Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cracks in Press Supression

Love it, the Kathmandu Post (my heroes) made what is probably the first mention of human rights and press freedom today. They had been relegated to writing blisteringly satirical articles about socks. Also, there were oblique references to supporting the political parties and a front page photo of an alcohol-related auto accident: a none-to-subtle reference to prince Paras's driving habits.

Consider this quote from the Nepali Times Feb. 11-17 edition that started out as a rather benign article on trees:

True, Kathmandu’s poplars and eucalyptus are imports and that they do not have the strength of indigenous varieties. But the fact is that they have provided cover and beauty for a long time now. They have become our own, like so many other exotic species that dot the landscape. It is said that these imports are vulnerable to strong winds due to loose root structures but our analysis shows that the maligned arbours have not been guilty of destruction to the extent that they have to be done away with. All in all, the trees should not have been axed. Because the damage has been done, can we ask the concerned authority to promptly correct the move and bring back greenery?

The references are unmistakable. The Nepali Congress party symbol is the tree. Exotic species and winds refers to the communist based philosophy like the CPN-UML (not Maoist) and the tendency of all the parties towards corruption.

For you browsers of Nepal news: FIND THE CODES like this one on Nepal news sites- I'll put them up here on the main posting area-watch this space! -=blogdai

The Kathmandu Post, Kunda Dixit and the Nepali Times, and even more so, the Federation of Nepali Journalists are writers with some of the biggest cojones on the planet-know it. -=blogdai


At 11:41 AM, February 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a cojone?

At 11:41 AM, February 11, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is a cojone?

At 12:20 PM, February 11, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

It's a Mexican euphemism for having great courage and daring. "Hueveos" can be used as well, meaning eggs, or testicles.

At 8:24 AM, February 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do know what a cojone are and the journalists certainly arent, but you dear blogdai seems more and more like one

At 8:54 AM, February 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And you are a capullo

At 9:18 AM, February 12, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Ha! Let's play nice..
What's a capullo? -=blogdai

At 9:29 AM, February 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

perdona, that was directed at the pajero who knows what a cojone is.

It means an idiot amongst other things..

At 9:47 AM, February 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And a "Pajero" is someone who plays excessively with his "capullo".

Also the name of a well known 4 wheel drive vehicle.

The Spanish speakers find this coincidence hilarious.

El Guapo

At 11:04 AM, February 12, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Very appropriate! To our readers: The Pajero (Nepali) is an Indian made SUV that is the symbol of corruption and bribery in Nepali politics. It is obnoxious, wide and much to large for navigating the streets where the "common" folk live.

Foreign aid groups looking for access to government officials often promise that their projects are full of "Pajero money" in order to gain favorable treatment. -=blogdai

At 10:45 PM, February 12, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

blogdai's so political, i like.

At 2:07 AM, February 13, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch out this is a CIA blogpost or something of that sort..smells fishy !

At 7:56 PM, February 14, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so why is it so quiet now?

At 5:14 AM, February 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

silent because so called blog"blogdai"must have gathered his stuff.

so any comments on the comeback of Panchas?

At 5:34 AM, February 15, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

No, just a small research sabbatical. You know these CIA demanding, ha!

You conspiracy theorists help make the world go 'round.

At 8:49 AM, February 15, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blogdai revealed.

This guy is no other than Dipta Shah !

At 12:16 PM, February 15, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

You know there Anonymous 8:49, you really should raise your level of play and realize when blogdai is poking fun.

Stay tuned for blogdai's "get out of the way" awards, for which you are a candidate.

At 2:08 PM, February 25, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man you are not kidding about Kunda Dixit's cojones... check out his latest on, about the pariah state of Togo and Ballantine's Day. The guys a riot. Do you know any more about him, Blogdai?


At 6:10 PM, February 25, 2005, Blogger blogdai said...

Nice enough guy from what we can read, I guess. Owns a bunch of property down in Patan, so I guess he's rich. The old money probably makes him a bit outspoken as well: hence the cojones.

He was in Washington a few years back and sounded like one of those intellectuals who loves to hear himself think. Lots of posturing and lots of big words.

"Under My Hat" has earned Dixit the title of "Dave Barry of Nepal."

Blogdai has never met the man.



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