Friday, July 21, 2006

Seven Points

Separated at birth? Prachanda and Hezbollah's Sheik Hassan Nasrallah

We have been on this planet for almost a generation without a major war or global conflict that reminds us of our need to shake ourselves and realize a few things about the world we live in and the nature of humanity. In today's view, every conflict can be solved with meetings and money. Failing that, we take away the money and see if that does the trick. We believe that everyone, even the most hardened terrorist, has desires and needs and can be appeased once we determine the parameters of these needs.

Is it any wonder then, that we are so befuddled by these current world conflicts that seemingly have no end? What's the deal with all these angry people? Can't reasonable humans figure a way to resolve their differences? Perhaps not. Certain aspects of current events stare us right in the face every day and repetitively demand acknowledgement; yet we refuse to see the patterns and willfully ignore the warnings. If we take a long cold look at events it is apparent that:

1. Some groups do not want peace.

2. Some groups seek only to further their narrow agenda.

3. Some groups see peaceful resolution as a sign of weakness.

4. Some groups see ceasefires, peacetalks, arbitration and high level meetings as nothing more than a means to delay, regroup and rearm.

5. Some groups have no intention of honoring or listening to alternative viewpoints.

6. Some groups understand only violence.

7. Some groups do not want equality.

So the next time someone tells you that the "Maoists must be brought into the mainstream," give them a sharp smack in the head. Hope and optimism are wonderful things, but patterns and past practices are what should inform our judgements. The seven points we've made above have manifested themselves over and over again in the actions of Hezbollah, North Korea, Africa, Afghanistan, and yes, the U.S. and Britain. Why should we, for an instant, believe that Nepal's Maoists will someday miraculously decide to "play nice"when their current and past behavior suggests otherwise?

Fair play, like democracy, is not a natural state or human trait; it goes against our survival instincts. Tribalism, warlordism, disruption and blind self-interest are a human's stock in trade.

Perhaps, as the thinkers tell us, the loss of cultural identity through globalization has driven people to group-based absolutism. Perhaps, but perhaps bunk as well; blogdai is no anthropologist. Perhaps our increased access to everything just gives us more of a selection of things to hate. Perhaps some groups believe that compromise is just one more step towards loss of identity.

blogdai will commit the above seven points to memory. I want them to be clear and easily accessible so that they can help me clarify the recent Maoist threats and atrocities, the constant and divisive punitive measures SPA is relentlessly pursuing against the King, and the current impasse and impending failure of the SPAM peacetalks.



At 6:05 PM, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Blogdai,

This is a little off your topic at the moment,so please forgive me.

But I have been asking myself two questions over and over again since the Parliament was returned by KG.

I'm a little surprised that no one seems to be asking these same questions, in public at least.

1-How long is it going to be before the Supreme Court rules that all the "orders" of the House of Representatives are not legal because they have not been passed in accordance with the Constitution???? This game of pretend cannot go on forever can it?

2-Is this king really going to lay down and take this without using his power for ever???? Or is he just giveing the Maoist and the SPA enuff rope to hang themselves with?

At 7:37 PM, July 21, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

I think this is fairly close to our topic, actually. It plays into points 2 and 5 about furthering a narrow agenda and having no intention of listening to the viewpoint of others--

In this case or SPA buddies have no intention of listening to the law. I fear they will simply rewrite the constitution so that their little coup was nice and legal.

You are absolutely right, nothing is constitutional. Elections anyone?

We heard it last year: politicians, both royal and SPAMy, find Nepal's constitution to be somewhat of an inconvenience to their freedom to function as they please.

Let's take an inventory: Constitutions are optional at best, inconvenient at worst; Nepal doesn't need to hold elections; let's chase down all former government officials and punish them while the business of real government goes unattended; and let's use street protests every time we don't get what we want.

This is a government of spoiled children who can't see one day into the future.

I really like your point number 2. Eventually,--and this is jumping the gun on my next posting--the maoists will make their play and eliminate the hapless SPA. Then all we will have are Maoists running the show. The Maoists will have to do it; SPA is too dumb to hang themselves. When that happens, even the most pencil-necked of world pundits, leaders and HR hacks will find it hard to fault any move by the RNA and King.

They'll be more inclined to keep their mouths shut, knowing they backed the wrong horse last time.


At 11:22 PM, July 21, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous 06:05,

Good comments. The problem is that the Indian's won't let that happen...and the Westerners will back the Indians when it comes to Nepal...

What a mess created by India.

At 7:11 AM, July 22, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The thinking of little schemers like you (froggers never learn) is the reason that King and his henchmen will be wiped out before they even get anywhere close.

And I am not even a republican.

At 9:53 AM, July 22, 2006, Blogger blogdai said...

Made even more true today when we read about some Indian MP's demanding the release of some Nepali Maoists held in Indian prisons.

The Bush administration, and the west in general, approach Nepal with a sort of befuddled ambivalence. Bush is all too happy to let India do the thinkin' for him on all matters Nepal.



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