Monday, May 23, 2005

Amnesty Incorporated

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It must be fundraising season over at Amnesty International.

Blogdai loves ‘em, for sure—there’s no one I’d rather have in my corner if I were thrown into a Chinese prison in Lhasa (blogdai just missed this in 1998) or faced a Rangoon firing squad. AI goes to bat for lots of folks who get in over their heads around the world.

But, have you ever seen AI go to a place like Nepal or wherever in an official capacity and not insists that there was some immediate human rights crisis? Just once it would be nice to hear AI go somewhere and say something like: “Well, things are getting better.” Blogdai thinks it’ll never happen. No “crisis” means no funding. AI is a publicly supported entity just like any NGO. They need their cash-flow. Their bread and butter lies in getting in the middle of human rights issues and making noise, and just like most public groups, they may embellish from time to time. Create a sense of urgency and you increase the giving from your donor base. That explains their breathless “brink of catastrophe” language when they talk about Nepal.

So, the world must be on a slow abuse cycle, if all AI can do now is call for a mass demonstration against the King in Washington. banne They must have been talking to Sujata. Wonder if they get to use her people and banners as well?

This makes blogdai wonder: has Sujata gotten a hold of someone in AI and sold them a bill of goods? AI can't resist a good human rights "catastrophe" angle, no matter how contrived, so this just may be the most interesting marketing partnership yet in the human rights community.

May 25, update: They are still at it! Another breathless set of reports hits the wires. First, (surprise), people in China do not get a fair trial! AI scoops us all by reporting that in China "Thousands of people were sentenced to death or executed, many after unfair trials." Hasn't this been happening for, what, a few decades now? Next, in an apparent attempt to increase donations from the home crowd in the EU and UK, Amnesty takes a good jab at the Yanks with:

"Furthermore, the US, as the unrivalled political, military and economic Super Power, sets the tone of governmental behaviour world-wide. By thumbing its nose at the rule of law and human rights, what message does the US send to repressive regimes who have little regard for the rule of law anyway?"

All this from their annual report which does not fail to mention the "increasing impunity" of abuses of Nepal's security forces. Blogdai wonders: how did they know this? Since AI is not allowed in the field with the RNA and cannot adequately document all security force actions, how can they tell us, with any accuracy, that abuses are increasing?

Seems old AI is a little short of funds this year. This last report really stirs the pot. Get everyone emotional about everything and eventually you hit a hot issue that makes someone write a donation check. Maybe they should hire telemarketers?

June 16 update: Amnesty International breathlessly urges the world to immediately ban all weapon sales, even the non-lethal variety, to Nepal for fear that some Maoists might get hurt. "Arms should not be exported as long as there is a clear risk that they might be used to commit serious human rights abuse," Amnesty's Asia Pacific programme director, Purna Sen, told the Reuters news agency. " That's like refusing to wash your dishes because germs might be damaged.

Next, AI continues to press for funds from their UK donors by saying Britain supplies non-lethal aid to Nepal that "could" be used to kill civilians.,11538,1506531,00.html They cite 6,700 assault rifles that may or may not have been shipped to Nepal. Mean old Britain: they've contributed a whopping L110,000 to Nepal's military over the last 4 years--shame, shame!




At 4:03 PM, May 24, 2005, Anonymous C.K said...

OH GOD! Nepalis are sick and tired of demonstrations in the streets of kathmandu..that take place day in and day out, in every nook and corner,may it be by the so-called Nepali students or the parties or the Maoist Victims or someone else..whatever the reason..the fact is THERE IS ALWAYS A PROTEST in Nepal. This already scared the tourists by an alarming 2/3 rate!

Now with protests spreading to Places like Delhi,London and Washington, whoever might infuse or fund them, the name NEPAL, I am afraid, will be synonymous with Protests and insurgency, thus influencing the already declining major source of income, tourisim.

WHAT THE HELL IS THE KING DOING? Cant he just send some PR person or fund some organization to present the reality to the influential entities???

At 9:23 AM, May 25, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

PR will do no good since the western media has decided ahead of time how they want to present the Nepal story.

Frankly, I'm surprised that the political parties, or anyone, is even being allowed to form anti-king demonstrations. Sound like a "despot" to you?

It is a delicate balance with the weight of world scrutiny and opinion watching everything the King does. Those simplistic "analysts" who say that this takeover is a return to the Panchayat era can see now that it will never happen. Isolation is needed for such a relapse and that is clearly impossible in today's world.


At 3:49 AM, May 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 12:15 PM, May 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's another:

And discussion on it:

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At 10:44 PM, May 29, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yubraj Ghimire brother was DSP (Deputy Superintended of Police) at that time. Yubraj Ghimire had transferred his brother to some lucrative post (receiving lots of bribe) by requesting then Inspector General of Police.

As long as his brother remained on this posting Yubraj Ghimire published all the good things about this particular IGP in Kantipure news paper but as soon as his brother was transferred to some remote place and Yubraj Ghimere request for retransfer was ignored by this IGP, he started to publish slanders about this IGP in the Kantipure. These are the ways Nepali journalism works. Comparing them to pimps is in reality an insult to the pimps; these guys are much lower down then pimps.

At 11:28 AM, June 06, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO YOU MAKE IT ON TO THE NEPALI TIMES HALL OF FAME FOR BLOGGERS AND THEN RETIRE !! cmmon i'm outta touch of whats happening in the streets and pasals...any bricks..more demonstrations? whats the mood of the common man now...any sympathy left for the parties?

At 4:42 PM, June 06, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

No, no. No worries. blogdai is deep in research. Expect fireworks soon...


At 12:19 AM, June 17, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amnesty International is helping the 'New Polpot' Terrorist Maoist of Nepal
Below are two news clipping from Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) took out wives and relative of Nepalese Army personnel were dragged out of their home in middle of the night and taken out of the Jungle and cut to pieces with knives the victim included one year child. These kind of act were only committed in Cambodia by the Polpot in the seventies. But the astonishing fact is human right organization like Amnesty International are supporting the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist). In the press release below you can see Amnesty International is trying to stop Nepal Army to get any arms. Nepal Army is using these arms to fight these 'new polpot' the terrorist Maoist.
Amnesty International concern is that as the Nepal Army is being successful on controlling the terrorist Maoist they will lose one more territory to their human right work. Amnesty International is getting donation amounting to US $ 25 Million for their "role" in Nepal. If peace is prevailed in Nepal they will lose this money, so they want the fighting to keep on going and their coffer keep on filling.
Please do not donate any money to Amnesty International; your donation will only help get more one year old child butchered.

Family members of security personnel murdered after abduction
In what has been described as an evidence of unimaginable ‘heinous crime,’ a total of six persons including three women and a one-year-old child—who were members of the families of security personnel-- have been found dead in the far-western district of Kailali, two days after they were abducted by Maoist insurgents.
According to latest reports, a search team of the security personnel have discovered badly mutilated bodies of three women, a child and two young men at a community forest near Banbeda, some half a km away from the East-West highway in the far-western region.
A senior official at the Armed Police Force (APF) base at Banbeda blamed the Maoists for the ghastly crime. He said the three women and the child who were murdered were family members of APF personnel. Two more young men—who were abducted by the Maoists—had arrived in the district to join the security force.
There has been no word from the Maoists regarding the murder of civilians as yet.
Thousands of families of security personnel have been displaced owing to Maoist threats in various districts.
On June 6, Maoist insurgents blew away a packed passenger bus killing 40 people and injuring over 70 others.
Last Friday, they also attacked a passenger bus that was carrying security personnel at Narke in Kavre district late last week killing at least six security personnel and two civilians.
A spokesman of the Royal Nepalese Army said Tuesday it would investigate into the incident to find out why the security personnel were using a passenger bus. by June 14 05

Stop arms aid to Nepal: Amnesty
A leading human rights watchdog has alleged that western governments were flouting their own rules and contributing to what it called grave human rights abuses by selling arms and weapons systems to crisis-torn Nepal.
In a strong-worded statement issued on Wednesday, the London-based watchdog accused Britain, India and the United States of supplying thousands of assault rifles to the poor country, which is facing a Maoist insurgency and said Belgium was selling machine guns and South Africa military communications equipment.
"With the conflict poised to escalate, any further military assistance would be highly irresponsible," Amnesty said, appealing for a ban on arms sales to the Himalayan kingdom.
"Arms should not be exported as long as there is a clear risk that they might be used to commit serious human rights abuse," said Amnesty's Asia-Pacific programme director Purna Sen.
Over 12,000 people have been killed in the nine-year-old Maoist insurgency. by June 15 05

At 7:31 AM, June 17, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

What is even more puzzling is that Maoist atrocities seem to have stepped-up after the bus bombing.

The murder of this child, while still under the condemnation of the world for the bus bombing reinforces blogdai's belief that the Maoists have no idea what they're doing.

Strange also how Amnesty International is now firing off, almost daily, condemnations of the king's takeover and military approach. Stranger still is how this all began after AI met with Sujata Koirala in Washington last month. hmmm...


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