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Babu Ram's Babbling Rant

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It seems that blogdai and everyone else at was unable to edit or respond over the last 24 hours. All is better now, apparently, so post away! -=blogdai

Blogdai will offer a prize to anyone who can decipher anything cogent from what appears to be an authentic Babu Ram Bhattari rant All I can see is that he somehow finds brilliant cultural similarities with revolutionary France and Nepal's poor villagers, with countless uses of the word "proletariat" thrown in to make him feel erudite. The most I can gather is that old Babu is a wounded puppy lashing out to whomever will listen. In the entire history of the maoist movement, we have not witnessed such a long and disjointed diatribe, so this must signify something relevant. Forget that there is no real content. Babu, being the limelight-craving soul that he is, just wants to be heard!

It's no wonder they threw him out of the Maoists: no one can understand him. His pattern is predictable though; sparsely-punctuated ideological nonsense has always been the priveledge of leaders with no political or moral mandate. Can you blame the King (no this is not another royalist pander) for not sitting down for peace talks with the Maoists if this blabbering idiot Bhattari represents the apex of Maoist thought and intellect? Is this the best the Maoists can do?

Maybe we should all be grateful that Prachanda hasn't come forward as well.

Blogdai has it on good information that the Maobadis are in the process of calling for another series of peace talks very shortly. Can't image who they would use. They first need to find someone who speaks in clear, complete sentences, which may just be an insurmountable task.

Now that old man Girija has been let out of the slammer (so much for Sujata's murder conspiracy theory) watch for the Maoists to solicit him as broker. Koirala knows nothing of debate and compromise- only agitation- so he should feel right at home representing the maoists in any future peace talks.



At 10:21 PM, April 08, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

u r watch blogdai. come to baitadi and we cut your hands off.
cuz baburam saati hoina blogdai mohongo kukur unchaa.

people movement vicotry. Tody people group look for u in katmandu. Pray Pashpati we dont find u. fukin shah kukur

At 8:54 AM, April 09, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Well it looks like our friend won't be auditioning for Maoist spokesperson any time soon.

Sorry bhai, blogdai has never been to baitadi. Thanks for the threats but if you are going after me you'd better hurry. Not much time left for you Maobadis in Baitadi, you know.

I'll help. Is there a bus stop in Baitadi? Perhaps you could pick me up? I'll wear a nice flower for you. In the meantime, maybe a nice cappucino down in Bagh Bazaar would be nice. You can send your buddies down there and we'll have a little chat. What time?

To all our Maoist friends who read blogdai:

First, if you cannot write clearly, have someone do it for you. You all sound like you've been hit in the head all day with a laathi.

Next, try to make an actual point in you postings. If you just want to rant in anger, send blogdai an MP3 full of screaming, I'll get the message more effetively that way.

Finally, where did you find an internet connection in Baitadi?

At 11:15 AM, April 09, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

K ho blogdai, threats from people. Way to go.

What did he exactly write?

At 3:29 PM, April 09, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

What you see is what he wrote. blogdai fears this is a "drive-by Maoist" comment and we're not likely to hear from this person again.

This happens occasionally at We as bloggers just do not realize sometimes just how far-reaching our commentary can be. Blogdai gets yelled at by maoists, threatened by nepali adoption services in the U.S. and cursed-at by the mainstream media.

There was also some speculation that we get blacked-out by the government every time blogdai writes something nasty about Paras. I may have to write something again just to test this theory.

Now I'm starting to get x-rated web-links implanted throughout the blog. Whoever you are, all blogdai has to do is hit the "delete" button, ok?

In any event, ke garne? We must be doing something right if people hate us, don't you think?


At 11:19 AM, April 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make an excellent point when you speak of a blog's media penetration. If a Maoist, sitting in the middle of god-knows-where, can threaten you then surely we can assume parliaments and governments around the world are also monitoring, listening and perhaps responding.

We must all be keen to the new reality that blogs are now the best source of news information at the ground level. It just takes a trained eye to discern between the real and the dodgy.

Roger, U.K.

At 2:59 PM, April 17, 2005, Blogger blogbahini said...

There is not much to not understand in Baburam's commentaries. The one mistake the Maoists made was to not have any ideology of their own (for that matter, none of our political parties have a definite ideology- even the ones, the Nepali Congress, one of the oldest political parties of Nepal, started off with their determination to throw off the Rana oligarchy. For them, to remove autocracy meant democracy, there is not much difference today. The hullabaloo of an Independent India and the wave of democracy from the West made the local leaders realize the extent of repression in Nepal. Besides that, our history of political transition have been mired with inter and intra-party conflicts and personal interests; the concept of democracy for the public has disappeared since. Up to this day, has any political party significantly contributed anything to the public? Forget about implementing systems that will improve our living standards, I cannot find one instance where political parties have genuinely fought for the public- public safety, public welfare, public interest. Well, what Baburam is blabbering about concerns the public. It is obvious (more so since we can envision its downfall now) that the Maoists chose a wrong strategy, but chose to do so possibly because change by peaceful means was not possible. Is change possible now? Can't we all see, the agitating parties shouting for restoration of democracy? Who will take their heed? And history has showed that regime change takes a violent form more often than not, be it revolution, be it coup, and our own history of bloodshed is a witness. By saying that, I am not advocating for Maoism, indeed, whatever little they preach is imported and does not suit the context of modern Nepal. But when he started it 12 yrs ago, Baburam did want a monarchy-less, suppression-less, corruption-less, democratic Nepal that will better the situation of the peasants in the rural areas. It is only a matter of not having a vision to foresee the pros and cons of the upcoming results. If he knew what would become of the revolution with scarce resources, international pressure, and no visionary ideology to guide the troop in the long run, he would have based his revolution on some other theory that suits the modern day Nepal.

And blogdai, about you not understanding the ramblings of Baburam, it's okey, 90% of Nepalese don't, hence the thrashings on an individual Baburam than on his ideologies. And about him as an individual, it takes a visionary to start a revolution, you and I are not!!

At 2:48 PM, April 19, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It shocks me that any one would listen a hyperbolic dolt like Baburam.

I suppose it is a fine line between the visionary statesman and the ramblings of the village idiot.

It goes to show that the Nepali Maoist -along with NC, UML and every other political organisation under the sun mean absolutely nothing.

Power. Greed. Money.

This should be the national slogan of all political organisations in Nepal.

Sadly it costs lives.

At 1:08 PM, April 20, 2005, Blogger blogbahini said...

I've a feeling if monarchy is to continue in Nepal, a few years down the lane, Nepal will lose its sovereignty to India.

At 5:48 PM, April 20, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

blogbahini, (I didn't know I had a little sister)

Nepal is very capable of losing its sovereignty to India. The scary part is that the world would probably not intervene should India make such a move.

It has always been assumed (Indian actresses not withstanding) that Nepal is so culturally close to India that their differences are almost indistinguishable. But Never underestimate the independent nature of hamro Nepali saatis. It is a strange dichotomy whereby Nepal depends on India for the bulk of its economic activity on one hand, and curses the presence of too much Indian influence on the other.

Nepal is tired of India's smug superiority. Watch the king move towards China more and more as he attempts to gain respect, if not independence from India.


(anonymous: "hyperbolic dolt" made me break down with laughter--well done!)

At 1:02 AM, November 24, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

no-one likes dependence but we do all live in an interdependent world, which is more and more crazy simultaneously everywhere. Which India, the superpower, the Mother, the exploiter, the maoist india? I think Nepal is in a democratic process, what the outcome is going to be is what we all need to understand. We want education for all, no caste systems, how about we throw hindu nepal, because the hindus killed nepali equalitarian nice buddhist society to impose their power and caste system to the point of making all believe hindu is it.
Then mao is it. So the culture of fear is not it. Inner peace does not contradict democracy, intelligence, I like the movement of Dr Ambedkar, little angrier than Gandhi. We have now terrorism in Europe for the same reason you guys have what you have in Nepal, long time confortable selfishness and no one doing thing until it blasts in your face like just in France, for decades they kept youngsters without jobs without perspective.
Maoists are wrong in the way in which because the violence is hard to get out, but stop caste thinking do not think you are better because of your caste or because you are a man.


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