring in the red corner notices?

PS. Anon 9:41, you got any kidney up there??

At 6:43 AM, August 30, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Unless I missed something, the "October Revolution" thing was another Moriarty troop-rallying cry. Mor-idiot hasn't frommented chaos in a while so I guess he feels overdue.

No the bigger and more telling newsflash comes from the babbling barometer himself, Madhave Kumar Nepal. Like Moriarty, The Little Elf also feels the need to keep himself relevant. His method is usually to spill out the true intentions of SPAM before anyone else gets a chance at obfuscation.

His lates proclamation is a doozy. "We will hold constituent elections by next June."

Very Deuba-like procrastination lets us all know that these SPA guys mean business: business as usual, that is.

blogdai is feeling very comfortable with our last prediction list which includes: "This government will never hold an election for anything," and "this government will never pass any meaningful legislation."

It is a wonder that people still hold out hope for this government. I can find no place in the world where politicians stick so rigidly to their past, failed patterns.

It makes us all look like fools.


At 8:14 AM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOFO Anon 9:41,

Now I hope the name-calling pleases you – brain-fucked juvenile maggot.

Listen, you blood-sucking parasite: Me related to Girija in the same way that you are related to the murderous G and his stooges – blogdai et al.

here are 2 people in who hate Girija because he said Monarchy is needed (about 10%), another who hate Girija because he is one of the culprits of this entire problems of SPAM (terrorism+corruption)(about 90%).

Yeah, and those ‘2 people’ are blogdai and his dick-sucking apologists like you. That’s the level of ‘research’ your visitors do here blogass-blogdai. Girija never said ‘Monarchy is needed’; he simply stated that, in democracy, there should be space available for monarchy to compete so that the people can choose to keep it or not. No shit the blogmongers here couldn’t interpret the movement; now it’s clear that these people cannot even READ. Fucking dyslexic Neanderthals.

And oh yeah, before blaming everything on SPAM, get your head out of your ass and smell the last 238 years of autocratic ruling. Therein lies the seed AND answer to all of Nepal's corruption and terrorism. Get it dickweed?!

Dumbfuck blogdai,

You freaking FAKEASS - cloaking yourself into a libertarian by blowing out fartsy predictions. Learn to read sign of the times first, better yet, get off the high Rana-Shah horse, put your foot on the ground and accept your defeat to bring back the autocratic government. Your argument/logic blaming Girija/India for the oil hike is not only sophomoric; it is pathetic. Go wash away your cynic-conspiratorial habits before you blame the Skull and Bones, better yet, the Free Masons for the discovery of oil.

Late for the party you say - white monkey? Your party was over in April. Currently, you and your cohorts are in 238 years of post-autocratic hangover, which your brain processes cannot recognize as fact and is threatening to cease function. By the time the hangover wears off, you dumbfucks wouldn’t even be another footnote in blog-history – let alone Nepali history.

Blogdai = national enquirer of contemporary Nepali political blogs. No shit the readership his high. LOL!

signing off,
-Anon 9:15

At 8:59 AM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 9:15 is such a mofo (and that's the highest level of name calling he can get to). Name calling. Haha he doesn't even know that at name calling and every bits and shits of that, I can take himself and his entire gang of SPAMmers with their hands up and pants down.


238 years of autocratic rule of Monarchy? Acutally Autocracy for SPAMmers like you. For others like us, it was an identity, a country, a pride, nationalism, a sect, a relgion, a culture, a way, an aspiration, peacefullness and all (other positive) adjectives added to it. Idiot. 238 years gave us everything that you try to call yours now. It is Mine, it is Ours and it is NOT YOURS. Bastard. 238 years is what gave me, my family, my neighbours, my village people, my town, my city, my district, my anchal, my region and my entire country it's identity. It was for these 238 years that we got peace and prosperity. We were the dream of hippies. We were the the dream of one and all and perhaps the most peacefull nation on tha planet. We were equal to India is all respect (including currency value).

Idiot get your facts correct. It was after the 1990 that we fell off far behind India and Sri Lanka. What an idiotic faggot is this son of a SPAMmer. He doesn't have the facts to argue over. Blogdai, block his IP so that he doesn't piss me off and doesn't get killed again.

At 10:02 AM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

MOFO 9:41, a customary ‘fuck you’ to you too!

Want to take on the SPAM eh, you, individually? Wait, didn’t your gayass uncle of RNA actually advise your faggot king to relinquish power before SPAM came thrashing into with a guillotine. Piece of shit- wants to take on the SPAM. Go take a cold shower!

Identity? This is all I got to say about YOUR identity. If you keep shoving you head up your butt – you won’t even notice that you don’t have one anymore. So don’t worry- assume that position forever – until you are ready to accept the facts as they are.

Bastard? Why now, are you angry at me because the ‘terrorists’ fucked your mother and sister, simultaneously?

Remember, none of what your sentimental gayass just farted is YOURS. That is exactly the problem with you losers – you think that everything belongs to you – the land, the culture, the religion, the IDENTITY. And that you have been defining it in certain way till now – to fit your own agenda of highly homogenous power play; think such SHOULD continue forever. Forget it dumbfuck, the party is over. Start cleaning up you act.

Get it this time moron, the people have spoken, and oh yeah, people of OUTSIDE your cesspool - Kathmandu: it is not YOUR definition that characterize/describe them any longer; read the current ‘draft constitution’, or better yet, the 40-point Maoists demand to really understand what you have failed to understand about Nepal till now. I bet you are fuming flames through your ass right now. Don’t go postal on your colleagues yet. Save that energy to fight the SPAM.

Umm…ok then, before 1990 Nepal was indeed shooting for the ideal Machiavellian state with you as its principal supporter. I agree. You, a bi-product of a failed system which breathed its last breath in April have a lot to mourn for. But remember, this is typically how it goes: first anger; then denial; then acceptance. Sooner or later you’ll come to terms with greater reality. But till then, go on…get fumed, throw some objects at the monitor and ‘get pissed’.

Fucking crybaby, asking admin to block my IP. You are truly a pathetic loser - bastard son of sad and wretched system that once was!

-Anon 9:15

At 11:04 AM, August 30, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Kind of gives us all a sense of why we use the monitoring function here at blogdai, doesn't it?

In any event, it is a display of the types of sentiments and emotions that still run high in Nepal.

I'll leave these last few postings up for a while so we can all see them, then I'll take them down lest we reduce ourselves to the shout-fest level of other Nepal blogs.

There will always be those who want to engage in a tit-for-tat screaming contest. We will only humor them for so long here at blogdai.

It's too bad. Every time I have to re-engage the moderation function we all lose. Let's clear this up by ourselves if we can


At 3:08 PM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang on Blogdai, let the passion ride out... that's what gets the juices flowing!

Or this will be like Paramendra Bhagat's blog.

At 6:02 PM, August 30, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Will do, and thanks for the support. -=BD

At 6:22 PM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

Wow... when I said a little name calling was okay I didn't imagine this level of intensity.
I was thinking there would be something more offensive and funnier than "Chimp" but not words infused with the F word.

Anyway the oil problem stems back a long way. As per my understanding we still subsidize oil which is really unsustainable and this recent protest was scary in a way because it showed how mob driven our society has become.

Someone said:
"For others like us, it was an identity, a country, a pride, nationalism, a sect, a relgion, a culture, a way, an aspiration, peacefullness and all (other positive) adjectives added to it. Idiot. 238 years gave us everything that you try to call yours now."

Ah it seems this person has totally missed the boat! That's the whole problem anonymous... it was great for people like you. But of the rest (majority) of the country things were not so hot - they had a culture, religion imposed on them and they were neglected and marginalized.

I thought these comments were pretty funny. You should just leave them up. I mean if that's the sentiment amongst the peope then what is the point of censoring it. Please don't turn into Samudaya.

At 8:12 PM, August 30, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Point taken. Will do as you request.

There is probably no more of manipulated and regulated market than petroleum in Nepal. governmental price supports, imposed shortages, take your pick.

It's funny how this system limped along until Koirala was back in power. A lessening of price supports means more in the pocket of old girija. funny how this only happens when the old guard is in power.

You raise deep--perhaps too deep--questions about past regimes. People lived, albeit miserably for most, but at least they lived.

So now what? You can't say a people are worthy, ready, or capable of handling a democracy until they are informed, free from fear and adequately fed. Forget political saavy, these things alone stand in the way of true democracy in Nepal. It can be said that a functioning democracy is only possible when people rise past their quest for the basic necessities of survival.

In the final analysis, it really is a rich man's game.


At 8:14 PM, August 30, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Populism is not democracy


At 10:47 PM, August 30, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now I need to gang bang this bhudai pundit. He is not satisfied after the banging he is receiving on

Listen, pathetic piece of black shit (I like this one for you too). 238 years of culture was imposed? Okay for that matter then, go on change the world history and impose your Maoism and terrorism everywhere because in each corner of the world, from India to US each and every culture was imposed. Dumb headed expired swill. And for that matter your terrorists, and yes your terrorists and imposing their wills on the people of Nepal by the power of gun and killings.

Idiot. Bangs his foot on the axe. And isn't ready to accept that it's cut.

Don't argue for the sake of argument. For here you don't even get a glimpse of winning, forget about winning anyway.

At 1:02 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gawd- I am too numb after seeing the barrage of F words and personal insults (sisters and mothers)- this goes to show if you give freedom with abandon, see what it brings. A picture of Nepal in a snapshot.

May be you should put a disclaimer saying- if comments gets really down and ugly- the ID's will be posted of the offender- how about it.


At 4:21 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bhoode Pandit said:

Wow... when I said a little name calling was okay I didn't imagine this level of intensity.

I feel vindicated - you do lack imagination for the slippery slope you were sliding down to.

At 4:58 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, back to the UN, if we may.

You just have to look at the local recruitment policies of the various UN agencies to see how ineffectual they are. Meritocracy in the UN? Perish the thought!

Short term contracts are all the rage and in order to be considered as core staff with all the juicy perks, you have to know someone or become involved with someone.

Nothing is transparent when it comes to promotion and in most cases the "best man" does not get the job. Some don't even take an exam. Not really setting a good example is it? I suppose it's in keeping with the status quo though.

And if you are good then jealousy and resentment are not too far away. The place is full of green-eyed monsters just waiting for you to slip or to trip you up.

All this sound familiar?


At 7:35 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogdai, you one-dimensional freak. Listen:

Stop using comparatives to get your point across without appropriate sources and ‘research’ to substantiate your claims. Your OPINIONS, and oh yeah, ‘PREDICTIONS’ are as worthless as used condoms.

Your true nature has been blatantly evident by your lack of ability to provide any substantive argument regarding the recent (alleged) oil hike. The only hint people got out of your rebuttal was that you are mired by conspiracy theories surrounding natural occurring. What next blogdai, creationism, or is it gravity as SPAM conspiracy to get you grounded?

Bhudai Pundit has indeed raised deep questions. But the shallow reply escapes YOUR sphere of comprehension because: YOU blogass, don’t have a clue what it means to be poor, marginalized and disenfranchised Nepali. All your posts and comments – past and recent are speculations of first degree on Nepal and Nepali which, as a result, in real terms, have no merit regarding ANY case you make concerning Nepal also. Stop fooling naïve people with your tricks; find some other fishy career elsewhere.

If you feel you have enough first hand experience to be blabbering on sociopolitical conditions in Nepal – which you have been apparently doing since last year - of which you have no discernable social or tangible interest – as far as people can tell, I challenge you to provide one good reason for doing so, besides your fetish for lost causes – Monarchy etc. Mind you, the clarification is not for me; it is for the sake of innocent visitors who don’t look to get swindled of their opinions by some white snake-oil salesman. If transparency and accountability is what you want in Nepal; start with your blog.

Stop pounding on Moriarty; exactly, what is YOUR interest in Nepal? Plain and simple. Let’s hear it blabbermouth.

Moron. Listen yet:

Gangbang as in gangbanged of Royalists by the Nepali populace? Keep gangbanging random visitors on blogs while new constitution gets written for a republic Nepal. You can crown each other as winners. Stick to what you know best: verbal gangbanging.

Past regimes of 238 years not only imposed their will; they made society so hierarchical that it became almost impossible for an average Nepali to be part of anything ‘Nepali’. Without tearing down that whole construct and creating a new one, it would be impossible to rid the likes of you from further polluting and degenerating Nepal into situation worse that what is at current.

People lived blogdai, but even dogs live; surviving has been the name of the game for those people. Well, guess what, just surviving is not enough anymore, especially when it was recently disclosed that murderous G and his homicidal son own diversified asset throughout the country and abroad, at whose expense? We all know the answer; quit the denial game.

Even by your logic: “It really is a rich man’s game”, everyone wants to be part of that game – rightly so. May the most powerful get their hands on G’s asset. My bet is on Prachanda.

sincerely yours,
-Anon 9:15

At 8:31 AM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Dammit Naag, where the hell have you been?

Yep, the UN is a good-ol-boys club. You've obviously had a bit of foreign service exposure.

Your green-eyed monsters are currently setting their claws on one Richard Ragan, director of the WFP in Nepal. Mr. Ragan has already outperformed his predecessors by delivering food deep into Rolpa and Dailekh. He's making a point by delivering to Maoists strongholds early in his tenure: Mr. Balls means business.

No small wonder. Ragan was the WFP rep for North Korea and was the only Westerner allowed to live in the country at the time. He's seen major starvation and the ravages of a REAL despotic autocracy.

He's already being hissed-at at the UN cocktail parties.


At 8:40 AM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

So, let's see: you deny that I research my claims--all of which can easily be backed up with a simple Google, you defend an ambassador who fromments chaos in both camps, your "bet" is on Prachanda, and wow, you must not have read yesterday where Madhav Kumar Nepal implored parliament to stop fixing petroleum prices.

It's clear from all of this that a logical and a bias-free environment is never going to be your comfort zone

I'll tell you exactly what it means to be a rural Nepali; it means being uninformed about your country. It means living in fear of armed insurgents. That is the reality, Mr. Profanity; and those are the facts.

The Royals are rich, perhaps unnecessarily so, yet there is not one, NOT ONE, group other than SPAM that seeks to exploit this fact and stir up public resentment. To imply that Nepalis simply want to kill the rich guy and take his money is an insult to rural poor nepalis who don't have time for such schemes. You're telling me that you think Nepalis are no better than resentful animals waiting for their chance to pounce.

How telling! I spend a large part of my year in Sindhupalchowk--Maoist central--and I can tell you that even with constant Maoist pressure and killing (one of my family friends was beheaded last year) no one harbours anything close to a deep-seeded resentment for the King. Your 238 years of oppression is crap. These people realize the royal mistakes of the past, want good governance today and they want to MOVE ON.

But you just keep on throwing your little stones, ok?


At 9:45 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

AHAHA ... gamgbang me? I don't think anyone is really doing anything to my comments on savenepal... you obviously cannot read. I knew you didn't have a dick but now its clear you don't have a brain as well.

Anon leave this anonymous because nobody gives a rat's ass about what he thinks. The Monarchy and the royalists is getting screwed up the ass. This blog is all he has to vent his frustration ... if he says this in public he will surely be lynched!

At 10:01 AM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Yes he's said his piece so let's move onward now, shall we?


At 10:06 AM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok now, all of a sudden research is your forte – research originating out of your blog as both - source AND target customer, again, without any external sources to validate them. Google it says you, but the burden is on YOU to validate your claim. That’s how research work, if you didn’t know. Instead, you define a new paradigm on research – it is called psychobabble!

I couldn’t care less for you ambassador; damn Irishman is torn between Bush and India simultaneously. You have a knack for picking redundant issues.

Your ‘logical’ and ‘bias-free’ blog is as unbiased as O’Riley’s ‘no spin zone’.

Hold your horses; I ain’t going anywhere starting another blog. Blogging is your game; sitting back and watching events unfold where you are nowhere to be seen in modern Nepali political setting is mine.

Stop before you mock yourself in front of everybody by telling ‘what it means to be a rural Nepali’. It’s so bad that it’s not even condescending. You see, this is exactly the problem with you people – you INTERPRET events and situations within the context of your own limitations, and in your case specifically, extremely biased view that poor Nepalis are OK if they are given some food; they are OK within the confines of being rural Nepalis – for now – until G cleans up the SPAM mess and treats them like slaves once again.

Talk about taking granted of inherent Nepali innocence-goodness. You should be ashamed blogdai. Coming out of your closet like that – stabbing the same rural populace in the back, you Conrad in Nepal. Start seeing them as people with wants, dreams and aspirations just like yours. Drop your elitist ‘know-it-all’ white man’s attitude. Nepal is no white man’s burden, Rudy!

To say the royals are rich is to undermine the definition itself and insult the larger Nepali populace. On relative basis – for a country with per capita income of $ 250 (approx.), ‘the royals’ amassing fortune – for last 238 year, mind you, is not only a perfectly valid reason for general outrage, but clearly sets a strong base for a republic Nepal also. The disparity is much too wide to try and make it cohesive; even the ‘idea’ of a ceremonial monarch.

Sindhupalchowk eh? Perhaps I will verify your ‘claim’ next time I am home in Kavre. Again, you fail to see the distinction – people might not have anything against the King personally; neither do I. However, how do you translate the ‘royal mistakes, ‘good governance’ and something beyond ‘somewhat enough’ to eat for daily survival without fundamentally altering the known culprit, mainly: social, political, economic and cultural hegemony of select class.

How long is it going to take you to realize that this is a class-based war - whether politically or militarily? Until you do, keep shouting at the top of your lungs. Soon enough you’ll relocate back to States and buy a house with white picket fence and realize that all the while, the odds were brutally stacked against you.

Inadvertently, I am making your blog popular by putting some much needed sane thoughts.


-Anon 9:15

At 11:41 AM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

The tone softens but the perception is still flawed.

How do you suppose Girija and his ilk represent any kind of rebellion against class warfare? You've got our good ol' barometer madhav kumar nepal saying things like, "we will tell the Nepali people what to think.." This same old guard is no better than the King you villify and yet you can't see past some fantastical revolutionary ideals and emotions that keep your opinions transfixed on, what can be boiled down to a simplistic, "down with the monarchy" stance. Crashing through the palace with a guillotine? How very French and very romantic.

Guess what? I agree with you that there is a type of "social hegemony" that characterizes the wealthy classes in nepal. But do you actually believe your little April movement resulted in any kind of effective stance against such practice?

Yes, by all means it's about class warfare. That's why this parliament will never, EVER hold an election and let the people speak. It's the SPA class that upsets citizens and Girija knows it. Deuba knew it too when he posponed election for 14 months. 14 months! That very number alone tells us that the powers that be wanted to stay in power. NO election takes 14 months to set up.

Let me ask you, do you feel vindicated by the April movement? Are you satisfied that tens of thousands of Nepalis took to the streets, some losing their lives, for the type of old guard ineffective government we see today? Yes, let's face down the RNA in the hopes of restoring a corrupt regime, is that it?

Girija and Deuba are in power and back in the money. They are laughing at all of us. There's your class war.

Wow, to say that statements and facts presented here have no basis, in fact, never had any basis in research is a mind-boggling disconnect. I have neither the time nor the desire to awaken your synapses but you are welcome to check any assertion made here and report, with references, any faulty data. I won't joust an unarmed man, but I can guarantee you that all things presented as facts have been thoroughly researched with 3 or more verifying sources as collaboration. Opinions and commentary are labeled as such to avoid confusion.

But it won't matter to you. I've seen your pattern before. In fact, I believe we've had this discussion before; perhaps some months ago. It usually ends up with you picking apart my punctuation or some such nonsense like that and I eventually cut you off. I'm not going to sit around and watch you micro-analyze some word or statement of mine in the context of your choosing.

I believe I've said this to you in the past: you may have some good points and I'm prepared to believe you to a certain extent, but I WILL NOT argue with a person who sees only one side of an arguement and refuses to even acknowledge any other wrongdoing in Nepal that does not further your bias or agenda. There's your Bill Reilly.

Get a grip on your perceptions, understand what you are saying. I do remember you now, you blurt out ridiculous things off-handedly. Maybe I'll try your game. So, In the name of the good research and journalism you claim I forsake, kindly provide verifications, numerical where possible for:

- how the "the odds were brutally stacked" against me.

-how the issues I comment on are somehow "redundant."

-what exactly are the "lost causes" that I espouse?

-how I do not have "any" external sources for verification.

-how I am somehow playing a "denial" game about the royal's assets.

-how, over the past 238 years it became "impossible for a Nepali to be a part of anything Nepali."

Also please clarify, if you can, the following:

-Why calling the royals rich undermines the definition

-Why a royal's wealth somehow sets the foundation for a republic form of government.

-Why the "idea" of a ceremonial monarch is not palpable.

-Why my "speculations" have no merit regarding ANY case I make concerning Nepal.

- What is a"Machiavellian state"

-How Girija, who you now call "The Institution" will reconcile this new title you've given him with a representative democracy or republic form of governance.

You know, you can't just throw anything up on a post and pretend its relevant. This forum is not a place for spoiled expats to practice their English syntax.

Falling on deaf ears, I'm sure. Your mind and agenda are set. I've been through all you postings and all you seem to want to do is whip up old animosities and overthrow the monarch. When do you plan to move forward and past all of this?

Oh, nevermind. If it talks like a Maoist...


At 12:05 PM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

"Are you satisfied that tens of thousands of Nepalis took to the streets, some losing their lives, for the type of old guard ineffective government we see today?"

The people took to the steets to restore a democratic system not to restore an ineffective government. Evenone knows the current political leaders are worthless - you really don't need to be preceptive to know that. However, what do you suggest people did when the King over stepped his boundries and took over in the manner that he did? Do you really believe he was going to slove the Maoist problem, hold general elections and hand power back to a democratic government?
It's unfortunate the current leaders are bad but its the idea of a democracy that we are after. Sure it's not perfect and it's going to take time but least we are not regressing to autocratic rule.

At 1:08 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Then if it truly were a people's movement they would have presented their own form of government. If this were a new voice then were were the new leaders? You'll never convince me that people thought the current situation was so bad that they had to replace it with a situation that could be worse.

Had the people truly been represented and allowed to speak, they never would have ushered these old guys back, would they?

How soon we forget the crowd's cry to "restore the old parliament." Hard to feel passionate about that one unless one is coerced.

Last time I checked, under G's short rule businesses were allowed to stay open and prosper, there were no mass executions, people were not being taxed into servitude and armed henchmen were not going from business to business extorting money. The streets of kathmandu were clean and tourism was picking up again. It was life as usual. It was the Maoists and SPA that lit this fuse and started this whole thing rolling, not some perceived spontaneous outpouring of disgust from the masses.

Time will tell if this fiasco is better than a monarch's rule but to say that the people would rather have the old corrupt government mucking things up is wrong.

It's a pity we never will know exactly what G. would have done. The parties refused 3 times to take his invitation for talks. SPAM took the low ground and now has no moral mandate. Overstepped his boundaries? Nepal was spinning out of control and G. acted almost in lock step with the powers that were granted to him under article 127 of the Nepali constitution. Why do you think girija wants to change the constitution? Because he knows that the King could again act with perfect legality under the present constitution and take charge during a crisis. Girija hates to be marginalized and hates to share power. he knows he is trapped under article 127 and will do everything he can to write the clause out of the constitution. If G's takeover was so out of bounds then why bother tampering with article 127? What better validation can Girija give the King's actions under article 127 than to seek its removal from the constitution?

Pity again, if G. weren't so suspiciously complicit in the murder of his brother and if Paras wasn't such a flashpoint of hatred, we may not be having this discussion. Would the masses have stormed the palace against Birendra? No, because he let girija run the country into the ground, that's why.

Look, we need to get this out of our heads:There was no public mandate for change. Only that of a few greedy men and their violent enforcers.


At 1:14 PM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don’t delude yourself into thinking I am he/she that you supposedly ‘had discussions with few months ago.’ Unless you are schizophrenic, I have all the reasons to argue that you identify your commenters appropriately before connecting other irrelevant comments with that of mine. I neither had time nor inclination to spend time in your awfully one-dimensional blog - never had any back-and-forth with you before this. To be exact, I did visit em’ few times but realized early that it was only a cheap representation of pre-April RSS.

Before mixing up people and going off on a literal rampage, use your ‘research’ skills to verify them – match IPs and then go off on a tangent like you normally do.

Major part of your previous rant is based on mistaken identity, hence doesn’t deserve my time or effort on response. Go read my comments – from LAST FEW DAYS ONLY and THEN get back to me.

I am not obliged to ANY verification on the basis that YOU fail to grasp the fundamental Nepali crisis, while continually basing your argument on following ASSUMPTIONS:

1) past mistakes of SPA will continue without any opportunity for reform in political and social governance
2) Maoists want an immediate communist state and will not work with the SPA
3) G and his goons as lesser of 2 evils.

None of those have been circumstantially verified. Yet the gists of your arguments/posts rely on those three flawed premises.

Only goes to show that you are either way ahead of your time or another Don Quixote in the making. Only time will tell....

At 4:54 PM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

"It's a pity we never will know exactly what G. would have done."

Hahaha you are kidding right? Let's see... He appointed an equally currupt and ineficient led by Tulsi Giri. For crying out out Tulsi Giri. I would choose GPK a thousand times over Tulsi Giri.
Okay so he apoints a cabinate which is just as bad if not worse. He increases palace expenditure and goes off on a Safari to Africa costing the country millions of rupees. The Maoist declare a ceasefire and the King does nothing to reciprocate. He stop free press, jails civil society leaders, blocks websites etc. etc. On top of that the Army was loosing the battle against the Maoist... and there was no prospect for peace talks. Country was spriling out of control you say?
He was a constitutional monarch Blogdai. Do you really want me to insult you by giving you the definition/role of a constituional monarchy?

It's not just Girija that wants to change the constitution. I gurantee you that if there was a popular vote the majority would vote to curb the King's power. We don't need an interfering Monarchy looming in the background. I mean this is Gyanendra ... Imagine that homocidal maniac Paras attempted this feat?

Blogdai G is an idiot. Did you eer read that piece on Nepalitimes where they showed the 11 closet advisors to G? Basically 10 out of the 11 were old school hardcore Rana/Shahs. Amongst them was Sachit Shamsher Rana. This fool who happens to be the president of the World Hindu Federation still insists that the King has a divine right to rule and he is beyond the law! G is an uneduated fool. People wrongly think he is a shrewed business man. That's completly a false notion because it is well known that Prabhakar Rana takes care of the running of all his businesses. So you have an uneduated price who was not even groomed to be a King, surrounded by lunatics ... Man let me tell you I would rather choose a regime with the likes of Girija and Mukune anyday! At least there is a free press to critisize them... and there is the possibility of change ...

At 5:36 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

No most of my rants are content-based thank you. That's why we let anons like you have their say from time to time. Always the optimist, blogdai is.

Anyway, please explain with references why my assumptions are flawed with respect to your points 1-3:

-What historical precedent do you cite while asserting that SPAM is heading towards any type of "reform?" Since they've returned to power, they've managed to pick up where they've left off--bungling and postponing anything substantive. Plus, allying with Maoists and witch-hunting former regime members is not my idea of "reform in political and social governance;" or are you making faith-based assertions?

-Since Maoists have neither compromised their ideals nor given up their weaponry, threatening rhetoric or village atrocities, what stroke of magic will make them deliberately weaken themselves through a compromise with SPA? Most Maoists don't know Mao's Little Red Book from Little Red Riding Hood so where in this blog do you see me claiming Maoists want some communist absolute? Communism was Prachanda's simplified template: easy to teach, easy ideology for recruiting the uneducated and angry enough to inspire uncompromising faith from disgruntled little boys. No, Maoists want their style of totalitarianism, the end product of which may have very little to do with communism. But on the other hand, that rally I attended last June had about 500,000 maoists in communist gear on site so I may be wrong. At the very least, none of them looked ready to work with SPA. Funny also, the tens of thousands of Prachanda posters I saw in kathmandu mentioned nothing of any alliance or compromise with SPA either. Perhaps the upcomming tuteledge of Ian Martin will miraculously help Maoists see the light, right?

-Who are G's goons? Is it the RNA of which you speak? Please clarify. Ok, I'll play for the moment: If these are the same goons who killed civilians (sorry, maoist human sheilds) in rural clashes then it was a tragic mistake of war, but not goon-like. Goons rob people at gunpoint, break into homes and demand food and shelter, torture pregnant women, blow up busses full of civilians and murder journalists. Sound like anyone we know? You also need to prove to me how a government that is heavily influenced by terrorists is somehow a better choice than a monarch. Perhaps its their winning ability to inspire fear in the masses, am I correct? Also explain how a parliament with a track record that has never risen above corrupt and incompetent is somehow better.

So, mistaken identity admitted, the content of what you say is still bonkers. Please answer appropriately.

Mopping up:

How does one "circumstantially verify" something? Isn't that like verifying anectdotally? And how would one prove my assumptions as false in this manner?

Gee, wouldn't your ability to verify something really put the nail into my coffin? Yes, I think you would be oblidged just for that reason alone. Go ahead, verify your assertions and shut me up for good. Go ahead!

Look, our stuff here is not ahead of its time. Tremendously insightful and entertaining, perhaps, but easily fact-checked by anyone with half a desire to do so. Our mistakes here are corrected instantly by our readers so we take our positions carefully. While not exactly Quixotic, I have been known to tilt at a windmill or two, yet I'm always called on the carpet by astute readers.

You prove that I "fail to grasp the fundamental Nepali crisis" and I'll give you your little moment in the sun and apologize. But using that assertion as a means to let yourself off the verification hook is piss-poor remedial cowardice. One thinks you would jump at the chance to prove me wrong. What are you waiting for?


At 5:51 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Thanks Bhudai,

You prove my point that this is a popularity contest. Murderous G. vs. kind Birendra. Mistrust and conspiracy rule the day again. but I will come out with an anti-king article soon and that should make some of you happy.

And oh, for God's sake don't make me repeat this arguement again. Well, OK. G. is a bad politician with bad advisors, and I must admit that I do find him to be a bit of an idiot, but not a despot. Did you bother to read my article "tulsi giri out!" where i condemn the old fart for being way off the charts. Again, and hopefully finally, political corruption, as I've stated at least a dozen times here, is endemic to nepal politics. It affects all camps and sweeps across the political spectrum. This is not the fault of one person, this is a political cultural problem (thanks India) that requires a sea change to fix.

by the way, your "free press" is owned by the Nepali Congress; if you search back a few months in the kantipur archives they freely admit to its influence.

Maoists were backed into a corner and called a unilateral ceasefire. their ability to engage in large scale conflict was permanently diminished after Phaphlu. You can't possibly deny the fact that every ceasefire called by the maoists has been violated by the maoists at their earliest opportunity. We saw in 2000 and again in 2003 that the maoists used such tactics as a means to regroup and rearm themselves. Now, would you reciprocate knowing this history?


At 6:42 PM, August 31, 2006, Anonymous prism said...


Agree with you on this one. King G is a smart idiot -- just the opposite of George Bush I would say who is an idiot smart!

The main reason King didn't last in Nepal, Blogdai get this, he failed to deliver despite all the promise! It was a hatti aayo, hatti aayo fussa.

He may not be a despot, but his actions like shutting down NTC to favour his son in law's mobile company, locking up respected civil soceity leaders, shedding crocodile tears at people's miseries in his jaunts around the country showed he was just as cheap as any other Bihari politician. I'd say he made Girija look good!

King G started out with the wrong medicine for the wrong disease. He deserves to get the taste of his own medicine. It is not a popularity contest, it is a sanity contest. History will judge who won that contest -- King G or King B.

Blogdai condemns Deuba for asking 14 months for the election. But didn't the King ask for 3 years?! 3 years on what basis? we are only left with the emperor's clothes.

People obviously chose Girija over King G, if Blogdai is still confused about that one.

At 9:13 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

But the King DID hold an election; which by the way was so hampered and disrupted by those with other special interests that it failed. tough to vote when you're being threatened.

the people did not choose Girija. he was nominated within the apparatus of SPA. The people never got to choose anything, period.

Makes me laugh at how much love and attention to Girija is showing up here. Fools.

The democracy or republic that you all claim to be fighting for is negated by this over reliance on one man; and one who's almost dead at that! Look what you've all done. There is no one with any kind of balls in Nepali politics today who is willing or capable of pretending to run the country once Girija dies. And he will die soon.

Two things will happen and you spammers are screwed either way. First, Prachanda's inferiority complex will wash away with girija's death and he'll assert himself more forcefully into the political scene; perhaps even venturing a takeover. Next, girija will pass the mantle of PM to another Koirala, quite possibly Sujata (god forbid) and thus make a mockery of all Nepali citizens hoping for a return to the democratic process.

Surprise! A Koirala monarchy is what you could get and what you deserve for your passionate stupidity.


At 9:22 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Of course, Deuba's 14 month delay was tacked on to the heels of a parliamentary 7 year refusal to hold elections.

Makes 3 years look like a shortcut, doesn't it?


At 9:29 PM, August 31, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

And I will give you the point that the King didn't deliver. But wow, what was it you wanted him to do in a year?

The previous parliament stood by and did nothing for 10 YEARS prior, and it looked like they were prepared to continue the trend.

Did you not see an increasing Maoist influence prior to the takeover? Did you not see Koirala and Deuba bickering over petty issues while the maoists only got stronger? How the hell can I debate with such short memories?


At 2:42 AM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Blogdai, you turn moderation off and the floodgates are unleashed...

I think this blog should now carry a Parental Advisory Guidance certificate on the top right hand corner.

Kids - you have been warned!

Call me old-fashioned but I don't think scabrous comments really add to a good debate. Mostly, people react like for like, tit for tat and it seems to just spiral into a vicous circle of guttersniping.

What we need in Nepal is a virtuous circle but I guess with such a polarisation of views and deep seated resentment in the the past and no unity to take us forward, it'll be easier to wait for the Kali Yuga to come to an end.

It'll take a huge sea change in people's attitudes before we can move on.

Also before you sign up to democracy understand what this means. It's rule by the majority. On the whole the majority don't care about the little people or the marginalized. Ultimately, it's about yourself and a selfish choice.

The exception seems to be the Scandinavian democracies with their incredible welfare systems (paid for with incredibly high taxes) but they're an enlightened people.

What we'll get is the Indian-lite version. Enactment of bills requires majority votes. Somehow, I don't see much consensus especially if the Maoists are included as mainstream group..

Anyway, I've goofed off enough for now. I don't think I'll be getting too involved in any pseudo-intellectual, *academic* debates. Not my style but I'll be back from time to time.


At 6:07 AM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, work it blogdai. Get those puritanical work ethics going to serve the interest of rural Nepalis. You do have strong emissary quality, but representing whom? The jury is still out on that. Oh what the hell, it’s definitely not the Nepali populace. And that is liberal me giving you enough latitude for now.

Exactly, you keep going in circles, providing circular logic to arguments that you fail to provide valid sources outside the realm of your blog. What I find here is, ‘facts’ you provide gets verbal assurance from you but without ANY external sources to match/compare them with. In doing do, aren’t you asking your visitors to make a faith based judgment – on you, simply because you rant away anti-SPAM rhetoric? Just the tactic G used to get himself in power. TRUST ME! Even that didn’t last very long. Perhaps you have no ammo other than the left over criticism of era long gone when SPA ‘ruled’ Nepal. Times have changed; find new references to compare events/situation with/from instead.

At any rate, I have accepted the fact that you will not be able to provide/substantiate many of your claims beyond subjective approximation concerning SPAM, its members and their activities/development. And perhaps it is unreasonable of me to make such demands when most of what I see here and in other blogs are random and fragmented points raised to utmost scrutiny. You only need to pick a side to enjoy the ride.

Thus moving along, I will quickly address why your (3) assumptions are flawed (in my next post that will follow soon cause this is getting long enough), but first I need to go deeper into you skin and irritate you further.

Preamble: Your perspective is flawed. From it follows that all assumptions/premises/conclusions are flawed. By perspective I mean the following:

First, you attempt to view larger Nepali struggle not as a whole entity in itself but a result of few politically charged individuals. April movement proves that wrong. Additionally, you fail to understand that contemporary political movement is the aftershock of incomplete revolution of the fifties. Further, you again refuse to accept that seeds of current grievances against unitary and partyless system lie NOT in the ascendancy of G but in times long ago - against his father, Mahendra. Thus what/who you see now are not causes (Girija, Madhav, Prachanda are almost redundant at this point) in near timescale but rather effects of those events that was already defined long ago. Girija, Madhav and Prachanda are only causal effects of 50s struggle.

It is not the 'same old thing'. It is only a residual effect for now. But you don't see that because you cannot view SPAM beyond the frame of last few years. Myopia is the appropriate word to describe the phenomenon.

Second, while missing to view the context on a much broader scope, you now make error in evaluating the three forces that represent/ed people throughout the period specified also. The error this time is failing to understand that their existence is mutually dependent; hence making impossible to view and scrutinize only one or two parties outside the context of three ‘mutually coexistent’ forces – at least theoretically. In simple terms, hounding on SPAM is not going to solve crap if you do not address the question of monarchy. Similarly, treating Maoists as outcasts is not going to cure the crisis if it is seen to be independent of monarchy and SPA. Follows from above that lambasting SPA is not gona help Nepal’s cause if surgically removed from the context and scrutinized beyond necessary without any reference to monarchy or Maoists.

While despising revolution, you have completely overlooked complex Nepali political evolution. That is your failure in grasping the fundamental Nepali crisis.

BTW A 'Koirala monarchy' is more acceptable than a Shah monarchy simply because: the Shahs have looted the country enough so it is reasonable that someone else with power gets a fair shot at it also. How’s that for survival of the fittest, blogdarwin?

Oh very soon! Will I not only hammer the last nail into your coffin; perhaps crucify you for the sins of G and his ancestors as well. Getting exciting indeed!

…to be continued


At 7:33 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Absolutely Naag, I've always thought that anyone claiming to advocate democracy be forced to prove it. Possibly through "democracy lite" training or "governmental reality 101."

Anyway, how about a series of monitors who give a country the critical eye for a year and then issue a "functioning democracy" certificate.

That would be something for Ian martin to do; it would certainly keep him out of our hair otherwise.


At 7:37 AM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

You just don't get it do you? We ALL KNOW THE SPA are worthless... But like Anon said we'll all take a Koirala monarchy over a Shah Monarchy. For one thing Sujata is currupt but she isn't a homocidal maniac!
But for seriously, the possibility of change exsists under a Koirala "monarchy." The Nepali people themslves are also to blame for the post 1990 failure. We all just sat around and expected miracles to happens - we should have fullfilled our duty and demanded more accountability from our leaders! But blogdai you calim to do research. Therefore, look at our human development indicators post 1990 era ... they were actually much better uptill 1999 before the Maoist insurgency went out of control. Also there was more impowerment at the village level there were alot of positve changes. You cannot expect a country that came out of hundreds of years of opressive autocracy to just embrace a democratic system and make it work perfectly.

Oh and the as far as I remember the RNA was getting its ass kicked even after the take over...

At 7:48 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

How fun. Will you be hiding behind a proxy server? Perhaps you can start another web-wide rant. Perhaps, BLOGDAI JUSTIFIES LOGIC. Oh the horror!

I really could make no sense out of your last post, long on threats, but again, no back up. but go ahead, I promised our readers I'd leave the moderation function off.

Please explain, in cogent, understandable terms, with examples, what you mean by the following:

- "providing circular logic to arguments that you fail to provide valid sources outside the realm of your blog."

-How a "perspective" can be flawed.

-how revolution is an example of "complex Nepali evolution"

-what do you mean by "subjective approximation." It sounds really smart.

-Why is it Myopic to view SPAM in the context of the last few years only. haven't they only been around that long. Teach me.

-when is scrutinizing SPA beyond the context of nepal's problems. Isn't SPA the exact context we face now?

-why you would like to give Koirala the chance at looting the Nepalis people, Shah style. Why does he need to do this? Aren't you replacing one Shah with a Shah of a different name? It's not the looting of the royals that upsets you, it's the fact that your side did not get its turn?

Readers: we have about a half dozen of these people who just come on to annoy. A few of them scream and rant, a few of them post idiotic nonsense and make threats.

Can you honestly claim to have any answers for Nepal when you are stuck in this simplistic anti-monarchy mode?

Hey this is deja vu' and yes, you ARE the person I've talked to before. Don't deny it. I remember this part of our discussion last time. This is where I say that you've been given enough space to say your crap and now you either prove it or get off the blog, remember? Oh, and this is usually followed by your losing control and seeding multiple posts throughout my blog. Yes, I remember you now, welcome back!


At 8:00 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Thanks Bhudai,

Ass kicking is an exact science, and no, the RNA was not getting theirs kicked. Does an "ass-kicked" army have the confidence to stride, first thing into the maoists biggest stronghold, Rolpa and clean the place out?
Nope, FYI, more helicopters were on the way and the Yanks were on board for the long haul. Why? A G. controlled Nepal was on its way to becoming China friendly and the U.S. couldn't tolerate that. their advisory presence was increasing. Let me tell you something else: the Maoists still aren't out of the woods militarily. If they go back to their old ways this October, which blogdai says they will, look for some more serious ass-kicking.

You mentioned quite tellingly that you thought the Maoists were getting out of control in 1999. Why was that? No autocratic King in control that year if I'm not mistaken.

Paras is a homicidal maniac and he's the drop-dead stopping point of all this. but nepali's would never let him come to power. There's your "people's movement." He cancels himself so let's take him off the table. The probelm is, Sujata is grossly incompetent and just about begs India to intervene in Nepal. Your Koirala dynasty would be nothing more than a simple Raj to big brother.

bhudai, let me comment you on your good points, an adult approach to this thread. I greatly appreciate your input. Please continue.


At 8:08 AM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Umm…logic yes, but CIRCULAR LOGIC. Example: Why are SPAM bad? Answer: Because they are. That is the logic that pervades your blog. Indeed, BLOGDAI JUSTIFIES CIRCULAR REASONING.

Why, do you concede that you have absolutely no knowledge, experience and expertise to be blabbering about modern Nepali politics and that you do so in this blog just as a tribute to your beloved monarchy which is nowhere to be seen anymore?

All the answers and definitions are already in the post itself. If you can't see, it's not my problem that you were born retarded. All those are elementary concepts. If you lack formal reasoning, too bad, cause I am not here to tutor you on what you should have learned long ago.

Why now, aren’t you so curious about my identity? No shit cause you and your circle of loyal poodles feed on each other and when you find anyone deviating from what you preach at your Sunday school, you naturally look to demonize them. I am not hiding behind any proxy servers, why would I need to when I am openly slashing and burning your incomplete knowledge of Nepali politics, and again, get it out of your head that I am h/she whoever that slammed you months ago.

BTW if it satisfies you, I am willing to disclose my true identity, but are you?

How the hell can you make sense of anything sensible of Nepali struggle with your foreign disposition and further, when you are stuck in a time warp? Enough dose of delusion - flawed perspective thus.

You are losing visitors; you cannot keep them with you forever if you keep insisting SPAM is actually the ham in a can that you just had for the breakfast.

Evolve blogdarwin!

-Anon 9:15

At 8:25 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Perhaps a lot of you on this thread don't "get it."

In the world's eye, which is what counts, you've defeated the King. 21st century adults should be happy with this.

You claim to want to move forward yet you are all still hopelessly stuck in this 200 year old grudge match with the royals and nothing else seems to matter.

Guess what? This thinking will destroy Nepal, so LET IT GO! "But blogdai, there was this and that level of persecution under the Shahs, blah, blah..." So what! It's over now and our modern world and its constant availablilty of information will not allow this to happen to nepal again. Once a country opens up, it's really the world's property.

You saw all of G's actions through the spectrum of all royal atrocities that preceded throughout Nepali history. Guess what? G. is nothing compared to Charles Taylor, Idi Amin, Kim Jong Il or Augusto Pinochet. In fact, if you take the weight of history off your back and see him as an outsider, he's not that bad (Paras withstanding).

Nepal has no time to play these revenge-and-get-even games. Foreign aid will dry up, tourism will never return and your economy will crumble. But no..."down with the King at all costs, right?" I say leave the poor bastard alone. You've won. The world media painted your struggle as a noble one so you should now be content to let the government you've ushered in and the Maoists destroy your country.

Drop this stupid grudge that SPAM has used to whip up your sentiments and that pollutes your judgement.

During the Balkan war a little 8-year old girl was standing in the rubble of what once was her house and told a reporter: "We will never have peace until people learn to forget." How true.

If you do not take this lesson to heart Nepal, you risk becoming the Himalayan version of Israel and Palestine.


At 9:58 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Well, if my afterthoughts are now your first line of attack then I guess I'm winning the war on content, aren't I? By the way, as an afterthought, did you just give up on your petroleum arguement?

I also see that your blood pressure is rising again. Just another pissed off Maoist. Hide the guns and the pregnant women and it'll pass.

You can't live on an angry ideology forever; you most certainly can't govern by one. Eventually you Maoists will have to actually DO something for nepal or risk the same anger and destruction you've wreaked on innocent Nepali's over the last 15 years.

Back to work: Please document and verify your assertions of the following:

-What logging or counting system you are using to verify that I'm "losing visitors."

-Why "correcting myself," excuse me, "CORRECTING MYSELF" is such a crime against humanity. Editing is a refining process, it shows readers a thought process; you should try it.

- Try again to correctly define my use of "circu-," sorry, "CIRCULAR REASON." If you can locate a moment of comprehension I've stated on this thread that SPAM is bad for not holding elections, manipulating public sentiment to get into power, coercion and intimidation and dynastic practices. There are more reasons but please explain the circuitous nature of my reasoning in this regard.

-Please show proof, preferably through medical records, that I am, in fact retarded.

-Produce at least one photo of me consorting with poodles.

Nothing you say here is without anger. It is your stock in trade. In fact, for the Nepali people to win the war against you Maoists, they must overcome their centuries-old anger at past monarchal practices. You and SPA realize that this is the only issue that would unite--if played correctly--all Nepalis and you use it to perfection. An informed populace would take this powerful weapon out of your hands.

But you don't hear any of that, do you?



At 10:22 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Oh, and let me correct myself because I can, you know anyone here should feel free to add, ammend withdrawl or PROVIDE RESEARCH DOCUMENTATION after their posting. It's the nature of free speech and a hallmark of blogs.

If you're looking for absolutes, stick with your maoism and sleep with perfect certainty. Ignorance is bliss, they say.

The rest of us will stay up at night questioning, revising and agonizing over our positions on Nepal, while weighing events there in their actual context.

It's called reasoning and its a hallmark of higher thought. Give it a try!


At 10:47 AM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One-dimensional man, listen:

I have openly challenged you to reveal your identity, but you decide to evade that and continue to put redundant crap by not reading. Read, understand, absorb into your tiny brain. And for such, your blog as a whole is proof that when few come and argue against your teachings, you are definitely not adding more people.

Free speech or controlled propaganda? Controlled propaganda I say.

Obviously you are losing visitors cause you are parroting every point I make in such redundant way that even a sophomore would find your defense as evading REAL issues and dwelling on nonsensical and fragmented points without any benefit to Nepali people or politics.

It’s not a crime towards humanity; only on yourself. The thought process that kicks in too late. Perhaps ten years down the road will you realize today’s political significance? Natural extension of slow thoughts over longer time then leads one to become a retard. You may not have born a retard but you certainly are heading that way.

Again, symptomatic of retarded brain. Refer to previous posts for all your curiosities. If you can’t read or understand, hire someone who can do it for you. Quit wasting my time by reiterating my sentences. Only goes to show your lack of depth concerning things you so out rightly blabber about.

Therefore, the burden is on you to go back to the drawing board and understand Nepali politics and then come and advocate the crap that you normally do. For that I have helped you understand by providing some historical references and interconnected of events in earlier posts. Alas you don’t get it., and act like royal horses with eye shades that prevent them from getting any wider perspective other than what the jockey wants them to.

You keep coming back with ‘why do you call me a retard’, ‘why do you say I can’t correct myself’. Man o man, accept your shortcomings and move on and argue on principle why SPAM is not a good fit for Nepal. Sorry I hurt your ego.

Now you focus in anger cause you are so used to polite visitors whom you love to regurgitate the rhetoric. Why would they not be polite towards you? Remember, once you put shit out in public, get ready for scrutiny – whether in tone you prefer or not. Else keep this blog as your private journal.

Grow up; your monarchy days are over. Maoist you call me, fine, I have no problem with that cause, unlike you, and I do not need to defend my position for they are at least looking to save people from the shatters your royal masters made of Nepal in last two centuries.

Would I need to hear you who so vociferously chant GGGGGGG???? What the hell boy, don’t you read? I have been attempting to shut you up for foul propagation. What makes you think rest out there are listening to you?

At 11:47 AM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Great, you haven't proved a thing here. Perhaps more profanity.

If you are freely admitting to being a Maoist then i guess that explains the disconnect. All anyone has to do is read Babu Ram's most recent rant and one can get an idea of the kind of logic we're dealing with here.

Asking you to explain one of your cryptic phrases is not "parroting." Put down your gun, go back through what I've posted and perhaps you will see this. I'll do this again at the bottom of this posting to help find some clarity.

Readers: Please go through this persons threads and tell me what he is trying to say. I'll listen. I don't see anything but anger and Maoist unilateralism but am willing to listen to good, sane interperetations of this persons postings.

I constantly call you on the carpet for your statements because they absolutely make no sense and are out of context. Do you wish to be some kind of Maoist political leader? Abstract, detached thought is the way to go then, keep it up.

is it a shortcomming to correct oneself or to question why one is being called a retard? Just because YOU say so does it mean its the truth? Is that what they teach you in maoist boy's camp when you're not learning how to kidnap school children and butcher pregnant women?

It does not even occur to you that in the perfect irony of what you accuse me of, you turn around and copy, almost verbatim, my earlier statement that all things presented by me are open and instantly corrected by my readership. Plus when you use terms in a row like "read, understand and absorb.." isn't that a direct echo of my statement to "comprehend and understand" as previously mentioned? Are you off your game here or are you perhaps dispondent, as a maoist, about the possibility of not being able to extort money from rural citizens in the future?

Your true colors are out. You've lost the logic war now that you've colored yourself maoist blood red. Tell me, what kind of explosives work best for blowing up civilian busses?

Guess what? The Yanks are in the wings. You WILL be disarmed or you WILL be destroyed. Arlen Spector came to Nepal and gave Moriarty and his much needed Maoist-encouraging rhetoric the dressing down it needed. The Yanks are all on the same page now. "Getting exciting, indeed."

OK, back to work. Explain the following:

-explain why on earth a Maoist does not need to defend their position. Isn't that a bit more than autocratic. (now, was that "parroting?)

- Why you think no one here is listning to me. Actually, you are good for my numbers, that's why i keep this ridiculous argument afloat. It's not a Maoist tactic, I know. It's strategic and requires thought. Not your cup of tea?

- I love opposing viewpoints. In fact, I crave them. Please outline how this is not so in light of the most recent post where I applaud Bhudai Pundit for an opposing viewpoint well presented? Didn't see that posting? Must be all that infant blood in your eye, it can be a nuisance.

-why my "shortcomings" of being a retard and and correcting myself prohibit me from arguing against SPAM "on principle." Principles are all we've been discussing here. Perhaps you have a different definition of the term, or is this another gem from the Babu Ram school of prose where one throws two unrelated points together and calls it a valid point.

Mopping Up:

OOPs! Did you happen to actually research my point on Nepal petroleum and that's why you're so silent?

I know quite a few people along the Arniko in Kavre. Perhaps I'll ask a few of them the name of the family with the expatriat son who speaks English and espouses maoism. It's only a matter of elimination after that.

Still waiting for my "nail." Forget that too?


At 12:43 PM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where have I not heard that before: ‘if you are not with us; you are against us’. Oh I remember, the Bushies used to say that. Why, are you not a perfect replica of Bush’s anti-commie neo-conservative stooge in Nepal? Denial is the disease that runs in your administration’s blood. The whole world is in agreement with that.

So this gets to the point where YOU naturally label people as Maoists if they do not listen to you or if they refuse to agree to your holding the fort for G. Guess what, by that logic, majority of Nepalis are Maoists because the only debate that is even taking place in Nepali political discourse is if there should even be a ceremonial monarchy. Forget about power behesting on monarchy to govern people. Again, that was the past. Wake up!

You have been incapable to put any points forward regarding SPAM’s inability to govern Nepal in future. Whereas there have been plenty of evidence against the monarchy that you so vehemently defend. Evidence you seek: the present Nepal where G is being questioned as ordinary citizen and draft for new constitution being discussed by SPAM.

Cryptic phrases because you have neither historical references nor contemporary understanding of anything that is suitable in Nepali politics and society. You an alone man blabbering to an extent where sun has already set in your empire is a sorry vision to be even thought of.

Look who’s talking now? Do you have a copyright on English words? Show me an instance where I have copied your sentence, ‘verbatim’ to even reflect your sentiment on my post. Like I said in my previous post, and I will repeat it: show some originality and stop parroting my lines.

Extort money, well that was done by your masters for last two centuries. How much do you still get paid from the blood sucked out of poor Nepali populace? I bet it is lot cause this seems to be a career for you.

Umm…ok McCarthy; jerk off on that Spectar news. Sure it gave you a hard on to hear some Nepali soldier will be fighting another Nepali brother just so that the idea fits under some foreign power's agenda. Isn’t that the name of your game these days? Divide and rule? Maoists against NA; Shia against Sunnis; Arabs against Israelis; Hindus against Muslims etc., all in the name of ‘freedom and democracy’. You just gave way to your position. A divider of countries and prevailer of American self-interest in Nepal.

You do not need to summon people, they will read what you have to say and make their own mind. BTW how’s the traffic. Gloat while it lasts cause this is going down, if it has not already.

Sure check with the Kavre VC, actually you don’t even need to do that. Like I said, I am willing to reveal myself if you are and at the same time willing to discuss/argue in-person, over email or any other medium you choose. I would continue to do it here but I fear I am taking other people’s space too.

FOR ALL YOUR NERVOUS QUERIES, REFER TO MY PREVIOUS POST. But it’s no use, you will come right back and ask ‘what do you mean by SPAM is not bad?'

If G is the king of Nepal; you certainly are the bishop of circular reasoning.

Go on; ask ‘what do you mean by circular reasoning?’ Then I will tell you to refer to my previous post, AGAIN!

At 2:18 PM, September 01, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Nothing, again a vacuous nothing.

Refer to this and that, you don't have to do this because of that. Jeez, just one well-conceived point, is that so hard?

"Maoist you call me, fine, I have no problem with that cause.." Is it not even remotely clear to you that you just called yourself a Maoist? Well, are you a Maoist? Let me guess, you won't answer because I somehow missed the central point of your statement. In fact, my bet is that you can't answer direct questions at all because, unless we see issues through your narrow spectrum, we just have no right to comment, correct, Fierce One?

No, I don't care about your circles. You don't discuss, you don't argue and you don't prove. You just take a position and make up points of criticism. All you do is take my critiques and reverse them. Is that what sound political discourse is to you? Nothing more than who can outlast the other in a he-said she-said contest?

Well here's a novel idea: TRY MAKING AN ACTUAL POINT! You may be surprised and I may agree with you.

But no, blogdai never makes any sense, blogdai doesn't understand, blogdai (profanity)this. I weary of your infantile side-stepping.

I do despise the Bush administration and you make (finally) some good observations about said administration; but I despise your Maoist-terrorism more. Moriarty--tail between the legs--is giving the hard line on Maoist arms now. Your days are numbered. Oops, sorry for the reference to an actual event. Of course, I don't understand Nepal so Moriarty's meeting with Koirala didn't happen, did it? Or is a Kantipur article not a Maoist-approved reference?

Wow again, a little research (there it is again) of this blog should tell anyone that one of our primary functions is to show how SPAM cannot run the country. I know, you don't accept that because it would break your sense of momentum. Tell you what, since you question the content of this blog directly I'll give you articles where I outline SPAM's inabilities to a T. Just a few now, ready? Read:

"Open Your Eyes" Points 3 and 4.
"Hope is Not Methot" Thomas Mark's masterwork, reprinted here.
"A Bad Trend for Democracy" Paragraph 10 works good.
"Invitation #3" Paragraph 6 onward.

Really, this should be enough to get you started, but I'm sure you'll find fault. For the record, Babu, and so that we're absolutely clear, you said this:

"You have been incapable to put any points forward regarding SPAM’s inability to govern Nepal in future. "

I responded by giving you just the most recent articles written here that exactly pick apart why SPAM cannot run the country.

Just to make it more clear, let's give you some real NEW concrete answers:

According to U.S. policy the United STates will not deal or work with governments that incorporate armed terrorists. Oops! There goes a chunk of foreign aid.

In 2003 DANIDA and NORAD considered pulling out of the aid game in nepal as it was becoming increasingly difficult to recruit local workers due to maoists threats. Citing Prachanda's recent quote of "Since most of the rural areas are under our control, international and other development agencies need to secure permission from local Maoist village committees to carry out development work" as reason enough to consider ceasing operations altogether.

Here's a biggie: Girija hasn't held an election in 8 years. How long you gonna run a government if you refuse to listen to what the people say through elections?

So your new government, for starters, will jeopardize foreign aid--the majority of Nepal's economy, to be more succinct--and probably not pay attention to and certainly not listen to its citizens. hey, I see your point. What could possibly go wrong?

Oh to hell with it, I've given you more attention than you deserve. Go ahead, tell all your maoist friends that you went toe-to-toe with blogdai. Happy?

As for identity, I'll just find you, OK? It'll be fun. i've already sent out some e-mails.



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At 8:56 PM, September 01, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What’r you, dyslexic? My ‘point’ has been to show that in absence of G-power, SPAM is all that you are left to work with. Now, if your highness finds SPAM naturally ineligible to govern, it follows that thou would want G to be running the show instead. How that is not happening anytime soon because of people's mandat thus no point raising raucous hell is also my other point. Thou don’t have to believe me, just spend some time outside this one-dimensional blog. That should cure most of your ills. Then again, thou art a slow learner…

At any rate, I took your advice and read some of the posts you asked me to. Sure, instead of going off on some literal/verbal rampage, I find it much soothing to skim through your highly predictable post and jot some of them nasty presuppositions.

Here they come, enjoy.

On “Open Your Eyes”

3. The best idea SPA can come up with is a return to Girija's same old dogma. Guess what? The old fart is dying…

Why, anger seems to have gone through your skull while you wrote that piece, which clearly shows the clouding judgment. Rightly so. April dethronement was still too fresh a wound then. People should sympathize with you and overlook your emotional flood. Half of (3) is your rant about Girija's health. You do make a point. I give you that. But the whole Nepal sees that too. Nothing ingenious of you still, I’m afraid.

Now, the ‘dogma’ is not the ‘same’. In fact, it is dogmatic of you to propose such. Simply because you are once again stuck in a time warp of pre-G situation. Remember, G actually legitimized Girija and all the people. G became a frame of reference for all the politicians, people and the rest to measure a leader against. Lo and behold, Girija came ahead. But you don’t see it that way. Hence the flawed perspective.

4. Splits and dissention are everywhere. You can't rush into power and alienate your opposition the way SPAM did…

Umm…the opposition is not your ordinary political opposition who lost elections. These are hardened criminals with autocratic and totalitarian tendencies. These are people who would go to the extent of dissolving constitution/tear away people’s mandate and continue absolute rule. People rose before their full plan materialized. Hence the perpetrators being prosecuted under existing criminal code. If the court finds them guilty, are you going to appeal their verdict? Democracy is inclusive for people who abide by democratic framework. Dissolving constitution is - to say the least, hardly democratic. Even a Taliban knows that!

I am still waiting for ®NA to be mobilized against PLA. There goes your prediction right out the window, taking with it your credibility also.

On “A Bad Trend for Democracy”

You start with ‘Blogdai doesn’t like the trend’. No shit. The trend actually broke resistance and restored people’s rule/parliament. What’s there for YOU to like.

The gist of your article seems to be that protesting is bad, protesting is un-democratic, and hence protesting is turning Nepal into an anarchic state.


You forget one very crucial point. The point that Army and Police, especially at higher echelon are undisputedly loyal to the king and his crown. Therefore the ‘mob rule’ as you define of people actually expressing dissent is nothing but lack of sincere effort on police and army to exercise appropriate law enforcement. People protest, especially in poor countries where day to day life is not as easy as posting some crappy columns on blogs and getting by as a ‘journalist’. They protest to make things better, they protest expecting some positive return from the government. What else can they do? And to say that protesting is, resulting in anarchy is not only autocratic but sheer stupidity. What do you expect people to do, wear a white wig and debate as in the House of Lords? Mr. Prime minister…

Remember what I said in my previous post. The significance of now is that this is going to set tone for Nepal that is to become, not that is.

On “Invitation # 3”

SPAM has done nothing throughout this entire conflict that has demonstrated a desire to represent the rights of all citizens or to conduct themselves democratically…

Again, the ‘conflict’ for you originates from mid-90s and gathers momentum into early 2000 reaching its climax in April 06. Myopia! Now, if I were you, I would refer to my previous post where I have mentioned that the ‘conflict’ is only a small wrinkle in a larger fabric of social and political struggle that began in the 50s. Therefore to reduce more that fifty years of people’s struggle into last few years and accuse SPA of not doing anything for the people is as ludicrous as saying Paras actually meant well when he ran over the singer with his car.

However, though the process of development has been slow with some internal row and Maoists consuming significant amount of political energy, going forward, the synthesis of SPA and M that we see now will not only reduce unnecessary political energy but, on the contrary, help SPAM consolidate their scattered energy/resources to be used for appropriate reforms. Don’t lose hope blogdai, you’ll be able to go back to Nepal and hike that Helambu trail to check out some sexy Sherpinis without any fear of Maoist reprisal.

Fighting has ended. Ceasefire is in place. Apart from some random acts of violence, Maoists have been fairly contained. Additionally, recent developments of arms management under UN supervision and handing over of draft constitution to SPAM is moving towards positive direction. Further, talks between the government and Maoists scheduled for next week should seal the deal of arms management and interim draft constitution. Om shanti! There, I just sprinkled some ‘optimism dust’ on you.

Get back to me if/when such fails. Perhaps I will revisit your blog then and concede defeat.

I deliberately avoided Thomas Mark’s piece because there’s no point arguing with you on someone else’s article. Unless you are he, I humbly decline to go through his post. I mean where would this end; I could link several Maoists post in response.


From your initial attempt to validate your post as well-researched publications to the most recent rant one where you end up painting me red (I think you even threw some pregnant lady’s blood in my eyes), before getting side-tracked, the major thrust of my argument had been to show that reforms in economic and social terms are possible only when people realize what is at risk. For people to realize such, they would have to experience and gauge the limits of their power/rights. While G misgauged his power and rivaled SPA, he got sacked. When Maoists revised their revolutionary strategy to a more reforming one and aligned with SPA; people took a more pragmatic stance and supported the cause.

No on is advocating that this will be a smooth ride I don’t think, after all, this is an attempt to bring armed faction into political platform and train them to work within a democratic guideline. It is an attempt to curb autocratic powers and keep check by way of creating constitution that actually represent cross-section of Nepali society. No wonder it is tough to do all that in 5 months.

Leaving you with some thoughts you can use...

The task of any government is to provide its citizens with a stable, secure environment in which they can live, work and prosper. However, every form of government comes at a cost, both - in economic and social terms. Thus, in analyzing which form of government is actually better and how it should be organized, one has to balance various costs associated against its effectiveness. For Nepal, with its highly diverse yet cohesive population, ethnic and regional identities, different political ideologies and, high levels of unemployment and illiteracy, the objectives of new government are many and often diametrically opposed to one another.

Consequently, priorities of interim government become ever so crucial in setting an agenda for Nepal by presenting case for a strong central government. For such government to succeed; without becoming a police state, it is necessary that the population feel they are being appropriately represented in the new government. This process becomes especially crucial in an ethnically diverse and class conscious society like Nepal which, recently, has been threatening to implode under its own weight of uncontrolled regional and ethnic nationalism.

Over and out,
-Anon 9:15

At 7:23 AM, September 02, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Now, was that so hard? This suits you much better than your previous profanity-laced diatribes. Really, if you'd have come out with this stuff initially, we would have saved a lot of time. Now, on this new level, I'll take issue with just a few of your nicely presented points (aren't good manners fun?):

You never said in the absences of G.'s power SPAM is the best we can do. This is news. It's also message creep, Mr. Bush. You specifically said this blog never presented anything that shows SPAM is unfit to govern. Go back and read it again. Your sidestep, I'll take as a concession.

-Here's a big shocker, don't automatically assume I'd rather have G. in power, period. I'd rather have good effective representative government. My feeling has always been that G's action was necessary to halt a critical downward spiral enabled by the Maoists. G. had the capacity to do this at the time, but really, anyone would have been sufficient as long as they stopped the governmental ineptitude.

- Your last paragraph brings mist to blogdai's eyes. Where were these sentiments 20 posts ago when you were breathing Maoist fire, profanity and brimstone? Did we have a "come-to-jesus" meeting on political philosophy? Representation IS the key issue. When a Nepali Times survey results in over 60% of those polled admitting they don't know about any constituent assembly elections or can't even describe what a constituent assembly is supposed to do; plus a planned and calculated absence of elections, how can you claim that this government represents the people? There currently is NO popular representation in Nepal and NO plans for it in the immediate future. These old farts aren't struggling to assemble some noble democracy, they're avoiding the responsibility altogether. Not only is this not your "smooth ride," it is in fact, no ride at all so far.

-500,000 Maoists openly marching through the streets, commandeering all buses into the city, forbidding traffic to leave the city. Openly displaying weapons at Asan Tole is not my definition of a "fairly contained" Maoist. Just see my articles and photos, I was there. Do those people look "contained?"

Offering to counter Thomas Mark's piece with a Maoist article does not bode well for the case of you not being a Maoist. But Marks is right. He is a respected scholar on Nepal issues. He and I share the same viewpoint. Does this mean that he's full of crap also and doesn's know Nepal's core issues just because he doesn't agree with you?

Helambu trail has Lamas and Chettris. Sherpinis are in the Khumbu. While people who call themselves Lamas are, in fact of Tibetan descent like the Sherpas, there are many cultural differences. I always feel safe around Sherpinis because the Sherpas routinely kick the shit out of any Maoist parties that dare venture into their area. Do you think that ties in with the Khumbu being the most economically self-sufficient region in Nepal? Don't say it's because of Everest because Annapurna gets more visitors, is heavily influenced by Maoists, and has an economy that's tanking because of them.

I really do share your faith that SPAM can some how pull out of it. But past indications and current practices do not bode well for such a change. Remember, these guys running the show are the same guys who blew it before. They only know one speed: stall. Plus "UN supervision" is an oxymoron.

"People's rule" was never restored because people's rule was never instigated in the first place. Parliament was restored, that's it. How do you explain a larger "peoples movement" hitting the streets in front of Singh Durbar demanding the new parliament stop dithering and do something or we'll throw you out again? In fact there are quite a few rumblings in the citizen diaspora today regretting the fact that they gave the bums another chance and they blew it again.

blogdai's optimal wish is for the slate to be wiped clean of these corrupt bums and for new voices to emerge. Our friend and contributor Bishyal Basnyat is one such voice. I absolutely do not wish for a pure monarchy, but not for the reasons you would think. The suspicion and centuries of mistrust that SPAM used to temporarily unify Nepalis for their protest would still remain and would be used again, to Nepal's detriment. Plus, I do not believe G. or any monarch is fit to run a government on a day to day basis. Where G. is necessary is in precisely the role he tried, unsuccessfully to portray: as a check and a balance against runnaway corruption and incompetence. Sure he'd fare no better with his team, but at least there would be a powerful anti-girija element as watchdog. Can't have a democracy or a republic without governmental balance and opposition. If you don't, then you might as well have G. He's a much better option than the Maoists.

By the way, I absolutely love your entire RECAP section. May I reprint it?


At 6:49 AM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Continued for the last thread…

You have totally lost your mind now. Anon 4:50 makes a sharp and perfectly valid point to which your response is his/her POOR SYNTAX? Blogdai, here’s my second challenge: would you like to debate in Nepali instead and let others pick your naturally terrible understanding concerning things Nepal and Nepali? After all, aren’t you getting pretentiously too Nepali for your own good here? K chha bichar khirey kancha? Nepali ma bahas garney ho?

Oh my, where are my manners towards tourists of different shades?! But seriously, cut that bully attitude Uncle Sam.

Anyway, moving along…

I am not getting into what I ‘specifically’ said and what I did not. While you take a very precarious stance of proposing G as a check for corruption of SPAM, it is unnecessary for me to even validate – anymore if I even said: in absence of G power SPAM is the best we can do. The choice is obvious, SPAM IS the better option. And I will get to that after I straighten out some of your nasty preconceived notions of Nepali populace.

Ok, assumptions out the window, but you still want G around as an invisible order under the pretext of fighting corruption and possibly terrorism, still? How is that different from February 05 reenactment? And you wonder why people call you royalist. 2nd coming of G, or shall we call it back to the future, regressive tendencies, Nepal in perpetual déjà vu etc, etc. Actually, come to think of it, even if you were to get your wish; you would only be helping the Maoists and their cause of perpetual revolution.

On ‘representation’.

Good, so you at least accept that good governance need good representation. Let’s build on that premise, shall we? While you provide Nepali Times poll rating as evidence that larger rural population don’t have a clue what is going on, you again miss a fundamental fact about human nature – whether rich or poor, educated or not.

The question is: are individuals any different anywhere? Are the needs and wants of rural Nepalis any different from that of average Midwestern American - besides their conspicuously consuming habits? Do rural Nepalis have to be taught to eat? Do they have to be taught to understand that hope for tomorrow is what gets people going today? The answer naturally is no. These are natural human qualities that need not be taught nor represented.

If nothing, parties – post 90 have provided an outlet for expressions of natural reaction in face of people’s inability to get the basics in life. They have provided a platform from where those in the cities are at least made aware of situations elsewhere. The parties have, in the least, set the stage from which people can view the disparities and perhaps work to close the gap without violent means.

If the monarchic system of government had provided representation through all sections of Nepali society, if it had fed Nepali all the while, if it had not stratified populations along so many different levels and classes, we wouldn’t be seeing this strong and violent reaction called Maoism in Nepali lands today.

Government can represent people in any/all different dimensions. If people lack political sophistication to understand complex setups, does not mean that they are to be left unrepresented or underrepresented. That is what monarchy did. They left the people ALONE – without TRYING to make them understand their potential rights as individuals and collective duties as citizens. In fact, such has also found its way through to some condescending expats who continually reflect similar sentiments and gladly call themselves believer of ‘democracy’. Delusions haunt these suckers!

Moral of the story, it becomes extremely important that people are taught/made to understand the basic functioning of government and not left alone under wraps. Indifference over longer period of time can lead to aggression as the only means of getting attention. If the royalists had realized early enough that the best way to keep the country together was indeed to loosen its grip, rather than tighten and choke the general populace and economy, perhaps Nepal would have saved last 50 years of underdevelopment.

Offering to counter Mark’s piece with that of Maoist is only reflective of how skewed his opinions can get about Nepali struggle. I know it because I have read his other pieces. For me, it is almost the same as the other extreme of Maoist hyperbole. Why, would you call me a Maoist if I absolutely don’t agree with him? Yeah, go ahead, take a shot.

Oh my god! Once when the Maoists rallied the streets of Kathmandu, your breath stopped. Naturally your brain-function ceased as well. You started to hallucinate and saw Maoists taking over Nepal. You should avoid going to Thamel so frequently. There, a perfectly rational explanation to your exaggeration/hyperbole of 500,000 Maoists in Katmandu. At most, there are 30,000 Maoists in Nepal. 20,000 of PLA. Another 50,000 active supporters. That makes total number to be less than 100,000. You simply saw in ratio of 1:5. Stop exaggerating dammit!

Well Sherpas got their thing going. Somehow expat-Sherpas wish to be called ‘Sherpas’ more than ‘Nepalis’. That really surprised me when I was in NY. Talk about crisis in regional and ethnic identity. Or it could just be a way of maximizing oneself with Sherpa label in the west. Who knows…

On ‘G as better option than Maoists’

I will be really simple on this as abstraction is not your forte I see. Communist experiments happen all around the world for one and one reason only: affordability. This affordability translates into basic necessities of life. When such are not met, there is natural tendency to attract attention as way of getting help. What nature does attracting attention take depends on how early it is recognized by appropriate authorities. As time goes on, radical theories and violent means are employed. What starts as a small attempt to get basic necessities, over time, because of political and social indifference leads to a national crisis. That is classic Maoism in a nutshell. If some parts are valid grievances of rural, marginalized and disenfranchised; other parts are simply unnecessarily snowballed reaction to the general socio-politico-economic-cultural setup of Nepal.

As uncorrupt the leaders Nepalis want, where does that sense of expectation come from? Why are people in perpetual state of shock and awe about their leader’s lack of honesty and their inefficient civil servants? Who has measured the achievement of our country versus the expectation of our people? Nepal was one of the poorest countries in 1990. How can an ordinary employee without amassed family inheritance afford a basic standard of living in the first place? Corruption happens/ed at different levels of government. It is not only in Singha Darbar. Those Kathmandu expats who so vociferously write and talk of corruption in Nepal are themselves product of such monolithic system, yet to point fingers specifically at select few or particular system of government as symbol of moral degeneration is in my opinion very disingenuous and hypocritical of them in the first place.

But the cat’s out of the bag now. Putting G as check for ‘runaway corruption and incompetence’ is like getting fox to guard the hen-house. While G may not need to engage himself in ordinary corruption as he has already amassed fortune, your wish would have made sense had G not acquired the status he has in the general populace already. As an unbiased observer, 2nd coming of G is virtually impossible because, like I said in my earlier post; G became a frame of reference for all the politicians, people and the rest to measure a leader against. Lo and behold, Girija came ahead. Perhaps waiting for the ‘new breed’ of self-professed morally-ethically superior expats is the better option. Then again, why the hell are they not back home to clean up the mess, or is it that they want somebody else to do it so that later on some protégé of yours can start another blog, hounding on those who are back there trying to make some tangible difference NOW. Talk about ranting armchair reformers.

Another point I’d like to add to that is the problem of Maoists. What people overlook now is the havoc country was facing from Maoist insurgency until April. G tried to outdo Maoists politically, but no one bought that farce. Neither could G flex his military muscle and pound the Maoists to show that he really cared for his county. Had he successfully dealt with the Maoists at any level, perhaps your wish could have come true. Alas, G became only a symbol of autocratic ruler surrounded by bunch of inefficient goons of his father’s era. G made a grand entrance but failed to follow the act, eventually to be booed off the royal stage while parties undoubtedly stole the show later on when they made amends with the Maoists.

In a sentence, SPA is a better option because they are in the process of solving one of the major political and military conundrums in modern Nepali history; the problem of Maoist insurgency. Just for that you got to give them a second chance.

What can I say, that’s politics.

-Anon 9:15

8:05 PM, September 02, 2006

At 7:07 AM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

Think of it as choosing the lesser of the two evils!

At 10:44 AM, September 03, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Yes, Bhudai, you are right. And I must confess, I've perpetrated a bit of a scam here.

Readers who've followed blogdai over the past 18 months realize that I have, on occasion, been known to string along posters such as our 9:15. This is done for two reasons: First it shows the elasticity of logic in SPAM supporters. Over the last few days we've seen this person:

1. Go from threatening crucifixion and stating a desire to let SPAM fleece the Nepali people instead of the King, and betting on Prachanda; to some of the most eloquent democratic interpretations we've seen here.

2. Insist and demand that blogdai provide specific references and then claim for himself that he didn't want to get into "what (he himself) specifically said."

3. Go from a ranting profane lunatic to a calmer more subdued lunatic.

4. Lapse into nebulous stream-of-consciousness thoughts (see above) when confronted with the realization that Nepalis actually have NO government representation.

With logic like this anything is possible, and anything can be called "democracy."
Why bother to have any philosophy if you can turn on a dime this way? Disconnect and dissonance is a hallmark of many SPAM supporters and leaders. Keep the debate unfocussed and off-balance, throw in some impassioned tirades and the non-comprehending elements of society will fall in lock-step behind you. I thought we all needed to see this first-hand to realize we are not going to win the war with logic and compromise. It was dodge and evade and tit-for-tat. Our friend would often claim to have not said something that was clearly on display in his previous posting. You can’t fight an unarmed man who doesn’t know he’s unarmed.

The second reason and one most of you may be aware of from the past, the monsoon is nearing its end and the big fall debate and argument season is upon us. While our friend may not have been the most lucid of sparring partners, he at least was persistent enough to allow blogdai to loosen up and stretch the ol’ debate legs. So, bring on the fall debates!

What we have to look forward to will be :

-Withdrawal of Maoists from the peace process.

-Increasing dissatisfaction from the real citizen diaspora.

-Further dithering by the UN and the parties on the issue of a constituent assembly.

-The steadfast refusal of the Maoists to lay down arms.


At 12:31 PM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Been following this seemingly endless thread and have concluded that you, Mr. Blog Dai are a bit of a pompous prick. Not all bad in this case. At least you contest the issues with some order.

This other fellow is all over the map and one has to wonder what planet he is from.

I will point out to you a substantial eybrow raiser from the gentleman's last post that you failed to pick up apon.

When mentioning the fundamentals of how he believed the Maoists became powerful, he mentions a rural populace looking to be fed and looking for answers and thus, showing more receptivity to Maoism. This is certainly true, but the main slip up is that the era of which we speak and of when Maoism grew and citizen dispair gained ground was during the 1990's when a supposedly fully democratic parliament--the seven party alliance of today--was in power.

He cannot blame the royals for that one. One can't remember Nepal's poor banging on the palace doors demanding for the removal of Birendra at such a time.

At 12:36 PM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Edited for clarity and content)

Anonymous said...
Bhudai Pundit:

Actually it's not choosing the lesser of two evils. It is a bit complicated than that which I am sure you realize more than the blog administrator here. It is actually SOLVING the problem of two evils simultaneously – monolithic and dilapidated system of monarchy which has unduly served its purpose, and the problem of Maoist insurgency that have been plaguing Nepal for last ten years. And the only way to do that is through SPA as the middle ground.

Backtracking a bit, G thought he could do two things:

Ignore Maoists politically or pound them militarily. Former lead to 'more of the same' with broken talks and Maoists continually holding their grip in rural areas. In fact that only allowed Maoist to claim more victory in rural areas of Nepal. Latter was apparently impossible given Nepal’s terrain and nature of warfare.

Again, I have no problem with G competing in elections to run the country. In fact he should swallow his pride, head the RPP and fight the elections as an ordinary citizen. You might be surprised. He might actually win. How’s that for true representation!


At 12:57 PM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok now let's see if this one gets approved by the king's council:

go on kid yourself and censor. i will find you sooner or later and perhaps at a more neutral ground is where i can put that last nail into coffin.

actually, i don't even have to do that cause you have already done that to yourself by moderating/editing a perfectly valid post. btw will you tell your loyalists that it had NO profanity whatsoever, only loads of arguments against you. will you do that for me, lunatic, will ya?

-anon 9:15

At 1:31 PM, September 03, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Thanks for your comments. We've reinstated the moderation function unfortunately.

What we have here in Mr. 9:15 is a radical and a radical can "only survive when fear replaces reason." to quote my favorite editorial cartoonist. Repetitive fear-based comments, Idiological ramblings, profanity and the like will be edited out simply because we've heard it all before.

One asks, where do we draw the line? Isn't censoring this person an admission of defeat? Well no. Our friend allows no dissent and insist on an ideological hijacking of this discussion. Any attempt to rationalize, argue or prove him wrong is met with condemnation, profanity or a side-step. So, when does this become counterproductive to the freedom of our other readers to express themselves? Well, NOW, I've decided.

In a way, 9:15 practices a crude method of debate autocracy. No give and take, just shut the door and pound the drumbeat of your opinions. Is that democratic? Perhaps because it's a bit like a fillibuster, but is it fair? No. Others have nowhere to step into this debate or change its course.

So, 9:15 has been given more than his 15 minutes here. He is welcome to post away but he has to make a POINT. Any point. Even wrong points, but points they must be.

Everything else is the same old crap we've heard before

At 2:14 PM, September 03, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Oh I love this.

Game, set and match, says blogdai. Talk about nail in the coffin, you've just validated my entire arguement by your little threat and here's why:

You can't handle a little editing. I get edited every day. In fact, in a democracy, we get edited, editorialized, criticised, satirized and pulverized every day; it's part of the process. The fact that this spurs you towards violent threats tells me so much about your philosopy.

Holding up our opinions for the scrutiny of others takes a higher level of functioning. Intolerance of criticism and editing puts us in the league of animals. When I get shut down, criticised in a forum or debased in any way, do I go for my guns and ram home my point? No. Those who care about others and equal representation for all -- and here's my big point -- look for a way to get their point across within the rules and limitations of the system; that's a republic.


Here's what you may not understand. It is YOUR individual responsibility to play by the rules established by the people (or blogdai in this case)and either adapt your point of view or subjugate it to said fora.

Now, this doesn't exclude individual expression--not by a long shot--but it does show a willingness to respect the views and parameters set out by the majority so that the majority of people can express their views politiely and defferentially. Those with skill make comments that invite others to comment and establish new ideas.

The best part about blogs is that they let everyone have a voice.

The worst part about blogs is that they let everyone have a voice.

Too much moderation is censorship, not enough, anarchy.

You've been edited. Big deal. It is not life or death. This is a blog. Also not a big deal. If you were committed to understanding anything that involves democratic practice over ideological strictisms you would allow for this and not want to kill your opposition here.

Sanity prevailing, if you still don't like how you're treated or what you read here, you can take your blogging to a site that is more to your liking; that's freedom of choice.


At 2:18 PM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

bd, this kukur is dead in dirt. Stop kicking him

At 3:06 PM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Radicals by definition are extremists and there has not been an instance where I have ‘radicalized’ any part of political discourse. If taking a political middle ground of supporting the SPA is radicalizing sentiments then Nepal must now be the radical state populated by raving mad radicals. If this is isn’t the most skewed view of events in Nepal, one has to wonder what is. Blogdai is as democratic has the practice he believes in - moderating comments and censoring people who have points to refute his.

Naturally, censoring is no admittance of tolerance and acceptance which are in fact unknown virtues to loyal supporters who practice autocracy while cloaking a much abused sentiment of democracy.

I agree, debating in blogs require specific skills of reducing many points to few and making a case. Perhaps I have not managed to do that as I am not very well versed in such. But also, the problem of Nepal cannot be reduced to few points and we cannot pretend that larger crisis gets solved by attending to those few we find easy to nurture. I have over many days now provided the following points in response to blogdai’s diatribe:

On G

-G as failure to represent Nepalis
-G incapable of coming back in the capacity as the King; I accept his bid to run elections
-Monarchy as institution that has served its purpose
-No future for Monarchy because of G’s mishandling of issues. Mainly the Maoists
-Monarchy as equally corrupt as ‘others’


-SPA as the political middle-ground. This refutes blogdai’s accusation that I am a ‘radical’
-SPA as mediator between Monarchy and Maoists
-SPA as representation of larger Nepali consciousness
-SPA as the only political group to try reform over revolution
-SPA as the leading entity involved in attending various political and legislative issues that remained ignored before.

On Maoists

-Some are legitimate grievance while others are exploited sentiments
-Insurgency ‘started’ in mid-90s but the practice of marginalization started 200 years ago
-Need to be tamed into trying reforms; not revolution
-Need to be listened to, else risk we risk a much dire consequences
-Need to be politically accepted if Nepal wants them to reject violence

Thus I have provided points throughout. I am not looking for my 15 mts here, neither am I here to spam your site as a SPAMer. I have challenged blogdai to continue this debate elsewhere, through email, telephone, any medium he feel s comfortable with just so that my posts don’t get EDITED and I don’t occupy other’s valuable space.

-Anon 9:15

At 6:14 PM, September 03, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

Monarchy as equally corrupt as ‘others’?
I beg to differ... the Monarchy is far more currupt then the SPA was in those 10 years! At least with the SPA alot more people got in on the action. With the Monarchy it was only a select few ... perhaps like the anonymous above who has been constatnly bitching and moaning with his dire insult of "Chimp".

Anyway Blogdai I a little confused as to what your position is with the Monarchy excatly. I know I have read above that you would like an democratic system so I don't know where you stand. In a few sentences please tell me, if you would, what you would like the Monarchy's role to be right now.

At 8:29 PM, September 03, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Alright Bhudai, fair enough. First off, get thick-skinned like blogdai and forget about the "chimp" guy. he expresses his way, you, yours.

I'll go over my position on the royals again for you. Now, bear in mind, I've gone back through the blogdai archives and realize that I'll be reiterating a position I first announced back in Jun of 2005.

Here we go. I believe the institution of the monarchy is inextricably linked with the culture of both political and rural Nepal. It is perhaps, I've come to learn, the only thing blogdai and girija Koirala agree on; although Babu has been known to switch on a dime, so let's not hold our breaths.

To the meat: I believe, as stated far above, that the King did what was necessary and constitutional to halt the advance of both Maoism and governmental incompetence through his takover of 2005.

Having said that, I do not believe that G. is capable as a royal, nor has the ability and insight to lead his people governmentally on a daily basis. So, I am against the rule of absolute monarchy in Nepal. Regardless of the drumbeat of 9:15, this has been an obvious point to our readers for over a year now.

What then, do I want from our monarchy? As a valuable member of the governmental community and perhaps the single object of Nepali unity, the monarchy should always represent an alternative voice. Limited in power, sure, but still influential. I believe the true voice of Nepalis would agree. In fact it is obvious that past voices of Nepalis did agree or else the King's powers under article 127 of the 1990 constitution would never have passed the initial constitutional review. His value to his people was demonstrated then by the fact that he was given what amounted to emergency stop-gap powers under the old constitution by his people. I have said here on many occasions that the constitution of Nepal is not flawed: only those charged with enforcing its provisions. So, give the King some sort of regulated and newly revised constitutional check-and-balance power to keep corrupt officials from running rampant and stealing Nepal blind and I'll be happy. A one-house government is no government at all, but an autocracy.

What then do I want for Nepal as a whole? New voices. New ideas. A sweeping away of this old corrupt guard and a fresh breeze of new democracy and public service. To say that Girija and his minions are the best Nepal can do at this time is lazy and represents a failure of initiative.

We've highlighted and proven here that there are many voices ready and willing to speak their minds in Nepal and to lead.

They just need the chance.

Thank you Bhudai for your timely and relevant question.


At 2:57 PM, September 06, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reasonably well done clean up job, Blog dai. 9:15 is blistering angry I am sure because he had more "points" to make. You have been more than fair in letting this 9:15 prattle on. In essence, we've all seen his repetitiveness and stubborn insistence. Frankly, I've had enough and am glad you ended the whole bloody mess on a good note.

At 2:43 PM, September 07, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

I was hoping to get to this earlier but I had no time. I hate to disappoint anonymous who thinks this discussion is over but I still have many questions for the almighty blogdai...

"I believe, as stated far above, that the King did what was necessary and constitutional to halt the advance of both Maoism and governmental incompetence through his takeover of 2005."

Did what was necessary? So you think it is okay for a constitutional monarch that is supposed to be a neutral institution, above politics etc. to step in and take power in a coup by arresting the prime minister and jailing political leaders? Should the king be allowed to do this in the future as well? Isn't this a slippery slop and doesn't it create the potential for abuse by future monarchs? I wonder what the Thais, Japanese, Norwegians would think if their King or Queen had a constitutional loophole that allowed them to “take over” like G. I find your proposal analogous to Bangladesh and Pakistan where the military routinely holds coups and dismisses governments they don’t think is right … I don’t know about you Blogdai, but I would rather avoid this model of governance.

Halt the advance of Maoism? Now Blogdai I hope you don't think there is actually a military solution to the Maoist problem. Tell me where have you seen an insurgency fought and won with military might? The RAN was fighting for years but with no success! Initially (say before G took over) the army had all the support didn't it? But they made no major strategic advances. The leadership was at large, the Maoists continued to have control over various districts and they were successfully running a parallel government in most of western Nepal. So why did you think the King taking over would all of a sudden halt the advance of Maoism? Before and after G took over, I would continue to hear of RNA casualties every day. Did you think that after G took over the RNA performed better and if so what are you basing your assumption on? After G took over it became clear that he had no intention of talking with the Maoists. The Maoists declared a 3 month ceasefire and the Royal government made no attempt to reach out to them. In fact on the eve of the last day of the ceasefire, the RNA attacked a Maoist stronghold thereby eliminating any chance of a further ceasefire. You agree that G was an incapable administrator and you saw that he was just not smart. So why and how would he have stopped Maoism? You say, “Having said that, I do not believe that G. is capable as a royal, nor has the ability and insight to lead his people governmentally on a daily basis.” So how do you think he would be able to stop the Maoists? I don’t believe G is a great military strategist nor does he have any experience in military affairs… So enlighten me Blogdai.

Fine I agree with you assertion that the Monarchy should represent an alternative voice and act as a neutral institution that symbolizes the unity of the people. But I believe that when G ascended to the throne he had every intention of becoming a meddlesome interfering monarch. In fact he himself said that he was not going to be like his brother and stay neutral.
Okay, so first he pressurizes Deuba to hold elections – that was an unfair and unreasonable demand given Nepal’s political situation. As much as I HATE Sher Badhur Deuba, there was no way anyone could have created the environment to hold free and fair elections. So he dismisses the Deuba government under the pretense that he was unable to hold elections. Blogdai, does that seem like someone who is sincere or does it seem like a Monarchy who was itching to get into the action? Then of course he started appointing successive incompetent government but we don’t need to go over that.

So in conclusion Blogdai, your view seems reasonable although I think it is somewhat naïve! Well it’s a long post but hopefully you’ll be able to answer some of my questions.

At 6:15 PM, September 07, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...


I think it may be more naive to think that Deuba was, at all , making a good faith attempt to hold elections. Remember again that these guys hadn't held one in the previous 7 years, so what exactly do we need to hold on and wait for? G. labeling Deuba as "incompetent" is right on the money. A reasonably competent representative government can take reasonable measures to hold democratic elections in a reasonable amount of time. 8 years shows nothing more than a committment to avoid elections, wouldn't you think? Plus I'm not sure G. was itching to get into the action as you say. Prior to the demonstrations, G. said he would listen to any reasonable ideas to form a government. Remember? All the parties had to do was put something in writing and G. would work with them to make something happen. Anything! Now I ask you, what would be the harm in proposing such a list? Even if your worst fears were realized and G. condemned the list and used it as a tool to further some greedy plot, at least the parties would have had the moral high ground to start their protests. What about the King's 3 olive branches? Those three very distinct invitations for dialogue? What purpose was there to shun such invitations, even if they turned out to be a disaster? What I believe G. was trying to do was spark some kind of initiative that would lead to actual competent governmental action. The parties ignored him! How can any group begin to build a foundation in anything unless they know the perameters and positions of all parties?

Don't be tempted to fall into some mysterious historical anectdote for why this new movement shouldn't acknowledge the King in any fashion. this is the 21st century. To be a part of it, Nepal cannot afford to burn any bridges withing it's own political theatre.

I do think what the King did was necessary. The politicians running the show were numb and immuned to any scrutiny. This, at the very least, should have served as a wake-up-call. A despot would have killed the opposition or jailed them indefinitely. If I remember correctly, all political leaders jailed were released. Again, a wake up call. Having said that, I do very much agree with you that this can be a slippery slope. Perhaps a stronger judiciary filling this need for checks-and-balances might help. At the very least, a regulated, lessened role for the King as a starter. And again, perhaps this leads to a bigger question of how best to check the greed and insure the competence of elected (someday, hopefully) officials?

We see how thick-headed these politician are now because they've resorted to the identical, inefficient form of government they practiced prior to takeover. All of them need to be swept out of office and banned from future political positions.

I've said it in many forms: there will be no negotiated settlement as long as Maoists have guns. Look today at their level of increased brutality. It now matches pre-takeover levels. Again, possibly for the 100th time, Maoists must be forced into a corner before they will negotiate. The government, you're little protest, and the UN have given them the green light to do as they please. They are more open and powerful than ever, why should they negotiate? Read my "Seven Points" article below for extra credit if you feel like it.

Good ,well-presented, opposition, Bhudai--as always.


At 7:25 PM, September 07, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Umm...let's see. What prompted the moderation key off now; a sudden epiphany that there's no point to be made besides carrying a dead donkey on your back? A donkey that actually died in April which you try to unsuccessfully resuscitate now?

Good points B Pundit. Please don’t underestimate blogdai; his views are as naïve as G’s intention to baby-sit Nepal. But even before we give any credibility to the idea that monarchy SHOULD be given ANY space in ANY capacity of Nepali politics, let us revisit some of the myths that govern the institution of monarchy which have brought about this madness.

Albeit the big brotherhood of ‘blogdai’ is going to exercise his god given blog power to edit the post, let me quickly say that I also believe with much conviction how monarchy is ‘inextricably’ linked to the culture of Nepal – culture of Rana-Shah hegemony to be precise. Monarchy has nothing to do with the benign politics and rural traditions of Nepal, apart form its interest in centralizing power in the hands of select class. Where rural Nepal comes under radar - for monarchy, is in abusing the sentiment of poor about the myth of benevolent king as some avatar of Vishnu sanctioned to rule over inferior dominion.

Nothing could be possibly more wacked than wrong interpretation and propagation of Hindu social contract by some self-serving knowers of Sanatan Dharma. The idea of king as avatar of Vishnu is as subjective as Adi Sankacharya’s claim of individuals as God-supreme. And to see modern tourists like blogdai preach their version without culturally accurate reference only strengthens my point - how culturally, socially and politically misinformed the foreigners are.

How preposterous – the idea of monarchy as symbol of unity. Here’s a bitter doze of reality for you: monarchy rallied the country in false and abstract precept of nationalism and unity ever since the half-revolution of the fifties. False because monarchy put its own interest before the country’s; abstract because poor Nepalis were looking for basic needs no be met, not shoved with empty rhetoric of royalism and nationalism down their throat.

Nepalis have been bombarded with Panchayati propaganda in thinking that country cannot function without a monarch. Rather than a symbol of unity, a little scratch below the surface reveals that monarchy is indeed the CAUSE of stratified Nepal – stratified along ethnic and regional lines because it failed to represent anyone outside its highly homogenous ethnic and social group.

Even if Nepali people were to be generous enough to allow monarchy as ceremonial, there is no way in hell any legislation will pass that’ll allow any amount of power to be vested in the King – either to ‘check’ the parties or suck the blood of people – anymore. The recent headline of G losing his authority over attesting public documents as head of state is just one of many such examples - how blogdai is utterly divorced from reality which he claims to be shaping for future Nepal.

I give you the classic Don Quixote and his windmills; there’s no need to read Cervantes anymore.

Blissfully content without monarchy in any way, shape or form.
-Anon 9:15

At 9:15 PM, September 07, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Such extremes; perhaps you should read the more recent headlines where one of those ubiquitous NC general secretaries (Gurung) said that there must be a role for the King as "head of state" before you make another one of your absolutisms like "utterly divorced." This came on the heels of some other NC fop declaring that a Republic goes against the wishes of the NC, or some such nonsense as that.

We can draw parallels with monarchies in other countries, sure, but I'll use a simpler illustration from the Yanks. Americans invoke God in just about everything. "In God We Trust" on coins, "One nation, under God" in the pledge of allegiance, you get the idea. The arguments fly fast and free from all manner of groups purporting that government, by the use of such phraseology, is forcing Christianity down the throats of U.s. citizens. This matches your knee-jerk response against the monarchy as a symbol of national unity. When I'm in the U.s. and see such God invocations, I don't see a sinister religious plot, I see a cultural and historical marker. yanks were a god-fearing group back then and seeing their representation of this on coins and the like is more a historical reference and as such, a point of unity.

Your time would be better served getting rid of the Maoists. Leave the King alone. I get tired of repeating myself on this issue so I'll assume that the current malaise of everyone calling for the head of Koirala and blaming Parliament for dithering is serving as a wake-up call from a long revolutionary stupor. One trusts that your paranoia of all opinions foreign will undergo an enlightened adjustment as well. Smart governments and people seek counsel from any relevant source.

All of this, actually, makes blogdai happy. People are taking an interest in their (bad) government. More so than any other time in the past that I can recall. Remember, an infomed populace is an active populace; and active populations form movements based on concensus.

The real people's revolution has yet to begin.


At 11:30 AM, September 08, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

The Americans using God as a symbol is hardly comparable to Nepal's Monarchy being the symbol of national unity.

“G. labeling Deuba as "incompetent" is right on the money.”
Ahhh but blogdai … it is right for us or anyone to label Deuba as incompetent. But I don’t think a Constitutional monarch should be labeling anyone. That’s the whole point of having a constitutional monarchy. He/She is suppose to be bipartisan and beyond politics. He has no right to label anyone… Do you see Queen Elizabeth criticizing Prime Minister Blair’s policies? Or for an example closer to Nepal look at how the Thai Royal family behaves.
Blogdai, there is no question that the post 1990 political leaders had the brain of a mischievous monkey (or as ‘anonymous’ to call a ‘Chimp’). But I don’t think they were intentionally trying to avoid elections. We had 12 or 13 different governments in 13 years… it was chaotic and they these Nehtas fought amongst each other like crazy but they weren’t necessarily trying to get out of holding elections. Besides once the Maoist movement gained ground there was no chance of holding free and fair elections. Did you not see the fiasco during the municipal elections?

Also Blogdai, I think Anon has a point. This misconception about the Monarchy as this with his God-like persona being the symbol of National unity is a highly exaggerated myth. After all what did the Monarch do for these people? During Rana regimes they were marginalized and oppressed while the Katmandu-centric rulers enjoyed the fruits of their exploitation. If I am poor villagers in Western Nepal - there are no road, hospitals, school etc. where I live, do I really care about the Monarchy being a symbol of national unity? Hinduism itself was an imposed religion on these people and they were coerced into believing that the King was a reincarnation of Vishnu. So the monarchy has just exploited the ignorance of these poor people and kept them at a certain socio-economic level so they don’t rise and challenge the status quo. Blogdai, you are a foreigner, and you may not be entirely familiar with the Rana regime atrocities and they used to behave and rule the Kingdom. But before you jump to the conclusion that the conclusion that the Monarchy is a vital role in Nepali society.
I agree with you, that G isn’t comparable to Idi Amin but it’s high time that Nepal and the Nepalese people ask some serious question about their identity and introspect if this institution is necessary to define their national identity. I think the KTM based Takuris, Chettris would argue it is – but you might be surprised that the rest of the country (80% of the population) don’t think so.

At 12:26 PM, September 08, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

The analogy with god and the yanks was dead on; I had a hunch no one would get it though. Perhaps this: The history of monarchy in Nepal helps to chronicle the struggle of a people and as such, is a unifying factor. Should we take the spinning wheel off the Indian flag because home-spun cloth is no longer marketed and Ghandi is dead? People are unified when they have a unified sense of where they came from--good or bad.

It can be argued that the politicians thumbing their noses at the populace during the 90's and thus giving fuel to Maoism as an alternative voice is a unifying factor as well.

So, if Nepal is not prepared to look beyond past Rana atrocities and to move forward, what hope is there of an embrace of 21st century democracy? See? The whole Rana/history reference is that nebulous/mystical reference frame that I mentioned a few posts ago. Nepal has to just LET IT GO.

The point is, the world community--should Nepal decides to become a serious part of it--does not give a hoot about what happened during the Rana years; only Nepal's current ability to safeguard investments, treat it's people fairly, and respect international laws and conventions. International aid donors (now 40% of Nepal's GDP) will not make a decision to withdraw or grant aid on your deep-seeded resentments; only on the points above.

And there it was again. An outsider can't possibly know....blah, blah. Listen outsiders DO have some knowledge. Nepal is one of the poorest nations in the world and teetering on becoming a failed state. Should we applaud your sense of cultural autonomy for this? Close the doors then and let the world watch you become absorbed into the India collective. Go ahead! We foreigners can't possibly know enough to help you since you are doing such a fine job of it yourselves, right?

bhudai, I get crass in the face of such logic, but I mean no disrespect to either your love of Nepal or your earnestness in presenting your good ideas.

What I would love to hear from someone of your obvious intellect is that you can forget the problems of the past, seek world counsel and move forward with an informed, Nepali derived plan, to save Nepal.

Without this, you might as well be a part of India.


At 4:20 AM, September 09, 2006, Anonymous B said...

Mr. Pundit,

The fact is you criticise the SPA just so that you look neutral and objective and gives you a background to go after the monarch. You guys are very clever. Everytime you criticise the SPA you do it in a way as if you are doing everyone a favor.

Yes, you question the relevance of our monarchy when people have started questioning the relevance of our country's existance itself. The only thing you have to attack our monarchy is "237 years of atrocious history". Whatever that may mean. on one hand you agree that the culprits of those gone era can not be punished and there is nothing one can do about it, but on the other you bring it up just to make your beloved spa look good.

The other reality that you keep forgetting about (perhaps intentionally) is that, all those who support the institution of monarchy are not necessarily anti democratic as you seem to suggest. As a matter of fact it your so called royalists who seem to be demanding elections more than you democratic leaders. You can not actually criticise our present king with 237 years of history now. Be specific. How is this government more democratic than the last one?

If you think that Deuba and co before the royal take over were not trying to avoid elections, you must have done your research and you are entitled to your psychological evaluations. But then so am i. I think they were trying to avoid elections and there can be no doubt about. They are still going to try and avoid elections. As a matter of fact, i do not think there is going to be any sort of elections any time soon in Nepal. You criticized the last municipal election as a failed one. If you consider the physical threats the SPAM declared against anyone who had anything to do with the election (death of the taxi driver prior to the election was scary as well), i think it was a success. I think it was the conduction of the municipal election that proved that if the SPA had wanted the election to take place, it could have. It was worth the risk of some leaders losing their lives than having a government non representative of the people for almost five years.

However, the leaders were even safe from the maoists were not they. In their people's war the maoists have selectively avoided, foreigners, diplomats, journalists, politicians, NGO/INGO workers, rich people, beurocrates except for innocent general civilians and army. What kind of people's war is this where the maoists have selectively avoided everyone except for the people.

At 9:01 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

This is a fine analysis B, but I regret that the pattern of rebuttal will only focus on your last paragraph. In the face of your well-presented arguments, an incredulous din will arise to salvage any momentume you're opposition might have claimed.

They will scream about your assertion that the Maoists did not target all those you mention in your last paragraph. We do have evidence of a journalist being killed, and repeated targetings of NC and other government officials at the VDC level. Plus a few attacks on The RNA can be thrown in as well.

I had to bring this up because blogdai doesn't want to see your other points side-stepped by those seeking to keep an argument alive by avoiding your main assertions entirely.


At 9:25 AM, September 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will try to make this short as I realize your visitors lack sophistication in penetrating through layers of sociopolitical conundrums at both levels–theoretical and practical.

Here again you fail to see the distinction – mainly between invoking God and playing God or favorites of God. Any theist society would ultimately rely on the existence of ‘invisible hand’ as a source of their inspiration; any theist society would then go overboard in using such sentiment to subdue or exploit the masses for their self-interest. Catholics have been doing it by ‘absolving’ sins; Muslims still exploit on that sentiment; Hindus have their own dogma. History is painted with events where such (mis)inspirations have led to crumbling of states, fragmentation of social order resulting in mass exodus or genocides or inquisitions of some sort.

Perhaps the better ways of viewing unity of Nepal and Nepalis is through the honing of our identities - having serious discussion/debates on what it means to be Nepali in a changed sociopolitical context. Instead of defining Nepal by historical reference of monarch as a unifier, SPA as ‘traitors’ and Maoists as ‘terrorists’, perhaps exploring a different dimension - how WE define and perceive ourselves as Nepalis would help in easing the political crisis. In absence of historical myths, modern heroes and contemporary celebrities, the population itself is in need of proverbial shot-in-the-arm. Ironically, that shot-in-the-arm could come in terms of Nepal being a republic where people may quite well realize the real interdependencies between themselves to be a new unifying force, at least conceptually.

This is no time to be too critical of the past, neither to complacent about the future. Until now Nepalis have been reacting to the changes in ‘state level’ without showing any significant commitment/responsibility governing the ‘social level’. Where state is the machinery of society, Nepali intellectuals and public at large have overlooked one crucial fact of its operation: state is NOT the collective will of the people; state is actually the collective intelligence governing/representing society. From this it can be argued that we cannot expect state-machinery to be ‘perfect’ if WE as citizen lack attribute to collectively define ourselves – our collective will and wants.

Hence the first order of business becomes to create/reveal an identity – social or cultural that can endure independently of those three political forces.

-Anon 9:15

At 10:17 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

You absolute idiot. Theism, religion and/or it's place in political society or as in comparison to other societies was never even remotely the point of my "God" analogy.

The idea, ONCE AGAIN, was to show that concepts currently unpopular or hotly debated shold be allowed, in some instances, to stand as a reminder of a country's path to development and realization. Such collective acknowledgement and tolerance of past mistakes is an effective unifying mechanism.

" This is no time to be too critical of the past.." What in God's name led you to this statement since you've done nothing but bash 273 years of royalty and blame them for the mess Nepal is in?

You are positionless and all over the map. I'm tired of you.


At 10:27 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

We also count on the State to give us the mechanism to express our collective wishes and help determine how to "define and perceive ourselves" Through elections. This is a good path, as you mention.

Why was this not the chief agenda of the April demonstrations?

And how can a Nepali "perceive" anything about himself or his countrymen when he has no idea what everyone is thinking since there are no outlets of mass expression like elections?


At 10:42 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

To state in bold terms that Government does not represent the will of the people but some nebulous "intelligence" represents acollossal misunderstanding of the hallmarks of representative democracy.

Government should have NO function other than to represent the views expressed by citizens through elections. If it's not citizen "intelligence" being represented, then who's?

You might as well start in again with the profanity: it's the only thing you're good at.


At 11:59 AM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

(Editors note: I can't publish 9:15's comments as they are, as predicted, profanity laced and foul. We've given this short-fused little idiot enough time to explain himself and he's failed. Plus my excercises at his expense are over. So, to Mr. 9:15 please go over to Samudaya or one of those other shout-fests where you can practice your english, use big words all you want, and never worry about making an ounce of sense. You're forum has expired here. -=BD)

I don't know how I always fall into these traps. Perhaps the optimist in me keeps trying to pull out some shred of good from these people. 9:15 had some good points, but the constant self-contradiction and profanity made one wonder about his overall capacity.

It is my hope that such a short-fused, confused individual finds peace in his life.


At 12:36 PM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Ok, now starts the recognizable pattern. Is our 9:15 that same old broken record once known as 2:34? If not, we've got about a half dozen more blogdai hecklers we can select from.

We're now into the phase where I'm getting little repetitive postings. Isn't that the self-editing you hate so much 9:15? Should I just read your first outburst and disavow any subsequent? Next will come the "hate blogdai" website or some such nonsense; followed by the posting of anti-blogdai slogans around the blogosphere.

Anyway we will hold all of 9:15's comments. They won't be published here. Anyone wishing a copy can post a valid, non-proxy e-mail address here and I'll gladly send them to you for your perusal. Be warned and wear hip-boots!

Ah, ain't love grand.


At 12:51 PM, September 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. (B)blogdai, you sir, are a bit of a turd.

It is obvious that our 9:15 friend is missing the mark on a few postings, yet you persist in this bludgeoning. Leave the poor bastard alone and let him speak. Yes, he is self-contradictory, one dimensional and vindictive as you imply, but doesn't he deserve a hearing?

We have all seen this group of individuals: England educated or what-not children of Nepal who must hold forth on the issues of the day. Yes, the words, concepts and derivations of logic often do not meet end to end, but we should take this as a learning process and leave them to sound-out what eventually may evolve to be good, sane positions.

At 1:12 PM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

(Editors note:We just got 6 more little postings: Mostly variations on the "fuck you" theme from our friend 9:15)

Anyway anon, yes you are right. Perhaps this guy should be allowed to speak. But perhaps not. Blogdai has done this before: string along a persons such as this 9:15 in an effort to antagonize, irritate and above all, induce coherent debate. It's a tough love approach and I am guilty.

The day will come when Nepal will be interesting enough to the world where focused opinions will be solicited from all sectors. On that day do you think sound-biters like a FOX news will show any mercy to a guy like 9:15? No, let's expose his ilk to the rigorous scrutiny that any Nepali might expect from a world media in the near future. This is not a grammer test for spoiled expats, mind you. My aim is to piss off those who think they can comment on Nepal before they are able to string together coherent thoughts on the issues plaguing the country.

A few years back, Girija Koirala was interviewed by CNN or TBS, I forget. I do remember that he not only did not understand the questions and their context, but looked pathetically unprepared for such scrutiny. I also remember the newscasters having a bit of a chuckle at his expense.

So, never again, says blogdai. I'll be the bad cop here and piss off everyone if it means a well-prepared and eventually lucid block of argumentation from those who feel, wrongly, that an English education is enough to insure credibility.

It isn't.


At 1:16 PM, September 09, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what are you blabbering one sidedly when you don't even have guts to let people speak.

and all of a sudden YOU have grand knowledge of how Nepal should be. you typical of while colonial mentality. fine, i don't give a hoot about your English language. come argue with me in Nepali if you can.

you gona shut me down? you? even G couldn't shut the voices nomore. who the fuck are you paleass?

At 1:24 PM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

9:15 said;

what are you blabbering one sidedly when you don't even have guts to let people speak.

and all of a sudden YOU have grand knowledge of how Nepal should be. you typical of while colonial mentality. fine, i don't give a hoot about your English language. come argue with me in Nepali if you can.

you gona shut me down? you? even G couldn't shut the voices nomore. who the fuck are you paleass?

At 1:29 PM, September 09, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Had to print this one because it is not only funny but ironic and a perfect example of this type of mentality.

We've given poor 9:15 almost 50 postings to say what he has to say. At what point does it just become an obsession with counterpoint, 9:15? You profane this forum, you discuss, you contradict yet you never get fully past your anger and never show a willingness to compromise.

How much should we let you speak then if you don't respect the spirit of the discussion; you just want to ram home your narrow view? Take a lesson from Bhudai and a few others on how to work the thread properly so that their obviously opposing views get an airing.

Back to the editing dungeon for you.


At 1:33 AM, September 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lunatic fringe are always dangerous i.e., Maoist. They change their stance on a dime. In recent interview aka ruthless Killer "Prachande' " claimed he had not personally killed and justified killing of innocent, tortured, and orphaned as a collateral damage to be expected, please tell that to a son or a daughter or wife of person killed in the name of people's war. They pass the judgment without due process of law and execute the punishment - You tell me, is this democratic or scientific as aka Killer keeps on repeating to home in his false assumptions. And we are supposed to believe this people are the champions of people's right and democracy- go take a hike or jump off the cliff. It just boils me to hear them defend their self-righteous bark. Aka Killer also said that they had trained in the hills of Gorkha right after 1990 andolan to make bombs and purchased arms and ammunitions- this means they NEVER believed in democratic system or the constitutional form of government in the first place. Should we believe now?? No way.

We are at the point where appeasement by the SPA to the maoist have ran its course and are just waiting for the inevitable to happen. And we are in no position to question actions or the words of killer outfit. Why are we in this situation? They blame the King for 15 months of rule as being undemocratic and regressive- let me tell you one thing without being regressive ( curtailing of certain rights) this is not winnable and to add to this - if talks breaks down SPA will have no option but to be more regressive than what King was just to maintain semblance of functioning state. Why? they invited the devil inside the house and he is not going to leave unless he conquers or is driven out by hard exorcist's fire by fire.

So lets keep an option ready to fight the lunatic fringe with might- physically and mentally. As they say " if all good men keep quite, evil will triumph," Lets not afford this to anyone.


At 4:29 AM, September 10, 2006, Anonymous prism said...


If you are so hung up with the king holding elections, why don't you profess the idea of the king to contest the elections?

The king can either play the King or a politician. The time for playing both the king and the kingmaker in Nepal is over, can't you see?

At 6:58 AM, September 10, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

King or Kingmaker? What is that?

Perhaps we should elect our judiciary as well.

If you are trying to say that holding a King up for elections is a good idea, i agree with you. The point is, elected or not, there needs to be some independent voice to balance government action. Strengthen the courts, hold "king" elections, whatever.
But make distinct branches of government; neither subservient nor accountable to each other, yet charged with oversight of each others actions and given a decision-making power equal but not greater than the other branches.

I think you are on the right track with this.


At 7:36 AM, September 10, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

People might argue that instead ofa King, if Nepal were to become a republic - parliment could always elect a bipartisan president what would serve as an independent voice that would also act as a balancing mechanism.

Personally, I don't think the Monarchy has a long term future in Nepal given the kind of suspicion and scorn it arouses. When you do have an "independent voice" the person or institution has to be beyond reproach, respected and non-controversial. I seriously doubt the Monarchy commands any of the above qualities in Nepal. Furthermore, if you consider the kind of reputation Paras Shah has, I doubt the institution of Monarchy will serve in the manner Blogdai proposes.

At 8:09 AM, September 10, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Yes, and that is where the King blew it big time. Knowing full well the suspicion people have over past monarchal behaviour; and knowing how specifically suspicious people are of G., post massacre and knowing the contempt citizens feel for Paras; G. did a half-assed job with his takeover.

SPAM played into all of these suspicions perfectly to arouse citizen participation in their April protests. Add to that the rampant Maoists coercion and you get a sizeable group.

It is a common tactic for any group seeking a big turnout: Play your ideology card and when no one shows up to support it, summon every common denominator of public sentiment possible and adapt your rallying cry so as to maximize impact.

No, G. blew it. A little planning, a few concessions, a few gestures of good faith like tackling land reform from day 1 and showing full financial transparency might have helped sweep away some of the ghosts; but no, we had to listen to that fool Tulsi Giri say that the "constitution was an impediment" and other such nonsense.

I keep coming back to the question: If this were Birendra, would we have seen such a maginitude of protest? Would we have seen protests at all?


At 9:18 AM, September 10, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

(Editor's note: 9:15 has gone completely bonkers now. We've received about a dozen new comments. I could write a column on the ironies alone, but will give the latest example: After a tirade of describing lewd acts and royal excrement, 9:15 signs off by calling blogdai a "sicko." Classic! I'll prepare a highlight gag-reel of 9:15's best and will compile it here. Actually, I feel saddened. blogdai likes to have faith that all are good intentioned here. I was fooled again. We let 9:15 go on for too long and now this breakdown confirms that it was a mistake. -=BD)

And Prism, elections are the thing we should be "hung up" on. It is disturbing that you would characterize my current occupation with elections as a hang-up--as if elections were no big deal; an afterthought if you will.

It may show a larger problem: Perhaps the average Nepal citizen does not know the value of elections to a democratic society. Our current conditioning in Nepal is such that whenever we want to express a group viewpoint, we take to the streets. How sad. It is our history of mismanaged government under the banner of democracy, I'm convinced, that is the central reason why nepalis take issues into our own hands rather than democratically, through the election process.

SPAM incarnations, past and present, have made a mockery of the democratic process. Major reforms are needed and trust in the system must be restored.


At 10:35 AM, September 10, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

(Editor's update: Wordcount shows that fully 10% of 9:15's last (unpublishable) post was direct profanity--and rising! -=BD)

At 10:38 AM, September 10, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odd thing about blogs, Blogdai. What happened to our discussion on the UN? It was a good article. How did the discussion get here?

At 8:53 PM, September 10, 2006, Anonymous Bhudau Pundit said...

I posted a comment eariler and it hasn't posted. Perhaps it did not meet your approval.
I don't understand why you censor Anon 9:15. Let him have his say. It is your blog but you don't have to respond to each and every comment so let people come here and say what they want. So long as its not completly off topic and distasteful I don't see a problem.

At 1:31 PM, September 11, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

No Bhudai, I've posted everything you've sent. If i've missed something, send it along again.

Unless of course Bhudau is not Bhudai but someone being clever...


At 2:15 PM, September 11, 2006, Anonymous Bhudai Pundit said...

No that's me it was a typo. Anyway there must have been an error or something.

At 2:33 AM, September 17, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about including Prof. Marks latest interview and write-ups. Its due. Love to hear from him.


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