Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Dumbing down now.  Gotta keep with the times.  No more long-form stuff.  Too difficult for the infants who read this stuff.

A few things:

1.  Sniffing around Kathmandu today.  Trying to see if Darshan Rauniyar's populist movement is gaining any steam.

Look, this is a good idea but it's ahead of it's time.  Nepali's have neither the emotion nor the critical mass to overthrow their government.  Best to do it alone and let the people follow. Darshan needs to learn this.     Ke garne still rules.  So, Darshan ji, got any good contacts with the army?

2.  Tibetans are idiots if they throw their lot behind Trump and think he will make a difference in the Tibet dynamic.  Stupid and short term.    Looks like the future of Tibetan leadership in India is content to go to meaningless meetings with the UN and hope for even more meaningless support from the U.S. congress.  WAKE UP.  Tibet:  you are pawn for America:  a small one at that.  Take charge of your own future and stop looking to the West.


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