Friday, October 29, 2010

Have a Good Look

Greetings to all old and new friends.  Have a good look at this old blog  'cause new times are a cummin'.

As we at blogdai approach our 5 year anniversary, staff has decided that we need a revamp, so get ready all.

YOU will soon see a quicker, edgier, more up-to-date blogdai as we've added contributors from around the world who have the  knowledge and insight on all things Nepali that will make the UNMIN hang its head in digrace and plunge the International Crisis Group  into a panic as to how they might fake the same level of insight.

Alas, all is readily sacrificed for our readers.

Coming up:

--blogdai  actually seeks out Prince Paras for an interview. I know where he drinks in Singapore.
--Exclusive interview with the "little elf hisself" Makune.
--More stupid Maoist tricks, this time documented on film.
--Uncensored posting (the usual death threats to blogdai being the exception) so wherever you screaming little YCL boys have been hiding all this time, here's your chance to form an actual complete sentence that all will see!

Hang on everyone, we're going to see if this ol' boat still knows how to throw up some spray!



At 10:45 AM, November 07, 2010, Anonymous chairman mao said...

About time!! we thought you were dead.. welcome back for the resurrection...

At 4:28 AM, November 11, 2010, Anonymous Ujjwal Acharya said...

It feels good reading this post! I am not waiting for interview, but for frequent postings.

At 7:16 AM, November 11, 2010, Blogger blogdai said...

Not dead, merely thinking. New story out today!


At 9:46 PM, November 11, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Blogdai! We need people like you in the world. Steak and Eggs

At 7:53 AM, November 13, 2010, Blogger Joel said...

Thank you, Nepal. Our Chicago family has been blessed by the arrival of a young Nepalese man of strong character and a romantic interest in my niece. His story is the American story. He left Nepal and his family at a young age. Alone and on his own he has worked hard and won two advanced degrees in the most demanding schools we have.

We are hoping that he will honor my niece with an offer of marriage and that she accepts, though the decision is her's. We are of western European descent. Cross-cultural ties strengthen.

It is unfortunate for Nepal to lose this young man. On the other hand, it has caused me to seek out your blog to learn more about Nepal and to appreciate the political and economic strife you endure.

Some of your contributors are concerned that America is unaware of Nepal, the oppressive dominance of India in Nepal's internal affairs and the impact of America's efforts to strengthen its economic ties with India. They are right to be concerned. We are ignorant of the Nepalese condition.

Take some consolation perhaps that in the last few months a small handful of us have through personal interest sought to know more about Nepal. For what it is worth, your messages are reaching a larger audience as a result. Global interconnectedness scores small victory.

At 3:58 PM, November 13, 2010, Blogger blogdai said...

Thank you,

If this young man's "strong character" ever decides it wants to do something for the country where it was conceived, let me know---Nepal needs him.



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