Monday, November 14, 2005

One Down, One to Go

British ambassador Keith Bloomfield stares off into space and contemplates obscurity.

Finally, after a series of diplomatic gaffes and mis-statements, Keith Bloomfield gets the axe.

Do you "get it" now Keith? Ambassadors do not go aroung scaring the populace and downplaying the brutality of Maoism. You are supposed to hold tea parties and make visits to school openings and hospitals. On a side note, I wonder if this means that the British film festival, sheduled for this week in Kathmandu, will be cancelled. Blogdai was looking forward to that one. But alas, Bloomfield's removal is worth the loss. If I want to see another "Bridget Jones" movie, I'll pick up the DVD.

Apparently, the Nepali government demanded, rightly, a written explanation from the British ambassador on why his comments were so inflammatory. He refused, and is recalcitrance cost him his job.

So, let's see now: this puts U.S. ambassador James Moriarty's recent position flip-flop in a new light. Was he also under pressure to stop being a bully and start acting like a diplomat? Blogdai thinks so. Moriarty has dodged a bullet this time, only because the U.S. administration is too dull-witted to make any substantive moves in Nepal. Moriarty is basically left here to twist in the wind and he has apparently twisted his opinion enough to keep his job. Proving that no one in the U.S. pays attention to him, the U.S. senate is acting on a bill for Nepal that supports Moriarty's former position. Talk about the hand not knowing what the foot is doing...

If Nepal ever finds itself on the American diplomatic radar screen, it will be safe to say that Moriarty's comments will then come under closer scrutiny. Until then, we can only wait for his next utterance of idiocy and hope the Nepali government raises a big enough stink to get him fired.



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At 9:57 PM, November 26, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Considering that hundreds of billions of dollars in foreign aid has poured into Nepal since 1950, resulting in NO appreciable increase in the living standards of the average Nepali (2000 Nepal Multiple Indicator Survey) one has to wonder where all the money goes?"

Will you please tell us (I assume that 1990 came before 2000), where Nepal was in 1990? I don't want to annoy you asking for about 200 years of the HIStory of Nepal.


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