Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I Don't Even Want to Think About It

Mohan Man Singh, Girija Koirala, Prachanda. Ain't love grand?

So, Girija and the Maobadis are finally getting married after all.

Blogdai has taken quite a bit of ridicule over the last five months for supporting the kings takeover. Quite clearly, it was never the takeover itself, nor the idea of an autocratic monarchy that appealed to me, it was simply just GETTING THOSE CORRUPT BUMS OUT OF POWER that found my favor. Nepal should restore parliament and return the deposed leaders to government you say? Don't even think about it.

So now that Girija has shown his true colors and has found political traction with the only group in Nepal, outside of the monarchy that has any influence whatsoever, you troglodites who claim that the monarchy has supressed a vibrant democracy really have no legs to stand on, do you? It has always been Girija's design to find, cultivate and wield as much power as possible in Nepal. He has often courted the Maoist block when it served his purpose of the moment. Now is no exception. So, if you believe that this alliance is a strategic move to get the Maoists to the Negotiating table: Don't even think about it. This is Girija's power play and has nothing to do with democracy.

It amazes blogdai that so many people sit up straight in their chair, puff out their chests and proclaim that democracy must return to Nepal at all costs. Well, the system that was masquerading as democracy prior to the takeover has already cost Nepal everything with its corruption: thumbing it's nose at accountability and the rule of law; this new alliance with mass-murdering-baby-killing thugs just provides deeper proof.

The world will never, repeat never negotiate with killers, even if they reform. As stupid as we Westerners can be, we did learn a lesson from Arafat and are slowly learning from Kim Jong Il: simple, violent people tend to stay simple and violent. No party that allies itself with the Maoists will ever be treated seriously on the world stage. Plus, Girija himself is a non-starter with the world community, so that's two strikes already. Do you think foreign aid contributions and diplomatic relations will improve under the spirit of this new "compromise?" Don't even think about it.

There is nothing in this move that makes Girija look good, statesmanlike, or even sane. The scary part is that he's doing this with India's permission. If we do some basic math we can draw some conclusions. A powerless and inept Girija allies with the Maoists, so what? Girija is still the lap-dog servant of Indian interests in Nepal, that's what, so technically, as Girija wishes, India wishes. This leads one to the conclusion that India, through Girija, is now allied with the Maoists. This is a typically sneaky and autocratic way for India to deal with an uppity King so no surprises here from the "worlds largest democracy." Trouble is, Indian support could mean the resumption of arms deliveries to Nepal--only this time to the Maoist/Girija side---I don't even want to think about it.

Lord Pashupati help Nepal



At 10:29 PM, June 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey your loosing track of reality...ya manmohan will waltz with koirala ..as long as they think he has some relavance...but the peoples war group/ naxalities/ maoists ..i dont see india giving them any backing...unless it is from laloo prasad yadav !

At 7:55 AM, June 27, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

That's the point, singh has a degree of separation through Koirala. India, by refusing to adequately address the maoist issue in Nepal, has given tacit approval for its continuance these years. Now that Maoists threaten Indian interests, India has decided to give it a little more attenteiion.

This is India's way of addressing the problem. Send their lap-dog to form an alliance with Prachanda.

Slow-moving India, which always plays both sides of the issue, is realizing that their little "Province" Nepal is threatening to hand over a big chunk of India's influence to China.



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